Medical cannabis laws to loosen for those with epilepsy in the UK

The UK government is preparing to allow the emergency use of medical cannabis. British patients have little access to medical cannabis, and a growing number of pediatric epilepsy cases have caused the issue to become a national topic of conversation.

British authorities at London’s Heathrow Airport seized epileptic medication from Billy Caldwell, a 12 year-old Irish pediatric patient. He suffered multiple seizures and was hospitalized.

Alfie Dingley, a 6-year-old epileptic child from the UK, has also gained attention from British Parliament. His parents flew him to the Netherlands to legally obtain treatment. He later got over 300,000 signatures, calling for the legalization of CBD treatments.


Trump Tuesday: President Trump's visit with Queen Elizabeth was as cringey as you'd expect it to be

President Trump awkwardly blocked Queen Elizabeth — and Twitter has some thoughts.  Queen Elizabeth and President Donald Trump‘s meeting wasn’t without some awkward moments.

The leaders met for the first time on Friday, and the internet couldn’t help but notice how Trump walked in front of the Queen during their walk while inspecting her Guard of Honor.


British public backs legalization of cannabis so it can be sold like cigarettes and alcohol, poll reveals

51 per cent say it is time to treat the drug in the same way as other legal substances. A majority of the British public back the legalisation of cannabis so that it would be sold in shops like alcohol and tobacco, a poll has revealed.

There was also majority support for decriminalisation, something that would free up police time and resources to deal with serious crime. The exclusive BMG Research poll for The Independent comes days after cannabis oil was for the first time brought into the UK legally, to treat an epileptic boy.


Damian Marley was invited to the UK Parliament to discuss medical marijuana

Musician and cannabis advocate Damian Marley says the legalization movement is picking up steam in the UK, where he was invited to discuss the issue at the British parliament recently, writes Calvin Hughes.

"What’s very interesting is how rapid this discussion has picked [up] here in the UK," Marley told GQ. "When I was here last summer, it didn’t have the momentum that it has now. That’s beautiful—how quickly people are listening to the realities of the benefits of marijuana."


Medicinal cannabis oil brought into UK legally for first time as mother of epileptic boy hails 'momentous occasion'

A woman has legally brought medicinal cannabis oil into the UK in the first-known successful attempt since the government paved the way for reforms.

Hannah Deacon, a mother of a boy with epilepsy, was allowed to pass through London City Airport on Tuesday carrying a five-month supply of the banned drug from Amsterdam. 


Tree of knowledge is a global CBD opportunity to watch

Although many companies are focused on the production of marijuana that is high in THC, demand for CBD derived products continues to grow.

The surge in demand is not surprising as many people have started to recognize the benefits of CBD, which is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis. This means that CBD does not get you high.

We have been focused on companies levered to this burgeoning market and came across Tree of Knowledge (CSE: TOKI), which is focused on the production and sale of CBD products via its subsidiary, EVR Brands.


Welcome to Amsterdam, birthplace of the Cannabis Cup

Today, there are several High Times Cannabis Cup events around the world exalting the best the industry has to offer. But the OG Cup is the one first held in Amsterdam, over 30 years ago. It’s been a long journey, both for the Cup and for cannabis on a global scale.

As we prepare to return to Amsterdam July 13-15, let’s take a look back at how we got here.

Cannabis Cup was founded by High Times’ then-editor-in-chief Steven Hager, who was inspired by stories of NorCal harvest festivals at which growers would get together and compare that year’s crops. Hager had previously traveled to the Netherlands in 1986 to write a feature on cannabis breeder Nevil Schoenmakers, who founded the first cannabis seedbank, and his infamous ‘cannabis castle.’


Malta: Gana aims to combine artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to transform the medical cannabis industry

GANA AI will be capable of clustering similar groups of mobile app users to verify a statistical hypothesis. Research data will also be acquired by GANA from surveys, labs, communities, and academic sources and inputted into the GANA AI. Data will be hashed and posted to the Ethereum blockchain for assurance of data integrity.

Hashed data also allows for the tracking and identification of corrupted or malicious data, allowing for transparent, third-party auditing of GANA AI's network performance and accuracy.


Switzerland weighs relaxing marijuana ban

Switzerland, which permits low potency cannabis but bans most marijuana for recreational use, aims to allow pilot studies on ways to relax its laws, its government said on Wednesday.

It also proposed making it easier for people to access medical marijuana to treat conditions like multiple sclerosis or cancer.

Cannabis is now regularly used recreationally by about 200,000 people in Switzerland, the government said.

“Although current laws forbid its consumption and seek to punish it, this number is not declining,” the government said. “At the same time, the black market is flourishing, and the safety of consumers cannot be guaranteed due to a lack of quality control.”


Luxembourg is latest European country to legalize medical cannabis

Luxembourg lawmakers have unanimously supported a bill to legalise medical cannabis.

The law, passed on June 28, allows cannabis to be prescribed and used for patients who suffer from chronic pain, nausea relating to chemotherapy, or muscle spasm resulting from multiple sclerosis. The original draft of the bill stated that only specialists could prescribe the drug, but the final version passed allows any general practitioner to prescribe cannabis if they have undertaken relevant training.


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