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UK's First Educational Cannabis Advertising Campaign

ENDO.AGENCY have launched a first for UK media advertising with an informational cannabis campaign that aims to educate the public on the Endocannabinoid system

For the first time ever, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) & Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) has approved an educational cannabis message to be advertised in the public domain - a huge step forward for the existing cannabis industry due to extremely restrictive advertising rules around cannabis. We have set a new precedent for cannabis marketing, pioneering a fresh objective view of the contested plant. Launching this week in multiple prime Central London locations including Westminster, Trafalgar Square, and Oxford Street - the bold campaign is on display for 2 weeks.


UK data highlights medical cannabis as an opioid crisis solution

New UK data has highlighted that medical cannabis could provide a solution to the opioid crisis as an alternative medicine for chronic pain patients.

UK patients with chronic pain are often prescribed opioid painkillers, with a 2019 report revealing that one in eight UK adults are prescribed some form of opioid, a group of highly addictive pain killers which can put patients at risk of overdose and death. The Medical Cannabis Clinics (TMCC) has now released new data from a survey of hundreds of patients that have been prescribed medical cannabis to treat pain, which revealed that 86% of patients found medical cannabis to be more effective than other medication they had previously taken.


How To Start a CBD Business in the UK in 2021

Experts believe that the European CBD market will grow as much as 400% between 2008 and 2023. But is it too late to hop on the bandwagon? Not at all! Although the industry is relatively new, substantial and swift growth has shown that this trend is certainly here to stay.

If you’re planning on getting involved, you will have some stiff competition though. Therefore, you will need to know your stuff if you’re going to compete. So, what do you need to know to set up a successful CBD business?


UK Medical Cannabis Registry – First Study Results

Clinical outcomes of the first cohort of patients captured in the UK Medical Cannabis Registry are encouraging.

One of the arguments against medical cannabis is the lack of quality evidence supporting its use. This is rapidly changing, with a bunch of studies being carried out around the world. One of the sources of good quality and comprehensive observational data are formalised patient registries.


CBD Companies Speak to UK Novel Food Applications

Following Brexit, European cannabidiol (CBD) companies seeking to obtain “novel food” authorization in the U.K. are engaging in a separate process than the European Union (EU) has established. This means more applications, more tests and more scrutiny from regulators.

Photo courtesy of Pureis

Chanelle McCoy, left, and Caroline Glynn

Hemp Grower spoke with business professionals who work at the first companies to be validated to proceed through the U.K. Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) novel food application process for CBD.


Cannabis Tourism is International

The cannabis travel segment is on the rise. What was once a California specific organization called the California Cannabis Tourism Association (CCTA) has taken the leap to a bigger stage and repositioned as the Cannabis Travel Association, International (CTAI). Founded in 2017, the Cannabis Travel Association, International has a mission to advance and steward safe and responsible cannabis tourism.

Brian Applegarth, a leader, and innovator of cannabis tourism founded the CTAI in 2017. Brian is also a cannabis culture historian and student of the legalization movement.  He has a rich history and understanding of the cannabis industry as well as travel and tourism.  His goal is to introduce the wide, wide world of cannabis travel to a growing marketplace.  


Brexit, medical cannabis and the children abandoned by the U.K. government

It was on a national stage that Hannah Deacon learned that her son, Alfie, would become the first patient in the United Kingdom to receive a permanent cannabis licence.


Another Study To Examine Cannabis Product Potency

US medical cannabis company MedPharm has been awarded a research grant to evaluate cannabinoid product label claims of potency.

The three-year study funded by the state of Colorado will delve into trends in consistency between laboratories, shelf life and label accuracy within product categories.

“The proposed work will allow a direct comparison of product content to product labels, enabling an independent quantification of any systematic biases that may exist across product types or testing facilities,” said MedPharm Director of Chemistry Dr. Tyrell Towle.


The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis hosted a crucial summit in April aimed at shaping the future of the UK’s medical cannabis sector.

On Thursday 15 April, a crucial summit hosted by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis convened to shape the future of medical cannabis in Britain. Medical cannabis has been lauded as an industry-creating, health-changing, and socially progressive medicine, but the UK has had anything but a smooth transition of medical cannabis from experimental agent to licensed medicine.


Call For UK CBD And Medical Cannabis Reform

A discussion paper calls on the UK Government to review what it says are outdated laws and regulations hindering the UK’s CBD and wider medical cannabis industry.

According to the paper’s authors, cannabis consultancy Maple Tree and Mackrell.Solicitors, current laws in the UK have resulted in the majority of its cannabidiol (CBD) and all of its other medical cannabis supply being imported. The perplexing aspect is that the UK is one of the biggest exporters of medical cannabis in the world.

The paper states if red tape is reduced, the UK’s medical cannabis market could be worth £2 billion, create 50,000 new jobs and make patient access to medicinal cannabis much easier.


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