Quit smoking: Use this substitute to kick tobacco!!!


Oklahoma Smokes are rolled with hemp flowers, so they’re completely free of both nicotine and tobacco. This organically grown hemp is rich in CBD and provides a tasty and satisfying smoke. It’s nearly identical to a traditional cigarette, but it contains no tobacco, nicotine, or other additives.

These hemp cigarettes are shown to be an effective quitting aid, particularly when used in conjunction with other aids like nicotine patches or gum. And Oklahoma Smokes runs its hemp through an extensive laboratory testing process that ensures each cig is free of pesticides and other chemicals.

One of the hardest parts about quitting smoking is losing the muscle memory that accompanies the regular ritual of a cigarette. With Oklahoma Smokes, you can ditch nicotine without ditching the ritual, and you might find those cravings grow a little less intense and frequent over time until you’re ready to quit altogether. 

Region: Oklahoma

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