Bill aims to separate Montana's hemp industry from legal marijuana

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With marijuana now legalized for recreational use in Montana, a Fort Benton lawmaker is advancing legislation intended to protect the state’s industrial hemp crop from running afoul of federal law.

Republican Rep. Josh Kassmier told a Senate panel that his bill would automatically align the definition of hemp in Montana with that of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, ensuring the state’s hemp farmers retain access to interstate commerce and banks.


Hemp is a close relative of marijuana, which remains illegal under federal law and is thus excluded from those opportunities.


Cannabis and the South: How Things Change

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When it comes to the North vs the South in America, there is usually a pretty evident divide when it comes to social issues. From abortion to religion in schools to drugs, the South is generally slower to adopt new policies. In the case of cannabis and the south, a lot of change has happened in the last few years, signaling a massive shift in overall public perspective.


Cancel Cannabis? Some Lawmakers In Newly Legal States Sure Are Trying

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“This shows what can happen when politics override the will of the people and causes a stalemate in the rollout of voter-favored programs,” says one industry expert.

Four of the five states that passed cannabis-centric ballot initiatives on Election Day 2020 have since run into hurdles.

The pathway from ballot question to implementation has only been smooth for one of the five states to pass measures recently — Arizona. Adult use sales began on Jan. 22, with many medical dispensaries expanding to adult use to accommodate the newly opened market.

The Copper State sets a new bar by opening its market just a couple months after passing an initiative. Lawmakers from the other four states, however, are stalling the process.


What you should know about recreational marijuana in Montana

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As of January 1, 2021, it is no longer illegal to possess small amounts of marijuana for recreational use in Montana. However, there are still a number of questions before any legal sales take place.


68% of Americans Now Support Marijuana Legalization

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New polling data reveals that majorities of Democratic, Republican, and Independent voters support legalizing recreational marijuana for adults.


Successful Cannabis Initiatives In Three States Face Legal Challenges

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Prohibitionist forces in three states have filed lawsuits to block cannabis legalization initiatives that were approved by voters in this month’s election.


Montana medical marijuana providers cautiously optimistic about legalization

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Montanans voted to legalize recreational marijuana earlier this month, but there are still hurdles to overcome before people without medical marijuana cards can head to the pot shop.


Montana Gets Ready to License the Recreational Cannabis Industry

Montana made recreational cannabis legal this past election, and now, they’ve begun the process of licensing, already looking ahead to the future of the recreational industry. 


Montana State says recreational marijuana license won't be available for a year

State says recreational marijuana license won't be available for a year

If you thought Montana's approval of recreational marijuana means you can start legally selling pot right away, the state says not so fast.

Voters approved a pair of initiatives on Election Day, a step which most have seen as opening the door to legal and possible legislative challenges which must be resolved first.

And now the Montana Department of Revenue is saying even absent any legal roadblocks, there's a "lot of work to do" before the state will make licenses available to legally sell non-medical marijuana.

Director Gene Walborn said the state is starting the process of setting up that system, but he doesn't expect the first licenses will be issued until October 1st next year.


How recreational marijuana will impact Montana's agriculture industry

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Montana brings a new industry to the state. While it does bring a change to the state's economy agriculture, experts say it won't impact the agriculture industry.

Northern Ag Director Colter Brown says we probably won’t be seeing acres of planted marijuana across the state, but farmers have started taking notice.

“It’s certainly grabbed a lot of attention, and farmers are looking for anything to generate a profit. They always are, but I don’t think it’ll be marijuana," says Brown.


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