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The Sale Of CBD Foods Is Legal In The UK

For now, the sale of CBD-infused foods is lawful in the UK so long as these products are properly labeled, including free of health claims; safe to consume; and do not contain THC.

Last week, the Food Standard Agency (“FSA”), the agency responsible for protecting public health in relation to food in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (collectively, the “UK”), cleared a path for the sale of CBD-infused food for the next 12 months.


First specialist medical cannabis clinic in Scotland to open

Sapphire Medical Clinic is set to be the first clinic with specialist expertise in prescribing medical cannabis to open in Scotland.

The Aberdeen based clinic will prescribe medical cannabis for all conditions acknowledged to benefit from the treatment, and Sapphire Medical Clinics is in the process of securing registration.


UK Cannabidiol Crackdown

The UK’s booming cannabidiol industry is to be being reined in by the FSA, which has also has issued consumer safety advice relating to CBD consumption.

In the UK, CBD was confirmed as a novel food product in January last year and has appeared in a wide range of foods such as confectionery, bakery items and beverages. Between 8-11% of UK adults have tried cannabidiol in its various forms.


U.K. Regulators Launch Crackdown On CBD And Issue Health Warning

U.K. Regulators have warned the country’s CBD industry to comply with Novel Food rules or face having their products taken off their shelves.

The Food Standards Agency has also issued a health warning to mums-to- be and those taking medication not to use CBD. In a press release today the FSA has given the industry a little over a year to comply with its new novel food guidelines. 


With Brexit Done, Why Won’t Boris Johnson Fix British Medical Cannabis?

Last summer, Boris Johnson, the rumpled former tabloid journalist and ex-mayor of London now serving as the press-hating prime minister of the United Kingdom, surrounded himself with weedheads.


The Thorny Issue Of U.K. CBD Regulation In A Post-Brexit World

With Brexit done, U.K. authorities are being urged to establish a clear set of workable rules for the fast-growing CBD industry.

There will certainly be changes to the CBD industry as a result of Brexit. CBD is a global phenomenon worth £300m in the U.K. where it already surpasses the Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplement markets, combined. There are a number of options available with U.K cannabis experts calling for a new ‘light-touch’ industry-wide framework alongside a robust, and independent testing regime.

But one thing most agree on is this – a termination of the status quo.


Exclusive medical cannabis fund launched in London

UK medicinal cannabis company Eco Equity founder Jon-Paul Doran has launched his first exclusively medical cannabis fund, JPD Capital, in London.

JPD Capital has investors from all over the world, including the UK, the Middle East, and Europe.

Minimum investment into the medical cannabis fund is £25,000 and investors can be based anywhere in the world. The fund is domiciled in Guernsey with marketing offices in London.


Will It Be A Brexit Boom Or Bust For U.K. Cannabis?

A Boris Johnson Brexit looks set to free the U.K. from the regulatory orbit of the European Union (E.U.) and usher in an exciting new era for cannabis.

The freedom to overturn the restrictive E.U classification of CBD as a ‘Novel Food’ is the key potential Brexit win for many. This, and the removal of punitive restrictions on cultivation, could prompt a U.K. cannabis investment boom.

However, some U.K.-based cannabis brands with an international focus fear Brexit could lead to more ‘Red Tape’ – and increased costs.


Police boss says UK should regulate cannabis and allow home grows

A UK police boss has said that the UK should regulate cannabis and people should be allowed to grow a small amount in their own home.

Arfon Jones, the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales has long advocated the legalisation of drugs. In 2017 he visited Portugal to learn about the country’s decriminalisation model, and has more recently visited Uruguay to find out more about how the UK could regulate cannabis.


Roadmap for doctors: helping doctors become cannabis prescribers

A new ‘roadmap for doctors’ has been published to help doctors in the UK become medical cannabis prescribers.

Today the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society has published an independent step-by-step guide for doctors who want to become medical cannabis prescribers to help their patients living with chronic health conditions.


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