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Native American Tribe Converts Bowling Alley into Epic Marijuana Lounge, Politicians Freak Out

The Santee Sioux tribe is wasting no time harnessing the lucrative cannabis market after the U.S. Justice Department said last December it would no longer go after possession or sale of the plant on Native American lands.

The tribe, located in South Dakota, is currently converting a bowling alley into a cannabis “smoking lounge,” which is expected to bring $2 million a month in revenue. The grand opening is set for New Year’s Eve.

“Tribal President Tony Reider envisions a hotspot with a stage for performers, a dance floor, a bar, restaurant, smoking lounge and marijuana dispensary.”


GGS Structures to speak at Tribal Conference

GGS Structures Inc. is pleased to confirm that Michael Camplin will be presenting at the Monarch America first educational seminar in conjunction with the Santee Sioux Tribe of Flandreau, South Dakota October 26-28.  Mr. Camplin will be presenting on advanced cultivation facility designs in greenhouses and indoor grow facilities.

"It is a privilege for me to be added as a speaker to such an important event" states GGS Structures Inc. Sales Manager, Michael Camplin.

GGS Structures Inc. is a diversified manufacturer and part of the Growers Greenhouse Supplies group of companies. GGS was started in 1979 as a manufacturer of greenhouse structures for commercial agriculture.  Since then they have expanded both geographically and through product lines and market segments.


South Dakota: Sioux See Bonanza In Pot Smoking Lounge

The Santee Sioux hope the marijuana "smoking lounge" they are building in a converted bowling alley will bring $2 million a month to the tribe, despite opposition from the governor, who calls the project illegal.

Workers are gutting a bowling alley across the parking from the tribe's new growing warehouse, and plan the grand opening on New Year's Eve. Tribal President Tony Reider envisions a hotspot with a stage for performers, a dance floor, a bar, restaurant, smoking lounge and marijuana dispensary.

The tribe invited all 105 members of South Dakota's Legislature to tour both facilities on Friday, but only five showed up.

Governor Dennis Daugaard was a no-show.


Are ‘marijuana resorts’ the new tribal casinos?

Get ready for some corny “peace pipe” jokes because Native American tribes are jumping on the weed wagon.


State-of-the-art marijuana growing operation to open in South Dakota by year's end

The marijuana plants are already growing in a remodeled building on the Flandreau Santee Sioux reservation as the southeast South Dakota tribe shoots for a New Year’s Eve opening for its first-of-its-kind resort.


Why not everyone thinks 'marijuana resorts' are a smart idea

Get ready for some corny “peace pipe” jokes because Native American tribes are jumping on the weed wagon. 


'Marijuana resort' budding in South Dakota, set to open by year's end

The state-of-the-art marijuana growing operation with its 65 strains of plants is in its infancy as finishing touches are being put on the building where it will take about 14 weeks to grow about 80 pounds of pot. That's how much the tribe hopes to sell weekly at its smoking lounge and entertainment resort just south of their casino that is noting its 25th year of operation this month.

The resort has been about a year in the making, as the tribal council which leads the tribe of 280 adults and 110 children on the reservation voted 5-1 late last year to pursue the resort idea.


Here's what we know about the country's first marijuana resort

A Native American tribe in South Dakota is looking to expand its sprawling enterprise of casinos and hotels in a way that no other tribe has done before: opening a marijuanaresort.


Tribe breaks ground on marijuana lounge

FLANDREAU The Flandreau Santee Sioux tribe announced that it was legalizing marijuana on tribal lands back in June.
Now the tribe is getting ready to make history as it prepares to open a lounge where it will be legal to consume marijuana on the property.

This doesn’t look like much now. There’s debris on the ground and several holes in the walls, but this is all part of the deconstruction process, eventually this building will be the first ever lounge that allows people to legally consume marijuana on the property.

This old bowling alley is in the process of getting a major make over.
Crews broke ground last week, working to turn this into something that will make history.


There's a cannabis theme park coming to America

Plans for the world’s first cannabis theme park are underway as Native American tribes turn their attention away from casinos.

The Santee Sioux tribe of South Dakota, want to build its own farming venue complete with smoking room and nightclub.

Tribal President Anthony Reider said: ‘We want it to be an adult playground. There’s nowhere else in America that has something like this.’

The tribe said the project could generate up to $2m a month in profit, and work is already under way on the growing facility.

Members hope it will provide another revenue stream other than casinos.


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