Wiltshire Police seize 100kg of Cannabis in single raid

Wiltshire Police seize 100kg of Cannabis in single raid

More than 100kg of cannabis has been seized in a single haul in an operation targeting organized crime groups.

Wiltshire Police worked with Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and charity Crimestoppers, in Operation Mille.

Other forces in the South West were also part of the operation that made 18 arrests and executed warrants and searches in Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Police said the 100kg haul included 70kg tracked to a property in Shipley, near Bradford, West Yorkshire.

The remaining 30kg was seized at a property in Swindon.

Within Wiltshire, nine warrants were conducted, 692 plants seized, 18 arrests made, five people charged and eight people released under investigation.

Across the whole of the South West, 67 people were arrested.

Wiltshire Police said the results were part of a nationally-coordinated operation in June involving 1,000 warrants aimed at unearthing and disrupting organised crime groups by taking out a key source of their revenue.

The operation also apprehended many of those involved, took people being exploited to safety and increased intelligence about how organised crime networks operate, the force added.

Wiltshire Police DCI Angela Shipp said cannabis cultivation is "a key source of illicit income" for groups often involved in other serious and organised crime."The cannabis grows are also often set up in ways that are significant fire risks, potentially causing serious harm to neighbouring people and properties," she added.

"Information from our communities is vital for us to tackle illegal drug gangs and identify vulnerable and exploited people."

Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Wilkinson said each bust is "a step in the right direction and reinforces the message that we have a zero tolerance on drug cultivation".

"Tackling crimes that matter to our communities and reducing violence and serious harm are clear priorities within my police and crime plan," he added.

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