As Medical Marijuana industry brings in more money, LSU trains people who want to join the business

 As Medical Marijuana industry brings in more money, LSU trains people who want to join the business

BATON ROUGE - America’s cannabis industry continues to expand, and Louisiana is keeping up with the trend. By 2025, the state expects to see more than $400 million in legal cannabis sales.

Daniel Kalef is the executive vice president of Green Flower, a training platform specifically designed for cannabis professionals. 

He says the coming years are likely to bring upward growth to Louisiana’s cannabis industry.

“It continues to be the fasted growing job market in the country,” Kalef said. “We fully believe in Louisiana. A lot of people are working to get it authorized for use outside of medicinal purposes, and we see that likely happening in the next few years. We also expect to see federal legislation ease some rules to make it more accessible to people. That means the industry will continue to grow and create more job opportunities. That also means it will make access to medical cannabis easier for people who really need it.”

If the industry’s revenue continues to trend upward, so will its popularity as a money-making business, meaning individuals who want to be a part of the wealth will create spaces for themselves in the industry.

Kalef says those people will need to be educated.

“The cannabis industry is really complicated and if you’re just getting into it, even if you’re a doctor or lawyer, there’s a lot to understand,” Kalef said. “It’s an industry that’s growing very quickly and we want to make sure the people are properly educated. This is about education, it’s not about advocacy.”

This is why Green Flower and LSU have partnered to offer four online medical cannabis programs.

“We have the program six times a year about every eight weeks,” Kalef said.

The first round of courses launched in January. The next are set to take place this July. Each of the four programs is briefly described below.

The Business of Cannabis Certificate Program

The university is offering a six-month online training course called The Business of Cannabis Certificate Program. The class will teach students the ins and outs of what it takes to successfully grow, market and supply cannabis as a seller.

Cannabis Health Care and Medicine Program

Trusted and credible information related to cannabis medicine can be challenging to find. This is where LSU’s Cannabis Health Care and Medicine Certificate Program can help. Highly experienced instructors will guide students through the six-month online course.

Cannabis Agriculture & Horticulture Program

Careers in growing and cultivating cannabis are some of the most in-demand positions in the industry, and this is why LSU is offering the six-month Cannabis Agriculture & Horticulture Certificate Program. The class will introduce students to subjects that will teach them everything they need to know about the growing process, from the history of cannabis to seeds, germination, transplanting and cloning.

Cannabis Compliance & Risk Management Program

Cannabis businesses of all sizes must be legally compliant. This requires a thorough understanding of complex laws and regulations. Individuals interested in the Cannabis Compliance & Risk Management Certificate Program will work with teachers who will provide them with the knowledge necessary to become a cannabis compliance professional.

Anyone interested in the classes can sign up via LSU Online & Continuing Education. There are no prerequisites, and the next round of classes is slated to begin July 10.

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