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New grow facility opens in Iron County

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MC3 Botanicals, a women-owned company located in Mastodon township in Iron County, recently received its official license from the state of Michigan to operate the Class B grow facility. The license allows the business to cultivate up to 1,000 medical grade cannabis plants. MC3 is also in the process of obtaining a Class B recreational license.

Sherry Smies, Lisa Lesandrini and Susan Schuytema founded the company in 2018 in anticipation of Michigan voting to legalize recreational cannabis.


Al Harrington Talks Empowering Black Ownership In Cannabis Through Free Music Festival

photo Al Harrington

As the cannabis industry continues to grow in value, many in Black and brown communities can’t help but notice the irony of it all. Millions of people (primarily people of color) are stuck serving out lengthy prison sentences for selling a substance that many are legally profiting from now.  (Photo credit,Voila)

The ongoing issue is what inspired former NBA players Al Harrington and Wilson Chandler to team up with Kanye West’s manager John Monopoly to spearhead an initiative through Harrington’s VILLAGE to scale the growth of Black ownership within the cannabis industry.


Michigan AG braces for legal fight against denying unemployment benefits to cannabis consumers

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"Employers cannot control their employees’ private lives by calling the legal use of marijuana outside of work hours ‘misconduct.’"

Michigan residents who consume cannabis may be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits if employees are shown to have cannabis metabolites in their systems when drug-tested — even if the employee consumed the drug on their personal time, and despite the fact that medical and adult-use cannabis are legal in the state.


Gage Growth Announces Third Social Equity Grant Recipient, Margaeux Bruner of Holi Smokeables

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DETROIT, Aug. 16, 2021 /CNW/ - Gage Growth Corp. ("Gage" or the "Company") (CSE: GAGE) a leading high-quality cannabis brand and operator in Michigan, today announced their third social equity grant recipient, Margaeux Bruner, Founder of Holi Smokeables, who will be awarded the grant for her product The Holi Flower, an exclusive hemp wrap cone.


Private marijuana use shouldn’t disqualify Michigan residents from unemployment benefits, AG argues

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel doesn’t believe legal marijuana use should be grounds to disqualify someone from unemployment benefits.


A tight labor market leads some Michigan companies to change marijuana testing policy

Tammy Turner and Kerry Buffington, the co-owners of Kapstone Employment Services in Detroit, had to have a conversation with a client recently that they're not used to having.

"We actually had to go to them and say, 'Listen, this is not being consistent with the labor market now. Marijuana is legal and you're passing up on good talent,' " Turner remembers telling the client.

Turner said they were interviewing candidates for open positions at this company, and staff at their employment agency ask candidates whether they can pass a drug test as a part of their routine questions. She said, more often than not, candidates are honest and will say whether they would test positive for marijuana.


Delta-8 Products Regulated by New Michigan Law

Delta-8 in Michigan is getting a legal makeover.

Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan signed legislation on Tuesday that regulates Delta-8 THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp. Under the package of bills passed by lawmakers and approved by Whitmer, Delta-8 THC products will only be legally available from cannabis retailers licensed by the state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) beginning on October 11, 2021.


Michigan Recalls 10,000 Cannabis Edibles

Although states with legal recreational marijuana programs have been notably careful to ensure product safety, as with any industry, mistakes happen. 

This time, the state of Michigan recently recalled 10,000 cannabis-infused chocolate edibles dubbed Covert Cups, having discovered the products had not undergone adequate inspection after being manufactured in Bay City, reported MLive. 


Despite Hurdles the Michigan Cannabis Market Is On Fire

Now well into its second full year of adult-use sales, Michigan’s legal cannabis market is emerging from the pandemic ripe with opportunity. With a run rate behind only California and Colorado, Michigan’s early 2021 sales have put the state on pace to not only break the billion-dollar sales threshold but also blow right past it.

Michigan regulators allowed the state’s dispensaries to continue operating during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 – the first full calendar year of adult-use sales— resulting in sales over $984 million. Despite the essential business provision and solid initial sales, legal cannabis purchases declined during the autumn months.


Here's the list of Michigan marijuana edibles recalled over unapproved testing

The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency is recalling marijuana edibles processed by a facility in Bay City over unapproved testing and sampling methods.

The facility is located at 3843 Euclid LLC (License Nos. (PR-000098 and AU-P-000106).

According to the bulletin from MRA, the marijuana-infused/edible marijuana product (Covert Cups) were distributed to marijuana sales locations throughout Michigan, including in Adrian, Ypsilanti, River Rouge, Walled Lake, Lansing, Hamtramck, Wayne and more.

The MRA reports that it was discovered in April that part of the entire batch was not sampled for safety compliance.

Edible flavors involved in the recall include S’mores Cups, Peanut Butter Cups, Banana Cream and Strawberry & Cream.


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