Thai Cannabis Clinic Sees Thousands Of Patients In Its First Week

Thailand's first official cannabis clinic is overflowing with patients. Within the first 10 days of the health center's grand opening, cannabis caregivers have attended to 4,639 patients, according to the Nation/Asia News Network. An additional 12,000 people are seeking appointments until March.

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul visited the marijuana-based clinic which is run under the administration of the Health Minister.

Individuals arranged their appointments in advance through an application process.

Charnvirakul said numerous people were interested in cannabis-based therapies and treatment.


Pot frenzy sweeps Thailand as government touts medical marijuana

Dr. Ganja is a bespectacled green cuddly teddy whose job is to educate Thailand about the benefits of medical marijuana.

The squishy toy is the latest illustration of the nation’s embrace of medical cannabis, an industry poised to expand to more than $660 million by 2024 from an estimate of $300,000 last year. The biggest cheerleader of the business opportunity may be a surprise: Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Anutin Charnvirakul.

Though Thailand last year became the first Southeast Asian nation to allow medical marijuana, the plant has not been decriminalized and tough penalties remain. Possession and trafficking could lead to long prison terms and big fines.


Cannabis Cultivation Is Ramping Up In Thailand And Technology Can Help

According to Thailand’s Public Health Minister the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine is scheduled to open a central clinic soon to prescribe medical cannabis to suffering patients.


Thailand launches nation's first cannabis clinic

Thailand opened its first full-time clinic specializing in traditional and alternative cannabis-based medicine on Monday, as part of a move by the government towards developing the medicinal cannabis industry.

“This is a pilot clinic, because we cannot produce enough doctors with expertise in cannabis,” Public Health Minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, told reporters at the opening ceremony in Bangkok. Patients will receive treatment free of charge for the first two weeks, he added.

Thailand, which has a tradition of using cannabis to relieve pain and fatigue, legalized marijuana for medical use and research in 2017 to boost agricultural income.


Thailand: Cannabis use increases after legalisation

The number of illegal drug users rose by 130,000 this year after Thailand legalised cannabis for medical purposes, the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) said.

ONCB secretary-general Niyom Termsrisuk blamed easy access to the drug for the rising number of narcotics users.

The previous coup-installed government passed a law last year to legalise marijuana for medical purposes only. However, cannabis remains a Narcotic Type 5, with steep penalties for its misuse.

Despite cannabis being available to prescribed patients only, the policy has led to cannabis becoming a readily available source of recreational drugs, he said, adding that it was easy for teenagers to obtain it.


New govt website on use of medical cannabis

The Public Health Ministry is launching a website designed to provide information about the use of medical cannabis for public reference.

Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said on Wednesday the website ( would provide a comprehensive source of information about medical cannabis, covering topics ranging from cultivation to safe consumption methods. 

"To make it easier for everyone to understand, every piece of information published on the website has been simplified and is supported by reliable sources," he said.

The website was still not working on Thursday morning.


Thailand wins the Internet with this creative (and scandalous) weed promotion

Officials in Thailand are pulling out all the stops as they try to educate the country on the benefits of medical marijuana, including making an appearance alongside Dr. Ganja — a giant green mascot made out of cannabis.

With a PhD in looking good, Dr. Ganja has been prescribing a healthy dose of medical marijuana to a country in dire need of another stream of revenue and a low-cost treatment option for its low-income residents.


Health Minister Pushes for Farmers to Grow Cannabis in Thailand

Thailand’s Public Health Minister has proposed farmers be allowed to grow cannabis plants under a joint scheme with the state.

Anutin Charnvirakul, who is also deputy prime minister, said he has signed a draft regulation on allowing farmers to grow cannabis. The regulation will be examined by the Council of State and then submitted to the cabinet for consideration.

The proposed regulation seeks to allow individual farmers to gain permission to grow cannabis plants for medical purposes. The farming will also have to be a joint scheme with an authorised state agency, he said. Permission to grow cannabis will be reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration in Thailand


Thailand wants home growers to help stock its medical cannabis market

Thailand is moving forward with its plan to allow residents to grow up to six cannabis plants and sell it to the government as a way to stock its legal medical cannabis market.

“We are in the process of changing laws to allow the medical use of marijuana freely,” Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said last week in Bangkok. “We have high confidence that marijuana will be among the major agricultural products for Thai households. We are speeding up the law changes. But there is a process to it.”

Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize medical cannabis back in December 2018. Adult-use cannabis is still illegal though and carries harsh penalties, such as time in jail.


Sweets, consumer products with marijuana extract become hot topic in Thailand

After a famous Thai actor was widely reported to have allegedly given a certain type of candy containing marijuana extract that causes dizziness and irregular heartbeat to a girl, sweets or other consumer products with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) have become a hot topic on social media.

THC has psychoactive properties that help in relaxation and reduce stress if they are taken in the right amount, but can be dangerous if consumed in exceeding doses.

The side effects of THC include a dry mouth, thirst, tachycardia, slow response, red eyes and memory loss.

The substance is popular in foreign countries, where it is mixed in snacks such as jelly, candy and chocolate in safe amounts.


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