Spain Congress Creates Medical Cannabis Committee

Spain is home to one of the best cannabis communities on earth. Anyone that has visited Spain as a tourist as well as the lucky folks that get to live there will tell you that Spain has some of the best cannabis on the planet. 

That is especially true for hash.

Cannabis clubs are common in Spain, with hundreds of them spread throughout the country. Barcelona is home to roughly 200 cannabis clubs alone. 

Many of the clubs are akin to the famous cannabis cafes seen in Amsterdam, and they are very popular for obvious reasons.


Why Different Countries Are Relaxing Their Cannabis Laws

As the first European country to legalize cannabis, Luxembourg has called on other European countries to relax their drug laws, specifically cannabis production and consumption. According to the European state, the continent’s drug policy has not worked over the last few decades, and forbidding everything made it more attractive for people to find new ways of skirting laws.

The country’s relaxed laws will see residents over 18 years old able to buy cannabis for recreational use starting from 2020. The state will establish a cannabis agency to regulate all production and distribution. What’s more, minors between ages 12 and 17 will not face criminal charges if caught in possession of five grams or less of the drug. However, those who break the law will receive harsh penalties.


Spain Moves Toward Medical Cannabis Regulation

The fate of legalization will largely hinge on the ruling Socialists. The government, led by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, has demonstrated a lack of enthusiasm for even medical cannabis legalization.

On May 13, the health committee of Spain’s Congress of Deputies approved a proposal to create a subcommittee that will consider other countries’ experiences with medical cannabis. The subcommittee’s findings could pave the way for medical cannabis legalization in Spain. According to a recent poll, approximately 90% of Spaniards would favor such a move.


Does culture influence how often countries use behavioural strategies to combat cannabis consumption?

More needs to be learned about what drives behavioural strategies used by different cultures to combat cannabis consumption, intoxication and related harms to enhance the protection of those who use the drug, a U.S. study suggests.

Researchers at the University of New Mexico explored the cannabis protective behavioural strategies (PBS) used by five different countries — namely the U.S., Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and the Netherlands — by seeking input from 1,175 colleges students from those jurisdictions who reported past-month weed use.


Cannabis capitals of Europe: Where has weed been decriminalised on the continent?

There are several locations across Europe where cannabis use is as much part of the culture as French wine and Italian coffee.

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase in weed - otherwise known as cannabis or marijuana - becoming legalised for medical use across the board. CBD oil and hemp especially have seen a rise in popularity across markets from skincare to wellness.

While elements of cannabis have their advantages, the science doesn’t work in recreational joint-smokers’ favour. The drug is heavily associated with mental and physical health conditions including psychosis and schizophrenia.


Ask Not for Whom the Bell Tolls: The New Spanish Civil War Over Cannabis

t is throwdown time, generally in Spain, over the entire cannabis conversation. 

Currently, cannabis clubs in Basque country are challenging authorities over their right to operate during the Pandemic. Meanwhile Barcelona clubs are leading their own similar challenge. These two regions are the Spanish states which have the most cannabis clubs. To add to all of the legal complexity, these are two of the most “independent” of the Spanish states, with a long history of confrontation against federal authorities.


Separate shipments lead to the same result: Irish authorities intercept weed from U.S., Canada, Spain and the U.K.

Irish Revenue officials have once again intercepted packages containing cannabis from the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Spain thanks to the Baileys, two drug-detecting dogs whose sole mission is to sniff out contraband.

In all, packages received at both the Dublin and Athlone mail centres contained 141,000 euros (just shy of $213,000) in illicit weed.


Cannabis Reform in Spain

cannabis buds on a table

The first public event for the European Cannabis Advocacy Network will take place on the 17th of December, which will be focusing on cannabis reform in Ireland and Spain. Each month we will be inviting advocates from two European countries to discuss the current state of cannabis reform in their country, and shine a light on both adult-use and medical cannabis reform across Europe. 


New Player in the Spanish Medical Cannabis Landscape

Spain was one of the first European countries to decriminalise the personal use and cultivation of cannabis for self-consumption. However, while cannabis is used by individuals and the regulation of cannabis consumption in Spain is fairly liberal, Spanish patients can’t access medical cannabis legally.


Advocates Consider COVID-19 Pandemic Opportunity to Push To Legalize Cannabis In Spain

Cannabis clubs in Spain are prising open their doors as the country enters the second phase of lockdown de-escalation. But campaigners say socio-economic impacts of the shutdown prove cannabis is an accepted norm of mainstream Spanish society, and private weed clubs should be allowed to dispense like pharmacies if illicit market forces are to be defeated once and for all. 

Spain’s first cannabis club opened in 2001, providing a legal loophole for consumption in private spaces, which, according to campaigners, has helped reduce illicit market sales.


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