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Brexit, medical cannabis and the children abandoned by the U.K. government

It was on a national stage that Hannah Deacon learned that her son, Alfie, would become the first patient in the United Kingdom to receive a permanent cannabis licence.


Another Study To Examine Cannabis Product Potency

US medical cannabis company MedPharm has been awarded a research grant to evaluate cannabinoid product label claims of potency.

The three-year study funded by the state of Colorado will delve into trends in consistency between laboratories, shelf life and label accuracy within product categories.

“The proposed work will allow a direct comparison of product content to product labels, enabling an independent quantification of any systematic biases that may exist across product types or testing facilities,” said MedPharm Director of Chemistry Dr. Tyrell Towle.


The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis hosted a crucial summit in April aimed at shaping the future of the UK’s medical cannabis sector.

On Thursday 15 April, a crucial summit hosted by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis convened to shape the future of medical cannabis in Britain. Medical cannabis has been lauded as an industry-creating, health-changing, and socially progressive medicine, but the UK has had anything but a smooth transition of medical cannabis from experimental agent to licensed medicine.


Call For UK CBD And Medical Cannabis Reform

A discussion paper calls on the UK Government to review what it says are outdated laws and regulations hindering the UK’s CBD and wider medical cannabis industry.

According to the paper’s authors, cannabis consultancy Maple Tree and Mackrell.Solicitors, current laws in the UK have resulted in the majority of its cannabidiol (CBD) and all of its other medical cannabis supply being imported. The perplexing aspect is that the UK is one of the biggest exporters of medical cannabis in the world.

The paper states if red tape is reduced, the UK’s medical cannabis market could be worth £2 billion, create 50,000 new jobs and make patient access to medicinal cannabis much easier.


First CBD Products Validated in UK Novel Food Application Process

The U.K.’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) announced that the first cannabidiol (CBD) products—23 various capsules, oils and flavored tablets—have been validated to continue through the "novel food" application process.


UK Lawmakers Call for Medical Cannabis Funding for Patients

The United Kingdom (UK) has one of the strictest medical cannabis programs out of all of the countries that have legalized cannabis for medical use.

Obviously, the United Kingdom’s medical cannabis program is better than having no medical cannabis program at all. However, it leaves a lot to be desired, much to the detriment of medical cannabis patients in the UK.

The United Kingdom’s medical cannabis policy changed in 2018 to allow medical cannabis prescriptions for situations involving “exceptional clinical need.”

Unfortunately, that policy change has helped very few patients, leaving many to have to seek expensive cannabis therapies elsewhere.


The New British Cannabis Patient Card: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Can the use of a British cannabis patient card alleviate one of the biggest anxieties known to cannabis patients in the United Kingdom?

There is not a single cannabis patient, globally, even in jurisdictions where cannabis has now become legal, who has not felt this fear at some point over the last decade (at minimum): What happens if I get busted for possession?

Beyond the press, and the celebratory news of the progression of the industry, in the weeds and the everyday hum and drum of daily life, every patient faces this—and for reasons ranging from sheer bad luck to even friends, neighbors, and others deciding that they do not like the smell wafting out of a closed apartment door, or the garden next door.


UK’s National Health Service Launches Cannabis Patient Registry

The cannabis plant is one of the oldest medicines on earth, with humans having used it for medical purposes for thousands of years.

It wasn’t until the better part of a hundred years ago that medical cannabis became prohibited on a global scale.

Cannabis is medicine, as proven by tens of thousands of peer-reviewed studies and countless personal experiences of patients that have successfully treated their condition(s) with cannabis.

Fortunately, more countries have legalized cannabis for medical use than ever before in the post-prohibition era, including in the United Kingdom.


London Mayor Plans Commission To Study Cannabis Decriminalization

London Mayor Sadiq Khan will form a commission to study the potential of decriminalization of cannabis if he is re-elected next month, according to media reports from the United Kingdom. Khan was expected to unveil the proposal to study the health, economic, and criminal justice benefits of cannabis decriminalization on Tuesday as part of his platform for re-election.


How Britain's crown dependencies plan to cash in on cannabis

Just miles off the coast of the UK, Britain’s crown dependencies smell opportunity in the air.

Typically known for their tax-friendly regulation and as an outpost for wealthy entrepreneurs, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey have all introduced new legislation allowing for easier investment in a new and emerging market - medicinal cannabis cultivation.

In January, the Isle of Man’s parliament approved plans to sell licences to grow and export cannabis for medicinal use. As a crown dependency, like both Guernsey and Jersey, it is self governing - meaning it does not need to wait for permission from the UK government.


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