Michigan Leads The Pack In Cannabis Industry Job Growth

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The number of cannabis industry jobs in Michigan is growing faster than any other state with legal marijuana, according to a new jobs report released on Tuesday. Michigan has surpassed Oregon and now places sixth on the list of the most cannabis jobs by state, as documented by the report from cannabis education resource and marketplace Leafly.


Fibromyalgia Patients & CBD: What University Of Michigan Researchers Discovered

woman in fetal position in pain

A recent survey reveals that a knowledge gap of cannabis may be holding back millions of people from a better treatment option.

As with many other conditions, fibromyalgia often manifests in more ways than one. a The disorder, which is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, includes symptoms such as mental fog, chronic pain, sleep issues, depression, and more. Two to 4% of the population suffers from this condition, meaning millions of people are feeling less than their best.


Michigan’s marijuana industry surpasses Oregon in cannabis jobs, report says

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More than 18,000 workers are employed in Michigan’s marijuana industry, nearly double the number of cannabis jobs in the state a year ago, according to a new cannabis industry jobs report.

“There are now more cannabis workers than cops in Michigan,” said the fifth annual Leafly jobs report, released Tuesday. “In a state known for its auto industry, the number of cannabis workers is now roughly equal to the number of auto repair mechanics.”

Leafly, a Seattle-based marijuana media organization, uses available revenue and labor figures from licensing records to compile the annual report.


Michigan’s Recreational Cannabis Market Is Booming

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Just more than a year after recreational cannabis sales began in Michigan, the state’s legal cannabis market has grown by leaps and bounds and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In December, Michigan showed the highest growth in sales of any legal cannabis market in the U.S., posting a 146% gain in gross merchandise value over the previous year, according to data from wholesale cannabis marketplace LeafLink.


Michigan marijuana may be contaminated with mold, testing labs warn

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Marijuana for sale in Michigan is contaminated with mold and yeast, a group of cannabis testing labs is warning. 

Moreover, the state is no longer allowing a specific marijuana testing method.

But the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association said Wednesday it disagrees with the lab group's findings, saying the state's move to pause one of the methods to test for contaminants was made "out of an abundance of caution," but "there's no evidence" the pot is actually tainted.

"From our perspective, there has not been any indication there is contaminated product in the system," said Robin Schneider, the association's executive director. The issue, she added, is an "ongoing scientific debate" and not a public safety matter.


States Enter the Billion Dollar Cannabis Club For 2020

As states report cannabis sales numbers for 2020, record highs continue across the country. It’s become a billion-dollar business for several states, blowing out levels that states had estimated when originally planning legalization.


Michigan Dispensary Gives Cannabis for COVID Vaccinations

Woman up close preparing covid 19 vaccine needle

A Michigan dispensary has come up with an incredibly creative idea to get people on board with the concept of vaccination: offer free cannabis to those willing to get the vaccine. 


Report calls for new marijuana taxes to help promote minority ownership

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An advisory group is recommending new taxes on marijuana sales to raise millions of dollars that would be used to improve diversity and help disadvantaged groups succeed in the industry.

Data collected by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency in December show that only 3.8% of those with an ownership interest in licensed recreational marijuana businesses in Michigan are Black and only 1.5% are Hispanic or Latino, according to an agency report


Michigan: Local pot shop worries about corporate competition

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As the economy continues to struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic, marijuana dispensaries are still sprouting up across West Michigan.

Greg Maki, the owner of Park Place Provisionary, a marijuana shop in Muskegon, loves to see his customers purchase his goods. His store carries more than 670 items.

“We carry everything for everybody,” Maki said. “Both medical and adult use.”

Maki opened his store 18 months ago as a medical dispensary. He started selling recreational marijuana a year ago.

“The adult use or recreational is 80% of our sales,” Maki said.


Marijuana-infused drinks appear to be on the way in Michigan

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The possibility that marijuana-infused drinks will someday be swigged alongside beer at a ballgame or in a bar is one step closer to reality.

Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency on Monday released anticipated guidelines for THC-infused beverages, which may be available for sale at licensed marijuana stores once approved by the state licensing agency.

This also opens the door to potential imbibing at consumption lounges or during marijuana events. So far, the state hasn’t issued any licenses for lounges or approved any marijuana-infused beverages for sale.


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