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A Canadian cannabis company will be the first to import legal weed to the US — and its stock is surging

Tilray shares were up more than 11% in early trading Tuesday after the British Columbia-based cannabis producer received approval from US officials to import medical marijuana for a clinical trial at the University of California San Diego.

The drugs, imported in capsule form, are designed to treat essential tremor (ET), a neurological disorder that causes involuntary and uncontrollable shaking that can make it difficult for patients to perform every day tasks like eating, drinking, or writing. It’s expected to begin in early 2019.


The federal government must stop stifling medical marijuana research

In June, for the first time, The Food and Drug Administration  approved a plant-derived medicine from marijuana. The prescription drug, known as Epidiolex, contains a proprietary formulation of cannabis’ organic compounds — primarily cannabidiol (CBD) —for the treatment of severe seizure disorders.

The British pharmaceutical company — the manufacturer of the drug — a has long been licensed by the U.K. government to privately grow strains of cannabis for the purpose of drug development.


9 Marijuana stocks to play the cannabis craze

Most of the time, most stocks move in the same direction as the broad market … a troubling reality given the market’s recent lack of traction.

There are occasional, story-driven exceptions to that rule of thumb though. Marijuana stocks, fueled by what may well be the biggest legal and medical revolution in years, have already proven they’re blazing their own trail. Stepping into the right pot stocks at the right time can translate to incredible gains, whether or not that outfit is profitable. (And, most aren’t.)


How to talk cannabis in seven different countries

Traveling to the Netherlands? Russia? This weed slang guide will make sure you’re never dry.


Research shows CBD may treat symptoms of psychosis

A group of UK researchers have found that CBD could be the next treatment for symptoms of psychosis.

Psychosis is a condition of the mind, often leading to confusion in determining what is real and what is not. Symptoms can range from having false beliefs to seeing and hearing things that are not really there. Though the condition has been linked to long-term recreational cannabis use, a research team from King’s College London has found that CBD can actually help.

Brain scans showed that a dose of CBD could reduce the brain activity that causes people with psychosis to experience these hallucinations or false beliefs.


UK police bust new cannabis grows in London every two days

Police are frequently discovering illegal cannabis grows in London, especially in neighborhoods to the south, where organized crime and gang activity are prevalent.

Hundreds of illegal grow-ops have been discovered in London over the past couple of years. Police uncovered 314 cannabis grows in the city from 2016 to 2018, according to data obtained by The London Evening Standard through a freedom of information request. That’s a new cannabis grow in London every two days.


Medical Marijuana to be permitted in UK

Following the recent high-profile case of Billy Caldwell, the British Home Secretary announced recently that medical cannabis is to be made available to UK patients on prescription.

Cannabis-derived medicines that meet certain safety and quality standards will be reclassified by fall 2018, so that they can be prescribed by specialist clinicians without the need for a Home Office licence. All fees for permits to use medicinal cannabis are to be waived in the interim. There will be no change in the law on the recreational use of cannabis in the UK, which will remain illegal.

The proposed changes to UK legislation in relation to medical cannabis will of course be of particular interest to medical cannabis companies based in Canada.


This UK man is giving free CBD to the terminally ill

A UK man is defying cannabis prohibition in Britain by offering free CBD to terminally ill patients.   Satnam Bains (not his real name) is risking up to 14 years in prison for providing the cannabis-extract to seriously ill patients. And he's not charging a single pence despite the considerable cost of producing cannabis oil.


Medical cannabis in the UK: What does the legalization mean and how will it help patients?

Doctors will be allowed to prescribe medicinal cannabis within months after home secretary Sajid Javid was advised by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs that it has therapeutic benefits.

It follows several high-profile campaigns which captured widespread media attention and evoked deep public sympathy. 


Medicinal cannabis to be legalized on prescription in U.K.

Senior doctors will be able to prescribe cannabis-based medicines in the UK later this year after the government agreed to ease a ban. Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced the decision while admitting the current law is "not satisfactory".

It follows recent high-profile cases in which children with severe epilepsy were initially denied access to cannabis oil to control seizures. The government subsequently issued licenses to Billy Caldwell, 12, and Alfie Dingley, six.


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