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This oil infusion appliance is the KitchenAid of cannabis

While private pop-up dinners, farm-to-table feasts and Insta-famous chefs are ruling the cannabis cuisine scene right now, LEVO is changing the game for curious home cooks.

First launched in 2017, the appliance makes the infusion of oil and butter from dry cannabis flower as easy as the touch of a button and now, the company is readying for the release of the LEVO II—an even more streamlined experience packed with improved features and innovative technology.


Marijuana merchants, growers squirm as California gets into seed-to-sale tracking system

California will soon have one of the world’s most tightly-regulated marijuana markets, as the state in the next few weeks launches a long-awaited digital tracking system intended to follow every plant grown and sold through the licensed cannabis industry.

Many licensed marijuana business owners are applauding the so-called “seed-to-sale” tracking system as a way to cut down on competition from the state’s still-massive black market.

But many also say a lack of information about how the new tracking system will work — and the abrupt shift from what has been a fairly lax attitude about tracking product — is causing chaos in a fledgling industry that’s reeling from hefty new taxes and regulations.


3 Cannabis extraction leaders you need to know

There has been an increase in the number of companies focused on the cannabis beverage opportunity and this has been a catalyst for the cannabis sector.

During the last year, we have highlighted the cannabis oil opportunity and consider this to be one of the most lucrative opportunities. Cannabis oil is the product that is needed to create smokeless cannabis products and we have been closely monitoring this opportunity. Today, we have highlighted 3 companies that are highly levered to the cannabis oil opportunity. One of these companies is expected to start trading on the TSX Venture in the very near future and we recommend keeping an eye on this burgeoning trend.

Sep Introduces Full Service FAQ Chatbot Service for the Cannabis Industry and Launches ‘Bud, the 4/20 Chatbot’

Hudson, Massachusetts, USA – September 17 2018 –, is the first full-service FAQ Chatbot solution designed specifically for the cannabis industry.  

FAQ chatbots will add tremendous value to businesses across the cannabis supply chain – production, wholesale, equipment, services or retail - by boosting customer engagement, improving user experience, dramatically increasing response time and cutting costs.  

An FAQ Chatbot added to a company’s website, social pages and other channels acts as a 24/7 customer service agent that can communicate using voice or text in over 100 languages.


What differentiates Canadian online cannabis retailer Namaste Technologies from other cannabis stocks?

Unlike the Canadian cannabis producers who have been gearing up for the legalization of recreational marijuana since last year, Namaste Technologies (CVE:N), a leading online retailer of ancillary hardware cannabis products, was indifferent about the move until very recently.


Cannabis auto-grow tech startup Seedo raises $2 million

Seedo, listed as Eroll Grow Tech Ltd, the developer of what it calls the world’s first fully-automated grow device for medical cannabis, announced that it raised $2 million from Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, a US-Israeli company that develops personalized cannabinoid medicine focused on cancer and its side effects.

Seedo says its at-home growing device, which looks similar to a mini-fridge, is managed and controlled by an AI-powered algorithm and monitored via a smartphone application. Seedo holds a medical cannabis R&D license from the Israeli Health Ministry.


5 Canadian cannabis targets for the big beverage industry

The legal cannabis market represents a significant opportunity and the increased increase from beverage companies (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) has been a catalyst for the entire sector.

The increased interest from beverage companies has led to an influx of questions from our readers and today, we want to highlight 5 companies that represent potential acquisition targets.

1. Aurora Cannabis: An Acquisition Target

Yesterday, Aurora Cannabis (ACB.TO) (ACBFF) surged higher after BNN Bloomberg reported that the global cannabis producer was having serious discussions with The Coca-Cola Co (KO). This announcement served as a catalyst for the cannabis sector and we are monitoring this development.


Police chiefs warn of increased crime if California allows marijuana deliveries statewide

The prospect of vans loaded with pot delivering to homes in quiet Morgan Hill makes Police Chief David Swing uneasy.

Like most cities in the state, the upscale San Jose suburb has banned pot shops. But now, as California considers a proposal to allow marijuana businesses to send home-delivery vans into communities where retail stores are prohibited, Swing and others in law enforcement say they are preparing for the worst.

“This will make it easier and more lucrative to rob a delivery person than a liquor store,” said Swing, who is president of the California Police Chiefs Assn. He notes drivers would be allowed to carry up to $10,000 in cash. “Robberies are the tip of the iceberg. They can lead to other crimes, including aggravated assaults and homicides.”


She left tech to start a cannabis-based line of female self-care products

Cannabis is a new industry but women have to overcome a lot of the same old barriers. Cyo Ray Nystrom, founder and CEO of Quim Rock, left her startup life in tech to launch a line of cannabis and CBD centered female self-care products. Her mission is to create plant-based products that enhance pleasure and foster sustainable practices for vaginal health.


What's the best Arizer vaporizer?

The market for portable dry herb vaporizers is expanding quickly and new products seem to hit the market every day but which of the Arizer vaporizers, one of the market leaders, is the best?

Arizer says its products are ‘better by design’ and they offer a range of products to meet various needs, budgets and demands. For those wanting a smooth vaping experience and are buying a vaporizer for the first time, they would do well to start with this brand.

The company’s line-up includes the Solo and Solo 2, Extreme Q, V Tower, Air and the Argo and we will take a closer look at the offerings to help decide which might be best for you.


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