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Medical marijuana product sales up 1.1% in April

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Medical marijuana patients spent $24 million in April at the state’s 38 dispensaries to obtain 4,213 pounds, up from the 4,166 pounds sold in March. Hot Springs is home to two of the top five dispensaries for the amount of product sold.

Sales for the first four months of 2022 total $89.8 million, and 15,678 pounds, according to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA).

“The amount of product sold increased slightly from March to April,” said DFA spokesman Scott Hardin.

“On average, patients in Arkansas are spending $22.45 million each month across the state’s 38 dispensaries to purchase approximately 3,919 pounds. State tax collection on medical marijuana also increased in April with $2.98 million in total ($2.46 million collected in March).”


Arkansas medical marijuana sales surpass $21 million in February


Data from the Department of Finance and Administration shows that medical marijuana sales passed $21 million in Arkansas last month. According to the DFA, patients in Arkansas spent $21.1 million in February to obtain 3,658 pounds of medical marijuana. DFA officials reported that sales for the first two months of 2022 totaled $41.69 million and 7,389 pounds. House members in Oklahoma advance medical marijuana policy

DFA officials also noted that a new licensed medical marijuana dispensary opened for business on March 7, making it the 38th dispensary in the state.

Out of the 38 dispensaries, DFA officials reported that the Natural Relief Dispensary in Sherwood had the largest month of sales with 372 pounds while The Releaf Center in Bentonville followed with 299 pounds.


Local companies launch cannabis logistics platform


According to LDG, Drop Point is a first-of-its-kind cannabis online marketplace that automates workflows.

Security provider Liberty Defense Group (LDG) of Fayetteville has launched a cannabis transportation software platform.

According to LDG, Drop Point is a first-of-its-kind cannabis online marketplace that automates workflows and provides visibility for cultivators, carriers, and dispensaries to streamline their work to move products.

To support the marketplace, LDG uses an API-first platform called Control Tower, developed by Rogers-based tech startup Firebend, which provides cloud-based logistics management software.


Majority Of Arkansas Voters Back Cannabis Legalization

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Arkansans took a poll and they are in favor of recreational cannabis.

Should Arkansas voters get the opportunity to decide on cannabis legalization at the ballot later this year, a new poll suggests the proposal just might have enough support to pass.

The latest edition of the Talk Business & Politics-Hendrix College Poll found that 53.5 percent of registered voters there believe that cannabis should be legal for adults aged 21 and older. Thirty-two percent said that cannabis should only be legal for medicinal purposes, while only 10.5 percent said that it should be broadly illegal for any reason.


Massive $110M marijuana grow facility planned in Southwest Michigan

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Arkansas-based cannabis fintech hits $2 billion mark; U.S. marijuana sales grow

North Little Rock-based Abaca has processed more than $2 billion in transactions for the cannabis (marijuana) industry. Growth with the financial technology (fintech) banking company comes as more states in recent years have legalized some form of marijuana use.

The company recently announced it “compliantly” processed the transactions through its “bank-backed financial technology” that provides “normalized financial services for an underbanked industry.”


Medical marijuana sales in Arkansas near 67,000 pounds through October

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Almost 67,000 pounds of medical marijuana have been sold in Arkansas since May 2019.

Almost 67,000 pounds – roughly the weight of two F-35 fighter jets – of medical marijuana have been sold in Arkansas since May 2019, with the state collecting just under $45 million in taxes on the sales.

Licensed dispensaries in the state have sold 66,994 pounds of medical marijuana since the first dispensary opened in May 2019, with the value of the sales at $447 million.


Medicinal marijuana, cannabis growing industry for veterans

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SHERWOOD, Ark. – From chronic pain to PTSD, veteran health has been a national topic of debate for generations.

But a growing movement has veterans finding relief in plants, switching from pill bottles to buds and easing their pain through cannabis.

According to the National Institutes of Health, veterans are twice as likely as the general population to die from an opioid overdose, a statistic sending many away from pharmacies and into dispensaries in states where medicinal marijuana is legal. 

For Navy veteran Jimmy Carmichael, cannabis came as an option after his second shoulder surgery. The veteran of 8 years had torn both while active duty and was prescribed opioids as a way to cope with the pain. 


Arkansas recreational marijuana supporters push for legalization proposals on 2022 ballots

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A proposed amendment to the Arkansas Constitution to legalize recreational marijuana and allow for a number of cannabis businesses proportional to the state's population was filed with the secretary of state's office Thursday morning.

The Arkansas Adult Use and Expungement Marijuana Amendment will be one of at least three adult-use cannabis proposals vying for the 2022 ballot.

The measure would authorize marijuana possession for adults and allow for at least one dispensary license per 15,000 Arkansas residents. It would limit the number of cultivation facility licenses to one per 300,000 residents.


Push Begins for Cannabis Legalization in Arkansas

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A group that failed to get a recreational cannaibs amendment on the ballot four years ago and sued the attorney general over procedural issues hopes to give Arkansas voters a chance to legalize recreational cannabis next year.

Arkansas True Grass, a group of marijuana advocates and volunteers, is gathering signatures for a constitutional amendment that would allow Arkansans aged 21 and over to purchase up to four ounces of marijuana a day and grow up to 12 plants of their own. The group needs 89,151 verified signatures to make the November 2022 ballot. The deadline to submit petitions is July 8, 2022.


Former Arkansas Lawmaker Launches Cannabis Legalization Campaign

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Arkansas sees another campaign to potentially legalize cannabis in the state. Advocates hope this spells the end of state-wide prohibition.

A group headed by a former Arkansas lawmaker has joined the charge to reform cannabis policy in the state by organizing a group to campaign for a constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana. Eddie Armstrong, a former Democratic state representative from North Little Rock, is listed as the chair of the organization Responsible Growth Arkansas in a filing with the Arkansas Ethics Commission submitted on October 15.


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