To be blunt, rats getting high on Police Department’s confiscated Marijuana

To be blunt, rats getting high on New Orleans police department’s confiscated marijuana

The New Orleans Police Department’s headquarters has a unique problem and the police chief believes it’s high time something is done.

Police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick told City Council that rats have overrun the evidence and property room at the facility and that they’re eating the marijuana collected as evidence in drug busts.

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“The rats are eating our marijuana. They’re all high,” Kirkpatrick told council members, USA Today reports.

It’s part of a larger problem for police working at the 60-year-old headquarters, WWL Channel 4 reports. Officers routinely find rodent droppings on their desks, the air-conditioning isn’t working and elevators are broken, reports say.

“When we say we value our employees, you can’t say that, and at the same time, allow people to work in conditions that are not acceptable,” Kirkpatrick said, USA Today reports.

On Monday, council members approved leasing space at a new building, deeming the $30 million costs to upgrade the current building too expensive, WWL reports.

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Region: Louisiana

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