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Portugal group demands freedom to vote for personal use of cannabis

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In Portugal, the left-wing group Left Bloc is pressing for legalization based on both local drug reform history, as well as current events across Europe.

For those watching the swing of European states into the pro cannabis column, the developments in Portugal have been a source of both optimism and frustration for the past several years.

The production of cannabis for medical export purposes was initiated by Tilray as they looked for a country more open to cannabis cultivation than Germany in 2017. Since then, commercial cultivation and extraction has blossomed domestically. Indeed Portugal is now seen as one of the most important feeder countries for the German medical cannabis market.


Portugal Parliament Ignites Adult-Use Conversations All Over Europe

The timing of the consideration of full adult-use cannabis legislation on the “West Coast” of Europe is sparking a renewed conversation about reform elsewhere in the region—and standards just about everywhere, including Portugal.


Why Different Countries Are Relaxing Their Cannabis Laws

As the first European country to legalize cannabis, Luxembourg has called on other European countries to relax their drug laws, specifically cannabis production and consumption. According to the European state, the continent’s drug policy has not worked over the last few decades, and forbidding everything made it more attractive for people to find new ways of skirting laws.

The country’s relaxed laws will see residents over 18 years old able to buy cannabis for recreational use starting from 2020. The state will establish a cannabis agency to regulate all production and distribution. What’s more, minors between ages 12 and 17 will not face criminal charges if caught in possession of five grams or less of the drug. However, those who break the law will receive harsh penalties.


Medical Cannabis in Portuguese Pharmacies – This April

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It is now two years after Portugal passed its medical marijuana bill, allowing access to cannabis medicines for those in need. And it looks like medical cannabis will finally be available in Portuguese pharmacies starting this April.

The world of legal cannabis is constantly moving, and ever-changing. If you weren’t paying attention, there’s even a new type of THC out there. Delta-8 THC has less psychoactive effect, and causes less anxiety, making it a preferable choice for many cannabis users. Think you might be one of them? Check out these great Delta-8 THC deals, to see for yourself.


Tilray Secures Medical Cannabis Authorisation In Portugal

tilray logo with cannabis bud

Canada-headquartered Tilray has announced Portugal’s national healthcare regulator has provided authorisation for the company to sell its medical cannabis products in that country.

Legislation was signed into law in 2018 to allow for medicinal use of cannabis in Portugal, which was to be acquired through pharmacies. But according to Tilray the authorisation from Infarmed, the Portuguese National Authority of Medicines and Health Products, is the first in the country.  

Tilray products have been authorised for treatment or management of a range of conditions including MS associated spasticity, Tourette syndrome, epilepsy, therapeutic-resistant glaucoma and some forms of chronic pain.


Portugal’s Industrial Hemp Farmers Feel the Burn of New Regulation

Portugal is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the medicinal cannabis field, but as regulations have changed to promote medical cannabis, major damage has been caused to Portugal’s industrial hemp farmers.

In some ways, Portugal greatly stands out from other European countries when it comes to the regulation of illicit – and, well, all – substances, including cannabis. While nothing was technically made legal under Portuguese law, a 2001 law decriminalized “consumption, acquisition and possession of drugs for personal consumption.”


First Cannabis Export Allowed into Israel will Improve Patient Access


Tilray has signed an agreement for a 2.5 tonne export agreement with Canndoc to address growing demand for medical cannabis in Israel.


New Portuguese growing operation to supply German cannabis market

A European consortium backed by American cash is set to invest millions of dollars in a new operation in Portugal designed to supply the booming German medical cannabis market.

And cannabis financial market analysts are calling out Portugal as a prime  location for those companies looking to take advantage of the rapidly growing European market. Health Europe reports that Cannexpor Pharma has secured permission from the Portuguese authorities for new indoor and outdoor cannabis growing facilities in the region of Coimbra, about 100 miles north of the capital Lisbon.


The African origins of cannabis culture and how it got to the U.S.

Did you know that the roots of today's cannabis culture can be traced back to the African continent from hundreds of years ago? According to Dr. Chris Duvall, author of The African Roots of Marijuana, the forgotten history of global cannabis culture continues to have contemporary influence, writes Timothy Harris. 


Germany receives first medical cannabis imports from Portugal and Australia

Germany received its first imports of medicinal cannabis from Portugal and Australia this week. Two German companies took delivery of the shipments that will be used for testing purposes and to supply the country’s growing demand for medical marijuana, which was legalized in 2017.

In Cologne, Cannamedical Pharma received a commercial shipment of cannabis from a company in Portugal. Although the company did not identify the shipper, last month Tilray Portugal announced that it had come to an agreement with Cannamedical to export medicinal cannabis to Germany.


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