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Delta-8 THC is legal in many states, but some want to ban it

Nickolas Jarosh started smoking marijuana after his shifts as a 911 dispatcher. He’d flip between working days and nights, and the inconsistent schedule made it difficult to fall asleep. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, helped, he said.

Jarosh, 29, who now lives outside Houston, no longer works a job that forces him to keep inconsistent hours. He also no longer has access to marijuana, which he said had also been helping to ease his anxiety and depression.


Despite Hurdles the Michigan Cannabis Market Is On Fire

Now well into its second full year of adult-use sales, Michigan’s legal cannabis market is emerging from the pandemic ripe with opportunity. With a run rate behind only California and Colorado, Michigan’s early 2021 sales have put the state on pace to not only break the billion-dollar sales threshold but also blow right past it.

Michigan regulators allowed the state’s dispensaries to continue operating during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 – the first full calendar year of adult-use sales— resulting in sales over $984 million. Despite the essential business provision and solid initial sales, legal cannabis purchases declined during the autumn months.


Michigan’s licensed cannabis industry wants bigger piece of $3.2B market

Michigan’s legal cannabis market nearly reached $1 billion in sales last year, but the industry says that most marijuana customers in the state still don’t buy through legal channels.

About $3.2 billion in cannabis was sold in Michigan in 2020, according to a new report done by the Anderson Economic Group for the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturer’s Association, an industry trade group.

That leaves 70 percent of buyers still turning to illegal or “off the books” transactions, according to the report that offered a first glimpse into the state’s cannabis market 18 months after recreational marijuana has been available to purchase in the state.


Taxing Marijuana: Which Recreational States Levy The Highest Taxes?

American attitudes towards the legalization of marijuana have shifted in the last few years. In 2019, 66% of Americans say the use of marijuana should be legal, which represents a stark difference from the 33% of Americans who supported the measure in 2009.

As a result, a growing number of states have legalized recreational marijuana. Nine states are currently selling marijuana recreationally and several other states have legalized marijuana but are still setting up the retail and tax structure. 


Southwest Michigan’s economy is growing, thanks to…growing

The economic picture is getting high in Southwest Michigan, thanks in great part to the marijuana industry.

New businesses in empty factories. Busy storefronts. Tens of thousands of dollars in tax revenues. The marijuana business is big in Southwest Michigan.

The South Bend Tribune reports that a number of factories and storefronts that had been forced to close their doors when redevelopment efforts came up short have found new life since the state legalized marijuana.


A Cannabis Conviction Expungement Fair Comes to Michigan

Now that Michigan has legally approved the process of expunging past cannabis convictions, it’s time to put plans into action and get some of these past convictions overturned. In order to do so, the state held its first expungement fair last Wednesday to help clear records in record time.


With $20M to spend on marijuana research for veteran care, Michigan seeks proposals

Researchers studying the efficacy of marijuana treatments for veterans’ mental health now have access to $20 million in marijuana tax revenue to fund clinical trials.


The Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued a request for proposals for the 2021 Veteran Marijuana Research Grant Program on Tuesday, June 1. The deadline for proposals is Friday, July 16.


When Michigan voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, they mandated that “until 2022 or for at least two years” $20 million in marijuana tax revenue should go to research.


Marijuana is a billion dollar industry in Michigan, safety concerns loom

Michigan reported more than $10 million in marijuana sales on April 20, 2021, an unofficial holiday for marijuana enthusiasts, and single-day sales were up nearly 200% from 2020.

Experts said the $1 billion industry showed no sign on slowing down in Michigan, which became the first state in the Midwest to start selling recreational marijuana in December 2019.


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