Oklahoma: City drops spacing requirements for medical marijuana growers, processors; moratorium's fate uncertain

The Mayor’s Office is no longer requesting a moratorium on the establishment of medical marijuana facilities and has dropped a key regulation aimed at growers and processors of the product, city councilors learned Wednesday.


Candidates for governor weigh in on marijuana

State Question 788 allows the use of medical cannabis in Oklahoma, but the legislature is still working on rules for distribution. News 9 sat down with the three gubernatorial candidates to get their take.

Republican Candidate Kevin Stitt said he supports both medical marijuana and the will of the people. New statistics released by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority appear to reinforce just how strong that support is in the Sooner State.

Monday, October 1, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority confirmed 5,111 patient, 36 caregiver, 469 dispensaries, 719 growers and 197 processors have been approved for licenses.


First legal cannabis plant in Oklahoma sold to Vietnam veteran

The Sooner State just saw its first-ever legal purchase of a cannabis plant.

The growth and expansion of medical marijuana in Oklahoma hit a key milestone this week. For the first time ever, a marijuana plant has been sold legally in the Sooner State.

This is an important step forward as the state continues figuring out the details of its brand new medical cannabis program.

Oklahoma’s New Medical Marijuana Program

It’s been a big year for marijuana in Oklahoma. In June, voters in the state approved the legalization of cannabis for medical uses. State Question 788 won 56 percent of the vote. On the other side, 43 percent of voters opposed the measure.


Oklahoma: Numbers suggest medical cannabis supply could exceed demand

It is now legal, and it appears there is enthusiasm for medicinal marijuana in Oklahoma.

Only a few days after the state began accepting commercial license requests, more than 1,100 applications to grow, process or dispense marijuana were crammed into the mailbox of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority within the State Department of Health.

Given the early numbers, supply would exceed demand. By Aug. 31, the state had received just 2,200 patient and caregiver license applications to use medicinal marijuana. Of those, 844 were already approved, but only 45 commercial applications had been processed. Random people visiting downtown who spoke to the Tahlequah Daily Press Wednesday said they were ready to see medicinal marijuana in action.


Oklahoma: Most doctors won't sign medical marijuana recommendations. Here's why, plus a list of those who will

Would-be patients in the Tulsa area have few options for providers able and willing to sign medical marijuana recommendations, and that may be due to major health care systems telling their doctors not to talk to patients about cannabis treatment options.


Oklahoma begins medical marijuana approval process, issuing first patient licenses

It was a big weekend in the Sooner State, as Oklahoma began issuing its first medical marijuana patient licenses.

Cannabis has been a pressing issue in Oklahoma lately. Earlier this summer, voters approved the legalization of medical marijuana. Since then, the state has been moving fast to implement the new program.

As Oklahoma begins the medical marijuana approval process, issuing its first patient licenses, the state has taken a big step toward making medical marijuana a reality.


Oklahoma physicians express concerns about medical marijuana

Enthusiasm for Oklahoma's medical marijuana laws could be tempered by hesitant doctors who will be responsible for recommending the drug to patients.

Two medical professionals told a legislative working group Wednesday that they want stricter medical marijuana regulations in the state. But nearly a dozen residents followed the comments saying the physicians aren't knowledgeable about the benefits of cannabis.

The doctors say evidence on marijuana benefits is largely anecdotal because there isn't much research on the substance. Patient advocates say there's plenty of marijuana-related research in professional medical databases.


Judge denies petition to block state health department's medical marijuana rules

Cleveland County residents suing the state Department of Health over medical marijuana have lost their bid to get an injunction stopping the state from implementing the new program using recently passed emergency rules.

District Judge Michael Tupper denied the request for an emergency injunction Tuesday morning, a spokesman for the Attorney General's Office said.

The petition for an injunction — filed on behalf of eight Oklahoma residents who are perspective medical marijuana patients and business operators — sought to stop the rules on grounds that the health department's “arbitrary and capricious rules” deny them either proper access to medical care and treatment or threaten their economic and business interests, according to multiple filings.


Recreational cannabis petition in Oklahoma fails with a lack of signatures

A petition drive to get recreational cannabis on an Oklahoma ballot didn’t receive the required number of signatures, announced Secretary of State, James Williamson on Monday.

Green the Vote, an organization in Oklahoma whose sole purpose is to legalize cannabis in the state, was only able to collect 102,814 signatures of the 123,725 valid signatures necessary to get recreational marijuana on the ballot.

The organization’s other petition which would amend the state constitution to authorize medical cannabis failed to reach the minimum number of signatures with only 95,176 submitted.


Marijuana authority establishes call center to answer medical marijuana questions

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has established a call center to answer questions about patient and business application processing and requirements for obtaining medical marijuana licenses.

A new phone number, (405) 522-6662, has been established to get information about the program. The OMMA call center is available to answer questions from prospective patients, caregivers and businesses. 

Hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Staff will be trained to provide information on application instructions and licensure processes and timeframes.


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