A Lot is Going on With Legalization in Louisiana

Cannabis Possession Decriminalized in Louisiana

The Louisiana House of Representatives voted to decriminalize cannabis possession on Wednesday.

As lawmakers haggled over the measure, a floor amendment was approved on Tuesday, which reiterated removing the threat of imprisonment.

The fine for possession was set at $100. House members approved the revised bill in a 67-25 vote.

“This bill is about common ground,” Glover said before the vote.


Louisiana House Approves HB 652, A Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

The Louisiana House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday that effectively decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana. Under the measure, House Bill 652 (HB 652), possession of up to 14 grams (about a half an ounce) of cannabis would be punished by only a fine of up to $100 on the first and second offense. Minor marijuana possession offenses would still be classified as misdemeanors but would no longer carry the threat of time in jail.


Will Louisiana Go Legal In 2021 After Clearing The States House Of Representatives

The Louisiana House of Representatives recently passed a law that would grow the state’s current limited medical marijuana program. This would happen by allowing patients to purchase whole-flower cannabis. In addition to this bill, they also advanced another proposal that would secure licensing fees for recreational marijuana. That is if Louisiana moves to legalize marijuana under a different piece of legislation. The state’s House of Representatives also approved a proposal that’s meant to sync with Louisiana’s hemp program.


Louisiana House panel advances bill to legalize recreational marijuana

A bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Louisiana advanced from a House committee Tuesday for the first time ever after three Republicans on the panel agreed to move the measure forward for a wider debate.

Mandeville Republican Rep. Richard Nelson's House Bill 524 to legalize weed cleared the House Criminal Justice Committee on a 7-5 vote and advances to the full House.

A second bill by New Orleans Democratic Rep. Candace Newell to decriminalize marijuana (House Bill 243) also cleared the committee Tuesday.

Medical marijuana is already legal in Louisiana with efforts to expand that program also gaining momentum. Last week the full House approved a bill by Pro-tem Tanner Magee, R-Houma, to add smokable marijuana to the state's medical program.


Louisiana's legalization of marijuana process could be in the near future

As more states across the country legalize marijuana, some students at LSU have asked when marijuana will be legalized recreationally in Louisiana. 

A bill drafted by Rep. Candace Newell to decriminalize marijuana possesion and distribution was presented to state legislators on April 12, resulting in the bill being referred to the Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice. 

There is good news for interested parties, and that is the legalization process could potentially start soon. The bad news is that there’s still some hurdles to overcome before the state gets there.


Poll shows support growing in Louisiana for legalizing marijuana

A new poll shows Louisiana voters are becoming more open to legalizing and taxing marijuana as is currently done with cigarettes and alcohol.

Medical marijuana has been available in Louisiana for a while now and access was recently expanded to include more residents just last year, but more than two-thirds of Louisiana voters say that is not enough. They want recreational cannabis legalized, too.


What does a medical cannabis program look like in a conservative U.S. state?

two medical bottles spilled over with cannabis buds in one and white pills in another

Cannabis reform is undoubtedly spreading across the United States, as more states adopt medical and adult use laws. However, many states that have done so over the years have been labeled as conservative for a variety of reasons. And it isn’t just traditionally red states doing the restricting.

Until it embraced reform in recent years, New York was considered one of the most restrictive states for, among other things, its caps on qualifying conditions, licences and high pricing.


Louisiana hemp growers affected by USDA’s final rule regulating production in the U.S.

marijuana plant up close

Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Mike Strain, D.V.M., announced the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published the final rule regulating the production of industrial hemp in the United States.

The final rule establishes how states should proceed with regulations for the hemp industry.  The modifications to the interim rule were made following public comments regarding lessons learned during the 2020 growing season.


Why Southern States Are Still Pushing Back On Marijuana Legalization

a person reading an open book

The South may be quietly adjusting to the new legalization landscape. But for now, the good ol’ white guys prevail, and Christians have righteous morality straight from the Bible on their side.

As of the November elections, there are now 15 states and the District of Columbia who have legalized adult use. There are some 36 states that enacted or voted to enact medical marijuana laws.


Louisiana part of Cannabis Regulators Association

In an effort to better share institutional knowledge and regulatory practices, Louisiana is one of 19 states that is now part of the newly formed non-partisan organization called the Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA).

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) which regulates medical marijuana in Louisiana will be represented by Medical Marijuana Program Director Tabitha Irvin, Esq. CANNRA is being established to assist federal, state, and local jurisdictions that have approved or are considering the legalization of medical and/or recreational cannabis, according to a spokesperson for LDAF.


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