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Louisiana Senate approves bill allowing public employees to use medical pot


A bill that would ban discrimination against state employees who use medical cannabis was approved by the Louisiana Senate on Wednesday, sending the legislation to the governor’s desk for his approval.

The Louisiana state Senate voted 26-8 on Wednesday to approve a bill that would protect public employees who use medical cannabis from job discrimination. The measure, House Bill 988, was approved by the Louisiana House of Representatives last week and now heads to the desk of Governor John Bel Edwards for his consideration.


Proposal would shield Louisiana’s state employees who use medical marijuana


The House Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations unanimously advanced a bill Thursday that would protect Louisiana’s state employees who are legally treated with medical marijuana.

House Bill 988, sponsored by Rep. Mandie Landry, D-New Orleans, protects state employees from negative consequences if they are diagnosed with a condition for which their doctor recommends medical marijuana that is used in accordance with state law.

The law would protect employees from being fired and would protect prospective employees from being discriminated against for their use of medical marijuana.

The bill would not apply to law enforcement, firefighters or other public safety officials.


Waitr not planning to buy cannabis software company, reports loss of $8.1 million in 2021


Waitr is no longer planning to purchase a software company that helps streamline cannabis dispensary sales, the company said Friday, though it does intend to pursue a relationship as Waitr continues to try to expand into cannabis delivery.

In December, the Lafayette-based company announced it had entered into a letter of intent to buy Retail Innovation Labs, or Cova. The two companies scrapped the agreement on March 10, but Waitr said it is still looking at a partnership that would allow Cova customers to arrange payment for delivery services.

"These discussions remain preliminary and there can be no assurance that a definitive agreement with respect to this arrangement will be entered into or consummated in the near term or at all," the company said in a release.


Expanded Louisiana medical pot program drawing tens of of millions of dollars in investment


When sales in Louisiana’s restrictive medical marijuana program began in 2019, advocates and prospective marijuana business owners worried it would be tough sledding to survive financially, given the reams of regulations attached to the program.

But the recent relaxation of many of those rules – including, crucially, the addition of more popular flower products – has rapidly drawn major investment in Louisiana’s pot industry. Now, for the few companies who have control over growing and selling the drug through exclusive state licenses, big profits seem possible.


Software Effective Solutions Corporation Announces Acquisition of MedCana, Inc.

working on a laptop

New Orleans, Louisiana, Feb. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Software Effective Solutions Corporation (OTC Pink: SFWJ) (“the Company”) announces the Acquisition of MedCana, Inc and appoints Jose Gabriel Diaz as New Chief Operating Officer and Director

Software Effective Solutions, Inc announces the acquisition of MedCana Inc. and positions the Company to become a leader in the Columbian Cannabis and CBD Oil Sectors. The Company also announces the appointment of Jose Gabriel Diaz to assume to role of Chief Executive Officer, and he will serve as Chairman of the Board for the Company moving forward.


DSPD uncovers pounds of marijuana and thousands of dollars during traffic stop


A late night traffic stop by the Denham Springs Police Department led to the seizure of 5.35 pounds of marijuana and more.

A little before 10:30 p.m., on Tuesday, January 18, officers stopped an SUV. Along with marijuana, officers found a “‘dab’ pen, two THC Cartridges and $4,060,” according to the Denham Springs Police Department.

DSPD apprehended the driver who now faces these charges: (create list below)

  • Possession with the intent to distribute sch.1 drugs
  • License plate light required

Democratic Senate candidate smokes marijuana in new ad highlighting disparity and reform

Gary Chambers

Gary Chambers is running for a Senate seat in Louisiana.

Progressive activist and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Gary Chambers Jr. smokes marijuana in a field in New Orleans while talking about marijuana reform in his first campaign ad.

On Jan. 1, smokeable medical marijuana became legal in Louisiana under certain conditions. But the use of cannabis has been a question asked of politicians for decades.


Amid growing pains for Louisiana medical marijuana, advocates look to open up the market

man smoking pipe

For a moment, newly available medical marijuana flower was a hot commodity in Louisiana, drawing thousands of new patients and huge lines to the state’s nine authorized pharmacies. Then it was gone.

Pharmacies across the state reported supply disruptions less than two weeks after flower became available at the start of 2022. And patients have complained of high costs, long waits and caps on the amount they can buy.

Industry leaders say things will get better with time, as more supply becomes available and patient demand stabilizes. Despite shortages this week, a new batch is expected to hit the shelves soon after product cleared state testing Friday.


Medicinal marijuana patients upset with current prices

cannabis leaves

Lafayette - It’s been a few years since the first medicinal marijuana products became available to patients in Louisiana and earlier this month the raw smokeable form was added to the list of available options.

But medicinal marijuana patients in the state are concerned about the pricing.

One of the biggest advocates of medicinal marijuana, senator and pharmacist Fred Mills said he hopes as time goes on prices will go down.

"My hope is that more production takes place, more consumption takes place, and then it’ll be volume-driven," he said.

Before HB391 was passed last summer by governor John Bel Edwards, the only options for medicinal marijuana patients were products like gummies, oils and tinctures.


Should Louisiana break up medical marijuana monopolies to lower prices?

girl smoking joint

When Louisiana's first legal smokable medical marijuana was made available on Jan. 1, patients like Corbet King of Wisner were excited about the product that they believed would be a more affordable option than tinctures, oils and edibles.

After all, affordability was one of the key selling points when the Legislature passed a bill last year to add the plant's unprocessed flower to the products that Louisiana's two legal growers and nine regional pharmacies could offer to patients.

But when King and other patients arrived at their pharmacies they were surprised to find the flower product in some cases was just as costly or even more expensive, depending on the pharmacy.


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