Using cannabis may not slow down sperm, but it could reduce its numbers

U.S. researchers acknowledge that new study results should not be considered irrefutable, but they still offer some guidance about whether or not men should be consuming cannabis if trying to start a family.

Noting that cannabis consumption is common among men presenting for a fertility evaluation, the investigators suggest using weed “may have a detrimental effect on semen quality, particularly morphology and volume.”


What Is Rockwool And Why Is It A New Buzzword In The Marijuana Industry?

Aside from the fact that it prevents the multiplication of pathogens, it also helps the seeds germinate, thus facilitating good drainage.

Rockwool is a fantastic method for growing marijuana. With Rockwool, you can have the strain you choose through the cannabis cycle as growers of all levels utilize different hydroponics for harvesting heavier yields. If you haven’t tried Rockwool, it is time to hop on the trend.


Cannabis was domesticated in East Asia, new study suggests

Written by Mike Ives; Joy Dong and Maria Cramer contributed reporting.

People feeling the effects of marijuana are prone to what scientists call “divergent thinking,” the process of searching for solutions to a loosely defined question. Here is one to ponder: Where did the weed come from? No, not where it was bought, but where and when was the plant first domesticated.

Many botanists believe that the Cannabis sativa plant was first domesticated in Central Asia. But a study published Friday in the journal Science Advances suggests that East Asia is the more likely source, and that all existing strains of the plant come from an “ancestral gene pool” represented by wild and cultivated varieties growing in China today.


Updated Guide To Cannabis Laws Around The World

Gradually, people are becoming aware of the value cannabis offers, making it possible for countries and regions to accept and legalize cannabis.

Continentally, cannabis is decriminalized and allowed for medical use in several regions of North America, Africa, Australia, Europe, and South America. But it remains prohibited in Middle Eastern countries and Asia. It is essential for every individual that uses cannabis to have an understanding of these cannabis laws, especially if they are traveling or relocating to another country.

This article is a collection and a quick guide of cannabis laws around the world. So whenever you are visiting a new region, you should have a quick look to determine if you can freely take cannabis while in that region or not.


Hong Kong police seize $7 million worth of cannabis in largest bust in a decade

Three men are under arrest following one of the largest cannabis busts in Hong Kong in a decade.


Why is Asia divided on a green light for medical marijuana?

silluette of marijuana leaf against sunset
Thailand, the sole Asian country to legalise cannabis for medical use, is so keen on educating locals about the drug’s benefits that tourism and sports minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn this month unveiled a medical marijuana tour that will cover eight provinces, set to kick off next year. But not too far away, in Singapore, top officials are singing a starkly different tune.

Hong Kong teens are importing cannabis products at alarming rates

Customs officials in Hong Kong are sounding the alarm about teenagers importing cannabis and cannabis products into the country, reports South China Morning Post.

Over the past four months, several teens have been arrested in connection to HK$45 million ($7.6 million) worth of illicit drugs that were brought into the country by air.

By weight, 380 kilograms of drugs have been seized over the past four months, which is a 211 per cent increase from the first half of the year, a senior customs official told SCMP.


Hong Kong cafe works around cannabis laws to serve CBD snacks to the masses

From hash to heroin, Hong Kong has a reputation for being hard on drugs. But one business has managed to work its way around the region’s strict cannabis prohibition laws.

Found Café will offer a plethora of snacks and beverages such as biscuits, coffee, tea, juices, and even beer spiked with varying doses of CBD, Sky News reports.

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a psychoactive but non-intoxicating compound derived from the cannabis plant that has exploded in popularity across the globe over the past few years.

The cannabinoid is used therapeutically for a variety of symptoms and ailments, ranging from inflammation to anxiety.


Hong Kong Just Opened its First CBD Cafe

Cannabis containing THC may not yet be legal in Hong Kong, or in most of Asia, but there is already a CBD cafe up and running in the Sheung Wan district. Currently in the soft-opening phase, the cafe will be fully open next month with a complete menu of CBD offerings.


Global Drug Law Monitor Hints At Fresh Approach To Cannabis Regulation

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), responsible for monitoring compliance with global drug treaties, has admitted it may have to water down its hardline approach to cannabis regulation to stay relevant.


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