Oklahoma Officials to Enforce Mandated Testing of Medical Cannabis Products

Tens of thousands of Oklahomans have already enrolled in the state’s medical marijuana program. In a little more than a month, those patients will purchase products that have undergone mandated testing. 

Beginning April 1, all medical cannabis dispensaries in the state will be required to carry products that have been tested in a laboratory licensed by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.


Protesters Descend Upon Oklahoma Capitol in Response to Rigid Medical Cannabis Bills

Facing multiple bills that they say would undermine their rights to medical marijuana, hundreds of protesters swarmed Oklahoma’s state capitol on Thursday.

The legislation that provoked the demonstration could have myriad effects: one proposal would ban billboards advertising medical cannabis; another would prohibit dispensaries from being built near churches. 

Oklahoma voters approved a measure legalizing medical marijuana in 2018, and the new law took effect last August.


These Are The US Cities And States With The Most Dispensaries

The city with the most dispensaries based on its population figure is Missoula, Montana.

When most Americans pass by a store selling liquor, beer, or wine, they barely think twice about it. That’s because its existence isn’t novel; we all know plenty of folks who drink and buy alcohol. Outside of a few select cities, seeing a marijuana dispensary on a street corner still causes heads to turn.


How Recreational Is Oklahoma's Medical Marijuana Market?

Welcome to the wild west of weed.

Eighteen months after Oklahoma voters approved medical marijuana, the state is awash in cannabis retail shops. One in 13 adult Oklahomans has a patient card. With no qualifying medical conditions required, patients are finding it easy to get approval, with consultations sometimes just a video call away.

A price war has broken out on the retail side, with intense competition among more than 2,200 licensed dispensaries across the state. Some sit on the same block of a city street. Oklahoma leads the nation in per-capita dispensaries in medical marijuana states, with 56 per 100,000 residents. Retail sales topped $345 million in 2019, and state tax revenue was $55 million, according to the Oklahoma Tax Commission.


Why Aren’t More Patients Utilizing Medical Cannabis Reciprocity Programs?

Reciprocity, the legal process allowing a state-issued license to be accepted in other states, is relatively common among medical cannabis states. 

But it seems that not that many people actually use reciprocity, particularly in high bar states like Oklahoma.


Can We Blame Senate Republicans for Dispensary Robberies Now?

The effort to get banking access for legal cannabis businesses seems to have lost the wind in its sails for a moment, and while we wait for a new breeze in Congress, a wave of crime is targeting the legal cannabis industry’s fat stacks of cash.


Petition filed to legalize recreational marijuana in Oklahoma

An initiative petition to legalize recreational marijuana use for Oklahomans ages 21 and older was quietly filed with the secretary of state’s office Thursday.

The 14-page petition seeks to amend Oklahoma’s constitution to legalize recreational marijuana for most residents and impose a 15% excise tax on recreational cannabis.

The measure also includes a provision to nullify many prior drug convictions, which could make waves in Oklahoma's criminal justice system.


Oklahoma Law Would Fast-Track Medical Marijuana Licenses For Terminally Ill Patients

An Oklahoma lawmaker is proposing a new law that would expedite the process for terminally ill patients to obtain a license to use medical marijuana. Under a bill introduced by Republican state Sen. Rob Standridge of Norman, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority would have up to five days to issue medical marijuana identification cards to qualified terminally ill patients.

“I find the areas in which we can really help people with the medical marijuana, and one of those is end of life,” said Standridge.


Mandatory testing now required for medical marijuana sales in Oklahoma

The content of your weed could be a lot more than just THC.

News 4 went to the labs responsible for testing medical marijuana in Oklahoma and found out some distributors in the industry are skimping on their safety procedures.

Just drive down North May Avenue and you can't look left or right without seeing a medical marijuana dispensary.

Some are even calling it "The Green Mile."

But are the products you're buying safe?

The industry was unregulated in Oklahoma until the Unity Bill went into effect recently, making safety testing at licensed labs mandatory.

"We're talking about $40 a pound," Wendy Hampton, CEO at Express Toxicology Services, said.

Their Edmond facility mostly tests marijuana sent to them by growers and processors.


How far can medical marijuana advertising go? State panel to study issue

Lawmakers next month are expected to study advertising for medical marijuana.

The interim study was requested by Rep. Tammy Townley, R-Ardmore, who said constituents had called for the study.

“I had four constituents give me a call very concerned with the billboards,” Townley said. “Some of them are a little — let’s just say they don’t indicate they are for medical marijuana. It is more of a recreational-type billboard.”

Oklahoma voters on June 26, 2018, voted to legalize medical marijuana. State Question 788 passed by nearly 57% after enough signatures were gathered to put the measure on the ballot.


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