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Opbox, the Toronto Startup Making Indoor Growing Accessible to Everyone

I can tell you from first-hand experience that indoor growing is a lot of fun. Not only is it fun, it’s exciting, rewarding, a great conversation-starter, and it can save you a lot  of money. There’s also the allure of knowing exactly what went into and onto your plant—from seed to flower to smokable bud. In my mind, homegrown equals organic and pure. What’s not to love about that scenario? Well… actually a few things. For one, it is difficult to learn how to grow. Yes, there’s an abundance of information online, but everyone has conflicting opinions on the best ways to go about it. Not only is this confusing, when you do finally decide on a growing method, the hours of research on what equipment to purchase becomes your next challenging task. More confusion.


Why Employee Training Is Your Key To Financial Success

So, there you are, pondering your finances, there are many expenses and costs that go into running your business and when your budget is already tight, should you add or increase training to the expense list? Why frustrate yourself, looking for ways to train people, when you could be focusing on things like technology, product development or sales that help with business growth?

We all know that product development and sales are important. But what differentiates training from other expenses is that while on the surface training might appear as an expense, it’s not.


Crossing Over to a Career in Cannabis: What You Need To Know

If you’ve ever considered making the leap from the mainstream workforce to a career in cannabis, you’re not alone. In 2019, the cannabis industry added 33,700 new jobs, up 15% from the year prior. And this growth came despite shakeups caused by capital dry-ups, the vaping crisis, and more. Since the onset of COVID-19 this year, Vangst has seen thousands of new job seekers join our community – many of whom are readier than every to trade up from their old career for new opportunity in a recession-resistant industry. Cannabis is here to stay, and the most pioneering and innovative professionals are quickly recognizing the upside of getting involved.


Cannabis Companies Are Eligible For These Coronavirus Federal Payroll Tax Credits

Relief appears to be available for cannabis companies

The cannabis industry rarely looks to the federal government for support. Yet the raft of fiscal relief addressing COVID-19 has caused some in the industry to wonder what options, if any, might be available for them.


Union ‘peace agreement’ obligation erased from Michigan marijuana industry rules

While there were multiple contentious rules proposed for Michigan’s marijuana industry, one involving labor unions elicited the most passionate response at a public meeting in February.

The requirement for marijuana businesses to enter what was dubbed a “labor peace agreement” has been removed from the final version of marijuana industry rules expected to take effect June 22, Marijuana Regulatory Agency spokesman David Harns said.


Insights from One of the Nation’s First Cannabis Curriculum Graduates

As cannabis becomes a more nationally accepted industry, the need for education about the substance is growing. Some universities are now offering cannabis-focused classes, covering its history, uses, and policies.

We spoke with James Wohlleber, a recent graduate from Clark University’s Certificate in Regulatory Affairs for Cannabis Control program, to discover what a university education in cannabis really looks like.


Using Tech to Increase Employee Health and Safety

From cultivators to dispensaries, cannabis operators are required to get creative and deploy new ways to manage day-to-day business activities as the coronavirus pandemic shapes the “new normal”.

While some have seen an increase in demand, others are facing tough decisions when it comes to production and staff. Either way, cannabis companies are doing everything they can to avoid furloughing staff.

No matter the situation, it’s important to make data driven decisions. That’s why many are turning to cannabis-specific technology to better manage their operations. With the right tools in place, cannabis operators have been able to alter protocols and adjust processes to keep employees safe and maintain an efficient workflow.


Why The Pandemic Could Be A Boon For Cannabis Education

The coronavirus has forced a lot of universities to provide digital curriculums, which has proven beneficial for cannabis education programs.

Cannabis education has slowly spread since marijuana began to earn legal status across states. Nowadays, with the coronavirus, universities are facing new challenges that force them to rework their curriculum and find new ways of keeping students engaged while producing revenue.


Essential But Nervous: Cannabis Workers on the Front Line of a Pandemic

With one exception, all states with some form of legal cannabis have either deemed cannabis businesses essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, or made no decision, allowing them to continue operating. But some cannabis workers are nervous—about their health and, in some cases, about their jobs. 

As with any workers in regular contact with the public, cannabis workers are on the front line of the pandemic. But the young industry is struggling in some cases to provide support, even as the threat of COVID-19 has created unique stressors for workers as they guard themselves from the virus and rely on customers to be responsible in their stores. 


Dispensary Job Market Still Strong Despite The Lockdowns

Leafly, the largest cannabis website in the world, issued its fourth annual


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