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New Mexico to Reinstate Residency Requirement for Medical Marijuana Cards

New Mexico lawmakers have voted to reinstate a residency requirement for patients authorized to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program. Under a bill passed in the New Mexico House of Representatives on Monday, allowing non-residents to apply for medical marijuana identification cards would be phased out later this year. The measure, SB 139, was approved in the state Senate on Saturday and has the support of Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.


Recreational marijuana in NM: Why did it fail? Where does it go from here?

According to a survey from Change Research, nearly 3 in 4 New Mexicans support legalizing recreational marijuana. With support from both the public and the governor, why did the bill to legalize recreational marijuana fail?

Last week, a state Senate committee tabled the bill that would’ve legalized recreational pot. The vote included two Democrats.


Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in New Mexico Likely Dead in Committee

It was backed by the governor, the vast majority of the state’s population, and had even been reviewed by a committee in January. But it now appears that there will be no further movement for SB 115 this year, meaning New Mexico’s cannabis legalization dreams will have to wait for the next legislative session. 

On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 6-4 to table the bill.


New Mexico recreational marijuana bill clears key Senate committee

Lawmakers in New Mexico are one step closer to legalizing recreational marijuana after a key committee in the state Senate approved a bill for adult use. 

The Senate Public Affairs Committee voted 4-3 along party lines to advance the measure, which enjoys support from Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

New Mexico’s governor highlighted legalization as one of her top policy priorities in her State of the State address earlier this month.


Legislative Committee To Discuss Major Marijuana Reform Bill in New Mexico

After New Mexico’s governor predicted that legalization of cannabis is a priority for some lawmakers this year, a Democratic state senator has proposed a bill that would regulate adult use. SB 115 will be reviewed for the first time by a legislative committee on Tuesday. 


States That May Legalize Weed In 2020

This year already promises to have plenty of election drama thanks to the presidential race. But in some states -- including some of the biggest in the U.S. -- it also could prove to be a big election for marijuana. 

In other states, leaders are choosing legislative action over the ballot box. It’s setting up what should be an interesting year for cannabis advocates in 2020.

Chief among the states considering legalization are New Jersey and New York. Lawmakers in both states failed to pass legalization in 2019. Voters in New Jersey will take matters into their own hands this November. Meanwhile, New York is looking to partner on the issue with a neighboring state on legalization through legislative action.


Governor of New Mexico Starts Campaign to Legalize Marijuana

Calling it a potential “an economic game-changer” for the state, New Mexico Gov. Lujan Grisham initiated a campaign to legalize recreational marijuana. 


New Mexico: Reject push for marijuana legalization

Lawmakers in Santa Fe will soon be faced with a 30-day legislative session to pass a budget. But this year, instead of putting all hands on deck to address the serious issues with the state’s child services programs and the bottom-of-the-barrel ranking in education, legislators will be trying to ram through a bill to commercialize marijuana.

Given the ongoing pot vaping crisis and the host of health, safety and social justice harms evident in other states, the Legislature should reject this push.


New Mexico settles 2017 medical cannabis lawsuit for $69K

Officials at a New Mexico event venue have agreed to settle a lawsuit with a medical cannabis producer over what type of products could be displayed at the state fair.

Expo New Mexico officials agreed to drop a pending appeal and pay $69,600 to Ultra Health LLC to avoid further legal expenses, The Albuquerque Journal reported Friday.

The legal dispute began after Expo New Mexico told Ultra Health it could not display marijuana or any paraphernalia related to cannabis use or cultivation in its 2017 State Fair booth, officials said.

New Mexico State Police officers told company employees the year before to leave the fair after displaying a live cannabis plant, authorities said.


These U.S. states are most likely to legalize marijuana in 2020

The cannabis advocacy community wants the nation to believe that 2019 was a banner year in the realm of marijuana reform. But the only things that really happened were that New York and New Jersey failed to make good on their word to legalize, Illinois followed through and the U.S. House of Representatives dilly-dallied with a couple of bills (SAFE and MORE Acts) that will never see the light of day.

This “banner” year that pro-pot organizations like NORML are so proud of really doesn’t equate to much. But we could have better luck next year. There are several states positioned to legalize marijuana in 2020. These are the five that seem to have the best chance at success.


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