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United Patients Alliance: looking to the future of UK medical cannabis

Medical cannabis advocacy group, the United Patients Alliance, look to the future of medical cannabis in the UK.

It’s been over a year since the Government took the welcome step of recognising the medicinal value of cannabis and made it available on prescription.


U.K. P.M. sparks MP’s outrage after reneging on pre-election promise to discuss access to medical cannabis

Scottish health care advocates are furious with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson after he made a swift reversal regarding a pre-election promise to review the use of medical cannabis for treating children who suffer from epilepsy.

Back in October, Johnson pledged to personally examine the issue with Scottish National Party MP and medical cannabis supporter Ronnie Cowan after questions emerged in the House of Commons regarding access to medical CBD.


Cannabis-based medicine for epilepsy available on NHS from January

People with severe epilepsy will be able to access a cannabis-based medicine on the NHS from early next year after it was fast-tracked for use.

NHS England said doctors would be able to prescribe Epidyolex from 6 January.

It will be for children from age two, as well as adults, but some campaigners warn it is "too little too late".

Clinical trials have shown the oral solution, which contains cannabidiol (CBD), could reduce the number of seizures by up to 40% in some children.

The medicine will be used to treat two rare, but severe, forms of childhood epilepsy - Lennox Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome - which can cause multiple seizures a day


NHS staff fear ‘big tech’ firms analysing patient data

NHS staff are uncomfortable with multinational ‘big tech’ companies analysing anonymised patient data, according to a new survey.

A YouGov poll of 1,027 healthcare professionals, commissioned by Sensyne Health, found that 81% support analysing patient data to enable quicker diagnosis and more effective treatments while 71% believe this analysis can help solve some of the greatest healthcare challenges in the UK, such as cardiovascular disease.


Why medical cannabis isn't working in the UK

It's been a full year since the UK legalised medical cannabis, but you'd be forgiven for forgetting it ever happened. As of September, 2019, a grand total of 18 NHS prescriptions for unlicensed cannabis medicines had been issued. Even Billy Caldwell – the 14-year-old with severe epilepsy whose plight triggered reform in the UK – has so far been denied NHS treatment.


UK patient advocacy group launched to help access medical cannabis

A new patient advocacy organisation focussed on support and care for patients considering cannabis for medicinal use has been launched.

The group is chaired by former Health Minster and Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing and Queens Nursing Institute, Ann Keen RN, who is launching the nurses arm to begin working towards helping patients access medical cannabis and towards care in the regulated medical cannabis framework in the UK.


Britons who legally smoke cannabis in the US 'risk being deported'

A legal expert at an international immigration firm has warned British tourists and employees that if they smoke marijuana in the US, even in states where it has been legalised, they risk being barred from the country for life.

UK visitors can still be arrested and deported from the US even if they consume cannabis in states such as California and Colorado, where the drug is legal, said Charlotte Slocombe, a senior partner at Fragomen in London.


Millions of Brits using street cannabis to treat chronic health conditions

A new poll conducted by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis and CPASS by YouGov has shown the full extent of illicit cannabis use in the UK.

The poll has revealed that 1.4 million Brits are using ‘street cannabis’ to treat chronic health conditions.

The largest ever polling sample to date, it reveals that the incidence of use of using cannabis to treat chronic health conditions amongst the general population is much higher than previously understood and may therefore be closer to 1.4 million users in Britain (2.8% of the adult population).


This is what you can – and can't – take medical cannabis for in the UK

A year after cannabis-based medicinal products were legalised for prescription in England, Wales and Scotland, new guidelines have been issued about how – and for what – they should be prescribed.


U.K. green lights cannabis-based treatment for epilepsy and multiple sclerosis

Relief is on the way for epilepsy and multiple sclerosis (M.S.) sufferers in the U.K., but others aren’t so lucky.

The country’s National Health Service (NHS) reports that it has approved the use of cannabis-based medications for the first time: Epidyolex for the treatment of two rare types of epilepsy, and a muscle-relaxing spray called Sativex for patients with M.S.


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