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Farmers swap cattle for cannabis as north east becomes ‘hemp haven’

Hemp is being trialled by local farmers throughout Aberdeenshire and Angus.

The north east is gradually becoming an unlikely centre of the hemp-growing industry.

A variety of the cannabis plant, hemp is being trialled by local farmers throughout Aberdeenshire and Angus and grown specifically to make a wide range of products.

The Scottish Hemp Association hope a successful harvest could prompt more in the area to follow suit.                                              

Twelve months ago there was only around two known farms in the country, but there’s been a drive this year for more and now there’s over ten in the north east alone.


Did Shakespeare Smoke Cannabis?

Shakespeare graffiti

The greatest playwright of all time may have been high when he wrote his most famous works. According to a study conducted in 2001, researchers detected traces of cannabis in pipes belonging to William Shakespeare[i].

Such a discovery doesn’t automatically prove that the Famous Bard smoked weed, but it does suggest that he had access to cannabis.

Cannabis References In Shakespeare

The study authors say they decided to analyse Shakespeare’s pipe residues after becoming intrigued by some of his writings. Sonnet 76, for instance, talks of “invention in a noted weed”, which may refer to the use of cannabis to enhance creativity.


York project secures six-figure funding to establish industrial hemp as ‘major’ UK crop


A York-based project to establish industrial hemp as a ‘major’ UK crop has secured six-figure funding.The first development phase of the HEMP-30 project has been awarded £200k from the UK government’s Biomass Feedstocks Innovation Programme, funded through the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) £1bn Net Zero Innovation Portfolio.


The project, led by researchers at the University of York and Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC), aims to increase the amount of industrial hemp 100-fold in the UK from 800 hectares to 80,000 hectares.

BDC director, Dr Joe Ross, commented: “Hemp has major untapped potential as a versatile low carbon raw material that can be used across a range of industries.


4 Types of Anxiety CBD Hemp Gummies May Help With

CBD Gummies


Anxiety is a common occurrence. According to the ADAA, the disorder is found in around 43% of the general public in the United Kingdom. Even though the ailment is so common, only 37% of individuals who are affected seek treatment. The harmful side effects and reliance associated with anxiety drugs are the main reasons why people refuse treatment. As a safer alternative to traditional anti-anxiety drugs, more people are looking for a towards CBD in its various forms such as CBD hemp gummies for anxiety in the UK more and more these days. 


The UK MS Society Launches #ApprovedButDenied Cannabis Campaign

person in a wheelchair


The MS Society is taking a stand on the lack of access to medical cannabis in the UK.

A report released by the MS Society states that not nearly enough medical cannabis patients have been able to obtain medical cannabis through the National Health Service (NHS), despite research and firsthand accounts of its effectiveness as a medicine for MS patients.


Britain's legal cannabis market booms on Covid demand

holding a pipe

Britain's legal cannabis market has boomed during the coronavirus pandemic to become the second biggest after the United States, as consumers rushed to alleviate Covid-linked symptoms, industry experts say.

Cannabidiol or CBD, which is most commonly sold as oil at high street retailers, is one of the active ingredients of non-psychoactive cannabis.

CBD is touted as have relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, but experts argue the market has long suffered from questions about its efficacy and a lack of regulation.


About $350K of cannabis found after smell gets picked up by air-conditioning units

marijuana plants

“We received reports from a local factory of a strong smell of cannabis permeating through the building. It transpires it was being taken in via air-conditioning systems.”

Police in the U.K. were called after the smell of cannabis was brought inside a local factory by linked air-conditioning units.

Officers went to the factory’s rooftop and were able to determine where the smells were coming from by a “process of deduction,” eventually seizing about £200,000 ($350,000) worth of cannabis from two nearby properties, reports Yorkshire Live.


CBD Medicine Given TSC Green Light In The UK

Jazz Pharmaceuticals subsidiary GW Pharmaceuticals has announced it has received approval in the UK for the use of Epidyolex to manage seizures associated with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC).

Tuberous sclerosis complex is a rare genetic disease causing benign tumours to grow in the brain and on other vital organs. Among its many impacts where the condition is severe are seizures and impaired intellectual development. The seizures are often resistant to conventional therapies.

Usually diagnosed in early childhood, the number of people living with TSC in the UK is estimated between 3,700 and 11,000.


Psychedelic Toad Venom Clinical Research Boosted by $80M in Funding


The money will boost Beckley Psytech’s research on 5-MeO-DMT and psilocybin for the treatment of depression. (Image: Shutterstock)

Oxford-based startup Beckley Psytech in the United Kingdom announced August 15 that it raised $80 million to ramp up clinical trials and research using a pharmaceutical formulation of ​​5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine), a powerful compound produced endogenously by Sonoran Desert toad venom, to treat depression. 

The Series B financing was initially set at $50 million—but was upgraded to $80 million due to “overwhelming interest” from investors to support accelerating the clinical development of its psychedelic medicine research pipeline.


Link Reservations Expands Retail Presence in Florida

cbd oil

London, UK, Aug. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Link Reservations Inc.


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