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CF Survey: Educational Info About Cannabis, CBD Lacking

Assessment, documentation, and education regarding cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) use among cystic fibrosis (CF) patients varies across centers in the U.S., according to a survey of nearly 300 CF healthcare providers.

This variability may be related partially to the different laws between U.S. states regarding these controversial substances, the researchers noted.

The data also highlighted the need for more educational materials about cannabis-based products and CF to allow care teams to have knowledgeable conversations with patients.


Consumers Sweet on Cannabis Candies to Unwind, Recharge

Report from Brightfield Group details most popular CBD sweet edibles as well as consumers’ need to either take the edge off or charge through their day.

Market research firm Brightfield Group’s U.S. Cannabis Distribution Report: Cannabis Candy report revealed that, while cannabis candies are not to be consumed like candy, the industries share some similarities. Flavor innovation is thriving in both as well as the desire for both to either take a break or recharge with something sweet.


Vera Twomey celebrates after Dutch medicinal cannabis funded up front

image of Vera Twomey

Campaigner fought lengthy battle to obtain Bedrocan for sick daughter Ava

Vera Twomey has spoken of her joy at decision. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw


Campaigner Vera Twomey, who fought a lengthy battle to obtain medicinal cannabis for her sick daughter, Ava, has spoken of her joy after hearing the Bedrocan drug will now be funded up front.

Ms Twomey, of Aghabullogue, Co Cork had to find thousands of euro on a regular basis to pay for Dutch medical cannabis Bedrocan, which was excluded from the Medical Cannabis Access Cannabis programme (CAP).

Ms Twomey said about 60 per cent of existing medicinal cannabis patients are on Bedrocan under an individual license system.


Could hemp be an ecological wonder-plant for UK farming?

Industrial hemp could be a valuable tool for UK farming, helping to transition to more sustainable practices and provide a new cash crop, according to a farmer group.

To investigate hemp’s potential further, five farmers are collaborating with researchers at Cranfield University and the British Hemp Alliance as part of an Innovative Farmers programme by the Soil Association.

They plan to run on-farm field trials to gather science-based data about the plant’s environmental benefits.

Long stigmatised for being part of the Cannabis family (hemp varieties are low THC Cannabis Stiva L, and not used in narcotics), hemp does not require agro-chemicals.


UK Researcher Says Hemp Captures More CO2 Than Forests

According to Cambridge University researcher Darshil Shah, hemp can be twice as effective as trees at sequestering atmospheric carbon. Here’s how.

Hemp Blockchain, Inc, a Utah-based agricultural tech company, has come up with a novel solution to measure and record information on carbon emissions and atmospheric carbon sequestration for hemp farms: blockchain.

The product, part of what the company is calling a “Carbon Protocol Initiative” may set a new standard for establishing the net carbon footprint of hemp companies, one of the company’s goals.


Post-Brexit labour shortages deal blow to UK cannabis production

The company that owns the UK’s biggest cannabis production site for use in pharmaceuticals has called for changes to immigration policy following labour shortages after it was excluded from a visa scheme for farm workers.

Peter Watson, agriculture director of British Sugar — which grows cannabis for use in epilepsy medicines at Wissington in Norfolk — blamed the recruitment problems on the rules of the seasonal agricultural workers’ scheme.

The labour problems come as investments in cannabis companies soar after several countries, including the UK, legalised the use of medicines using extracts from the plant.


Post-Brexit labour shortages deal blow to UK cannabis production

The company that owns the UK’s largest production base for cannabis for pharmaceuticals is calling for changes in immigration policy following a labor shortage after being excluded from the visa system for agricultural workers.

Peter Watson, agricultural director of British Sugar, who grows cannabis for epilepsy in Withington, Norfolk, raises the issue of recruitment. Seasonal agricultural workers’ plans..

Labor problems arise as investment in cannabis companies surges after several countries, including the United Kingdom, have legalized the use of medicines using extracts from plants.


Medical cannabis campaigners visit Westminster

Medical cannabis campaigners visited Westminster as part of a walk from Belfast to London to raise funds for the UK’s most vulnerable, chronically ill that need access to medical cannabis.


Isle Of Man Kicks Off Medical Cannabis Industry Applications

The Government of the Isle of Man has begun accepting applications for the production, distribution and export of medicinal cannabis products.

The Isle of Man, population 84,584, is a self-governing British Crown dependency situated in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland.

Early this year, its government introduced a regulatory framework allowing commercial operators to grow, manufacture, distribute and export cannabis products under licence. The Gambling Supervision Commission (‘GSC’) is the regulator for the sector and has completed guidance to the framework, opening the way for applications.


Mould Contamination Leads To UK Medical Cannabis Recall

The UK Government has issued an alert relating to medical cannabis flower products affected by mould.

The UK Government’s website, which provides more details on the affected products, states:


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