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Drug Science partnership to improve patient access to medical cannabis in the UK

Drug Science Medical Cannabis Working Group has formed a partnership with a leading British producer of medical cannabis to help improve patients access to the medicine in the UK.

The first British producer of cannabis oils and isolates, Avida Global, is to join Drug Science Medical Cannabis Working Group (MCWG) to help accelerate access of medical cannabis to patients.


UK: Landmark move opens patient access to online cannabis consultations

Patients in the UK are one step closer to comprehensive medical cannabis access thanks to new online video consultations.

Sapphire Medical Clinics has become the first clinic of its kind to be approved by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to hold online medical cannabis video consultations with patients where clinically appropriate.

In a response to the demands of patients facing long and stressful travel times to clinics, the breakthrough opens up access to thousands of new patients who may not have medical cannabis clinics or specialists in their locality.


Britain's CBD Clampdown, Explained

CBD – a non-psychoactive chemical derived from cannabis – is celebrated by everyone from Goop subscribers to Daily Mail writers for its transformative powers.

An estimated 1.3 million people in the UK regularly use CBD for a variety of health and wellness reasons – but ingestible CBD products occupy a hazy legal area, characterised by unclear enforcement, restrictive drug laws and over-exuberant marketing claims. This has led to a booming, but not-quite-fully-legal, consumer market.


Cannabis Drinkables – Are They More Popular than Edibles?

Cannabis is undoubtedly having a moment. In some of the biggest markets around the world, both CBD and THC – the most prevalent of the cannabinoids found in the plant – are being added to all manner of products. But could Cannabis ‘drinkables’ soon be more popular than ‘edibles’?

In countries such as Canada, which launched ‘Cannabis 2.0‘ in October, and a growing number of states in the USA, Cannabis offers big opportunities to new and existing businesses. And in no area is this truer than the food and drinks industry.


UK increases access to cannabis-based medicines as import restrictions are changed

Import restrictions have been changed to help ensure people with prescriptions for cannabis-based products for medicinal use do not have their treatment delayed or interrupted.

The changes will help patients with conditions such as rare, serious forms of epilepsy or multiple sclerosis.

Most cannabis-based medicines are imported from foreign countries. Export restrictions mean it can take weeks or months for the drugs to reach the patients in the UK. For example, in Canada, an export certificate can take 4 to 8 weeks.


Euro hemp association says UK move on CBD is step in right direction

CBD stakeholders in Europe say the UK Food Standard Agency’s (FSA) recent warning to producers and consumers is a step in the right direction for the sector. Among other declarations, the FSA statement provides that food containing CBD that is derived from legally grown hemp via traditional extraction technologies may continue to be sold for the next year pending submission of papers under the EU’s Novel Food regime.


The Sale Of CBD Foods Is Legal In The UK

For now, the sale of CBD-infused foods is lawful in the UK so long as these products are properly labeled, including free of health claims; safe to consume; and do not contain THC.

Last week, the Food Standard Agency (“FSA”), the agency responsible for protecting public health in relation to food in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (collectively, the “UK”), cleared a path for the sale of CBD-infused food for the next 12 months.


First specialist medical cannabis clinic in Scotland to open

Sapphire Medical Clinic is set to be the first clinic with specialist expertise in prescribing medical cannabis to open in Scotland.

The Aberdeen based clinic will prescribe medical cannabis for all conditions acknowledged to benefit from the treatment, and Sapphire Medical Clinics is in the process of securing registration.


UK Cannabidiol Crackdown

The UK’s booming cannabidiol industry is to be being reined in by the FSA, which has also has issued consumer safety advice relating to CBD consumption.

In the UK, CBD was confirmed as a novel food product in January last year and has appeared in a wide range of foods such as confectionery, bakery items and beverages. Between 8-11% of UK adults have tried cannabidiol in its various forms.


U.K. Regulators Launch Crackdown On CBD And Issue Health Warning

U.K. Regulators have warned the country’s CBD industry to comply with Novel Food rules or face having their products taken off their shelves.

The Food Standards Agency has also issued a health warning to mums-to- be and those taking medication not to use CBD. In a press release today the FSA has given the industry a little over a year to comply with its new novel food guidelines. 


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