• Cocaine Bear, Meet Cannabis Raccoon and McFlurry Skunk

    Posted February 21, 2023

    Wild animals eat the strangest things. That can be a problem, for them and for us, writes Emily Anthes of the New York Times. In September 1985, the authorities discovered the body of Andrew Thornton, a drug smuggler, in a Tennessee backyard. He had a bag full of cocaine, a failed parachute and the

  • 5 great U.S. road trips for Weed Lovers

    Posted August 9, 2022

    Legal cannabis states offer plenty of options, from desserts to forests, for the adventurous at heart Road trips are back in fashion in a big way, with the pandemic catapulting them back into popularity so much so that vans and other road trip vehicles were snatched up and rented in record time

  • Paradise in the desert lets you wake, bake and bird

    Posted August 4, 2022

    Tucked away on the western flank of the Santa Catalina Mountain Foothills, Christopher (CJ) Vincent and his partner MaryEllen started a journey 25 years ago to preserve desert wildlife and plants, while adding their own type of “mother nature” to the mix. Vincent, a naturalist and medicinal cannabis

  • Cannabis plant grows in Tunbridge Wells flower display

    Posted August 2, 2022

    When they called it 'leafy Tubridge Wells', this isn't quite what they had in mind. The leafy Kent town got a bit leafier after pranksters sneaked a cannabis plant into a floral display near the Millennium Clock in Calverley Road. Martin Steers said he was amazed no one had noticed the plant It's