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Pioneering new medical cannabis clinic opens in UK

UK’s first specialist medical cannabis clinic opened in Manchester – could this be the vital step forward to tackle chronic and debilitating conditions?

9 March 2019, open to patients at The Beeches Consulting Centre in Manchester, UK, patients and clinicians have welcomed the first specialist medical cannabis clinic. Led by Dr David McDowell, an independent pain specialist and consultant neurologist Professor Mike Barnes will serve as Clinical Director.

The opening follows the Home Office’s decision to reschedule medical cannabis in November 2018, and is the first of a planned network of specialist clinics being opened by European Cannabis Holdings (ECH) around the UK.


Medical marijuana is legal in the UK, but getting it is about as hard as ever

On November 1st 2018, the United Kingdom legalized cannabis for medical use. Unfortunately, despite years of waiting, the country wasn't ready for it, writes Brandon Hicks.

"It's a huge step forward, to say 'we're going to allow people to get the medicine they need,'" cannabis entrepreneur Cosmo Feilding told Civilized. "But, without a regulatory framework in place, there is still much that needs to be done before a patient can actually gain access."


Tough cannabis policy has no effect on youth consumption rates: study

A new study has discovered that tough policies around drug use do not successfully deter youth from using cannabis, and that more liberal policies do not lead to an increase in rates of use.

Researchers at the University of Kent re-analysed information from over 100,000 teens in 38 countries such as Canada, the US, the UK, Russian and France.


Medical marijuana may be an effective treatment for these lesser-known symptoms of alzheimer's

A cannabis-derived drug will be tested in the UK as a treatment for two lesser-known symptoms of Alzheimer's disease: aggressive behavior and agitation, writes Calvin Hughes.

Alzheimer's disease is best known for the way it erodes a person's memory. However, roughly half of the 850,000 Alzheimer patients in the UK also experience emotional and behavioral symptoms, such as feelings of agitation and aggression. But medical marijuana could help, according to Dag Aarsland - a psychiatry professor at King's College London and lead author of a study that will test alternatives to traditional medications used to treat these symptoms.


Medicinal cannabis: Why has it taken so long to get to patients?

Medicinal cannabis was legalised last year but so far, virtually no-one in the UK has been able to access it.

Now, enough cannabis to treat 30 patients for a month has arrived in the UK from the Netherlands.

Four patients with prescriptions, all to treat chronic pain, will receive cannabis-derived medicines immediately.

Specialist doctors have been able to prescribe cannabis since 1 November - so what has taken so long?


The U.K. just got its first bulk medical cannabis shipment

The first bulk batch of medical cannabis imported into the U.K. since it was legalized for prescription last year has arrived from the Netherlands.


Aurora Cannabis (ACB) completes first commercial export of cannabis oil to the UK

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) announced that it has completed its first commercial export of cannabis oil to the United Kingdom (UK) and the product has been successfully dispensed from a pharmacy. Authorities there recently granted the Company approval for its first shipment of medical cannabis into the UK from Canada under its new legal framework that came into effect on November 1, 2018.

Under the new UK framework, specialist doctors can legally issue prescriptions for cannabis-based medicines when they agree that their patients could benefit from this treatment.


Medical cannabis is now in the UK, but nobody can get a prescription

In November last year, home secretary Sajid Javid introduced legislation which made it possible for people to legally access cannabis for medical reasons. At the time, campaigners hailed it as a landmark victory – the Conservative government had typically taken a hardline stance on rescheduling drugs – and scientists and researchers welcomed the change. People around the UK, who had been self-medicating with cannabis for years, expected the law to finally make their lives easier.


UK's first completely legal cannabis farm to be built in 'secret' location

Cannabis production is set to come to the UK on an industrial scale after the first fully legal farm was granted planning permission.

A site in the West Country, which has not been made public, will be transformed into a seven-acre greenhouse to grow the plants.

The scheme will cost £10million and the crops will be used for medicinal purposes and cannabidiol products. 

London-based firm Sativa Investments is behind the plan for the Wiltshire venture, Somerset Live reports.


UK’s NHS will not prescribe medical cannabis to those in chronic pain

The UK’s National Health Service serves over one million people every day-and-a-half, a formational source of health care in a country with a population of less than 55 million. Many of those individuals suffer from a condition entailing chronic pain, which since October, qualifies them for a doctor’s recommendation for medicinal cannabis. But some residents have reported seeing troubling literature at Royal Derby Hospital, saying that clinical staff will not recommend medical cannabis to chronic pain patients due to “the risk of serious side effects.”


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