More than $28M spent on medical marijuana in Arkansas

This year came with a lot of promises.

In Arkansas, the biggest promise was medical marijuana coming to the state.

FOX13's Winnie Wright has pulled the numbers together and learned where things stand since its implementation.

More than 4,000 pounds of pot has been sold in Arkansas since the industry took off seven months ago.

Patients have spent more than $28 million and it’s money going right back in to Arkansas' economy.

Last May, two and a half years after voters passed the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment, qualifying patients could legally buy medical marijuana in the state.


Marijuana Legalization Could Be Coming To These States In 2020

This year has been momentous for cannabis reform, from the Illinois General Assembly becoming the first state legislature to pass a bill to regulate cannabis like alcohol to the U.S. House of Representatives passing the SAFE Banking Act and forging ahead with the MORE Act. 

It’s important to celebrate these victories, but with the end of 2019 comes the beginning of 2020, which is already shaping up to be the biggest year ever for marijuana-policy reform. 


Arkansas May Revoke Retailers’ Inactive Medical Cannabis Licenses

Arkansas may consider revoking medical marijuana licenses for dispensaries that aren’t open by June, officials said.


Medical marijuana use continues flourishing in Arkansas

More than 3,000 pounds of medical marijuana has been sold in Arkansas since the first dispensary opened May 10 in Hot Springs, according to a news release.

Patients have spent a total of $21.35 million to obtain 3,098 pounds of medical marijuana, the release states.

The Releaf Center in Bentonville opened Wednesday, Aug. 7. The company has sold a total of 375.52 pounds of medical marijuana.

Eight days later, The Source opened in Bentonville, and since, the company has sold a total of 279.46 pounds of medical marijuana.

Acanza in Fayetteville opened Saturday, Sept. 14. A total of 259.49 pounds of medical marijuana have been sold since.


Efforts intensify to battle corruption involving local Government Officials and cannabis industry

Law enforcement authorities across the country, including the FBI, have cast a wide net in their efforts to root out corruption among local government officials overseeing the marijuana industry.

The crackdown has ensnared local government and cannabis industry officials in states such as California, Massachusetts and Michigan. Charges have included bribery and extortion.

While claims of licensing bias and flawed scoring are more common, an examination of the landscape suggests that there have been a number of blatant efforts over the years to improperly influence public officials into awarding highly coveted marijuana licenses.


9 States that could Vote to legalize marijuana in 2020

The numbers 11 and 33 come up quite often when the topic of marijuana legalization is discussed. Currently, 11 U.S. states allow the legal use of recreational marijuana, while 33 states have legalized medical cannabis. But those numbers could soon change.

Nine states could be on track to hold key votes on some form of marijuana legalization in 2020. Here are the states that could be next on the marijuana map -- and the stocks that could be poised to profit the most.


Arkansas medical marijuana sales top $6 million

Medical marijuana sales in Arkansas have reached more than $6 million since the first sales May 10.

A report from the Department of Finance and Administration:

 Since Doctor’s Orders (Hot Springs) first opened on Friday, May 10, the company sold a total of 114.32 pounds of medical marijuana.


Since Green Springs Medical (Hot Springs) first opened on Sunday, May 12, the company sold a total of 374.96 pounds of medical marijuana.


 Since Arkansas Natural Products (Clinton) first opened on Thursday, June 20, the company sold a total of 69.56 pounds of medical marijuana.


 Since Greenlight Dispensary (Helena) first opened on Thursday, June 27, the company sold a total of 35.85 pounds of medical marijuana.



Arkensas marijuana sales total $4.01 million

In the 82 days since medical marijuana sales began in Arkansas, the six open dispensaries have sold a total of 574 pounds of marijuana, earning a total of $4.01 million, the Department of Finance and Administration announced today. (That averages, I think, to nearly $49,000 a day, but check my math.)

Here’s the rundown by most product sold (though not averaged over days open):

Green Springs Medical, opened May 12, Hot Springs, 305.15 pounds.

Doctors Order’s, opened May 10, Hot Springs, 104.25 pounds

Native Green Wellness, opened July 2, Hensley, 64.40 pounds

Arkansas Natural Products, opened June 20, Clinton, 48.89 pounds

Fiddler’s Green, opened July 11, Mountain View, 26.50 pounds


Marijuana study finds CBD can cause liver damage

There is no denying that cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, is rapidly becoming more popular in the United States than sliced bread. It is a hot trend that got started several years ago after Dr. Sanja Gupta showed the nation in his documentary 'Weed 2' just how this non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant was preventing epileptic children from having seizures. 


Licensed medical cannabis sales begin in Arkansas

Qualified patients now have limited access to medical cannabis products, after the state’s first licensed dispensaries began making sales this week. Voters initially approved medical cannabis access by passing a statewide initiative in November 2016.


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