Inside the Rise — and Surprising Crackdown — of the Country's Hottest Weed Market

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In a deep-red state that became the nation’s hottest marijuana market, keeping regulations to a minimum didn’t keep the bad guys out.

LOVE COUNTY, Okla. — Shortly after sunrise on July 22, a dozen or so police officers from across Oklahoma descended on a property about 15 miles north of the Texas border. They moved past the fence with the “No Trespassing” signs and the pink building with the aluminum roof toward a collection of hoop houses. They didn’t know much about the occupants, although the cops strongly suspected they were of Chinese descent.


Medical marijuana emergency rules in effect as 'analogue' products go unregulated

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The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority continues to stay busy accommodating new licensed businesses, addressing a growing trend of THC "analogs" on dispensary shelves and adapting to new emergency rules now in effect, agency Director Adria Berry said Tuesday.  

The additional rules became active on Monday, with an intention to give the authority more power to act and enforce its own rules while also adding clarifications for operators from how long records must be kept to requirements for packaging of pre-rolled joints. 

Outside of the emergency rules, which are now in the public comment period and on track to become permanent in the next year, the authority has made 30 hires in the past month, filling 12 inspector positions. 


Advisory issued after chemically-altered THC found in medical marijuana

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The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority issued a patient advisory recently after confirming the presence of THC analogs, including THC-O-acetate, in a rising number of medical marijuana products.  

According to the OMMA, the manufactured THC compound is not a medical marijuana product and has been shown to be harmful when added to products already containing THC. Side effects can include seizures, difficulty speaking and vomiting.  

Metis, the OMMA’s quality assurance lab, is monitoring for the presence of this chemical compound in a concentrate known as Platinum OG Sugar in surveillance samples.

Kelsey Pagonis, OMMA communications manager, said that THC-O-acetate can be one to three times as potent as naturally occurring THC. 


Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority releases patient advisory after batch of pot tests positive for potentially dangerous compound

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The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, or OMMA, released a patient advisory Monday for the state when a specific batch of pot came back positive for the compound THC-O-acetate.

In their release acting as a “smoke signal”, the governing agency said it’s a combination that could prove dangerous.

They are now looking into how it got into the batch and how many batches it’s gotten into.

“Anyone should always take an advisory from OMMA seriously when it relates to consumer safety,” said Jed Green, director of Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action.

The situation all started when the OMMA received a complaint from a patient who had a bad experience on the green.


Illegal activity in medical marijuana industry discussed at hearing


Illegal activity within the medical marijuana industry was among the topics discussed at the recent interim study hearing at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

"This is very near and dear to my heart in Northwest Oklahoma," District Attorney Chris Boring shared. "It's bad. I hope that you guys can find some solutions and help us deal with this problem."

Lori Carter, deputy attorney general for public policy, presented information regarding the prosecution of illegal activities within the medical marijuana industry.


Activists in Oklahoma Finalize Recreational Cannabis Ballot Proposals

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An activist group in Oklahoma said this week that it has put the finishing touches on a pair of ballot proposals that would legalize recreational pot in the state and overhaul its medical marijuana program. 
Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action, or “ORCA,” said on Tuesday that it had produced the “final drafts” of the two petitions that could help get the initiatives on next year’s ballot in the state.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Sued for Violating State Law

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A recent lawsuit filed against the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) claims that the organization did not make its meeting agenda available to the public, which violated a state law known as the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act.

The lawsuit is led by Tulsa-based attorney Ron Durbin of Durbin Law – Viridian, who spoke at a rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City on July 30. “One of the main reasons I’m here today is, we filed a new lawsuit against the OMMA, against Director Williams, against her secretary, against a lot of the new members of the board of health and the food safety standard board,” Durbin said.


Oklahoma dispensary owners, growers frustrated over new medical marijuana tracking system

Confusion and frustration are growing in Oklahoma's medical marijuana industry as businesses were supposed to start using new software to track plants in the Sooner State

A class-action lawsuit, however, has put that on hold. Now, growers and dispensary owners told KOCO 5 they are concerned the money they've spent will go to waste.


Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Delayed by Tracking System Lawsuit

The implementation of a seed-to-sale tracking system for medical marijuana products in Oklahoma has been delayed by a lawsuit that seeks to transfer the costs of the program to the state. In April, the rollout of the program was postponed until the end of June by a Okmulgee County judge in the case brought by a group of medical marijuana businesses.


Oklahoma Bill Would Welcome Medical Marijuana Patients From All 50 States

Medicinal cannabis patients from across the country would be permitted to participate in Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program under a bill working its way through the state legislature. The measure, House Bill 2022, has been referred to the Oklahoma Senate’s Business, Commerce and Tourism Committee after being approved by the House of Representatives last month. 


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