Adding CBD oil to food and drinks is illegal, Michigan officials say

Officials are advising Michigan residents that food and drinks infused with CBD oil aren’t quite legal yet.

“Being decriminalized and being legal are two different things,” said Josh Colton, a Michigan lawyer who recently started his own practice, The Hemp Law Group.


Michigan's legal marijuana market will be uncompetitive with illegal dealers

With medical marijuana approved by Michigan voters in 2008 and recreational use winning the nod at the polls this past November, the industry is up and booming in the wolverine state. Detroit residents, for example, enjoy the services of dozens of marijuana home-delivery businesses.


Michigan medical marijuana board inundated with applications before deadline

There was a mad scramble at the Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board meeting Thursday, as about 50 unlicensed medical marijuana businesses have just 10 days before the state orders them to shut down.

Michigan: Proposed changes to medical marijuana rules worry some caregivers, dispensary owners

“The state will vote on that resolution Thursday. Now if it passes dispensaries like this one in Ypsilanti tell me they’re worried they’re going to end up paying a lot more for product they once bought directly from caregivers.”

Owner of Sticky Ypsi Jake Abraham says all of his product now, is from caregivers — personal growers allowed 72 plants for up to 6 patients. Abraham buys their excess product.

If the state’s medical marijuana licensing board approves a resolution from LARA- the state’s regulatory arm, the excess product would first need to go to a licensed grower and processor to be state tested.

“I’ll have to overpay for my product and it will be about half the quality of what I’m getting now.”


Selection of THC-infused products to launch in Michigan provisioning centres by month’s end

Dixie Brands Inc. has executed a definitive agreement with Michigan’s Choice Labs that will see a selection of THC-infused products available for sale in the state’s provisioning centres by the end of the month.

The agreement—which runs for 10 years, with two five year options to renew—relates to the joint venture licensing agreement the two companies announced on Feb. 6, 2019, notes a statement from Dixie Brands, a consumer packaged goods company that services the cannabis industry. Choice Labs, for its part, is a medical cannabis company licensed by the State of Michigan to grow, process and sell cannabis.


Shut-down meatpacking plant to be reopened as medical cannabis facility

In an example of the opportunity that legal cannabis can offer economically depressed communities, a former meatpacking plant in Michigan that has sat idle for almost 25 years will soon be reopened as a medical marijuana facility. OrganiLife, located in Saginaw County in Chesaning, Michigan, will begin operations later this month at its cultivation and processing facility in a 30,000 square foot building growing 4,500 plants. The site also has 16 additional buildings that could eventually house 500,000 plants if business conditions warrant the expansion, according to property owner Beau Parmenter.


Michigan adds cerebral palsy to list of ailments qualifying for medical marijuana

The use of medical marijuana will be extended to people afflicted with cerebral palsy, according to the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

The condition joins more than two dozen ailments the state has certified as qualifying for a medical marijuana card, ranging from cancer to glaucoma, AIDS and chronic pain.


Illinois’ largely white marijuana industry is booming, and minority-run businesses want in on it

Illinois’ marijuana industry is flourishing. More residents are buying the drug for medicinal use, and the state is on the brink of legalizing recreational use of cannabis, potentially creating opportunities for a new wave of entrepreneurs.

But right now, businesses in line to reap the financial rewards are overwhelmingly male and mostly white.

There are 17 companies that own licenses to grow and process marijuana in Illinois. The majority have CEOs or executive directors who are white, but exact ownership information is unknown.

The state denied a Freedom of Information Act request for data on individuals with ownership stakes in dispensaries and cultivation centers, saying it was confidential.


After 4 months, medical marijuana sales in Michigan exceed $42 million

Michigan's medical marijuana market is growing beyond expectations, generating more than $42 million in sales since the first dispensary opened on Nov. 1.

In the first month of operation, when only a few licensed dispensaries were open, $7.1 million in pot sales were recorded with the state Department of Licensing and Regulation. That figure grew to $11.9 million in January and slipped slightly to $11.2 million in February, a frigidly cold month with three fewer days than January. The total for four months is $42,061,557.


Governor Of Michigan abolishes Medical Marijuana Licensing Board

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan signed an executive order on Friday that abolishes the Medical Marijuana Licensing Board and creates a single state agency to regulate both medical and recreational cannabis. Whitmer’s order, which is scheduled to go into effect on April 30, establishes the Marijuana Regulatory Agency as a part of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). The governor said in a statement on Friday that the move will streamline the issuing of licenses for cannabis growers, processors, and dispensaries.


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