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Michigan Doctor Issues 22,000 Medical Marijuana Cards and Promptly Has His Medical Licenses Suspended by the State

Doctor prescribes medical cannabis

Medical marijuana and physicians is still a tricky situation. 

Medical marijuana is already a mainstream facet of healthcare delivery in many states in the US. Physicians in states where legal marijuana programs are fully established are saddled with the responsibility of giving certificates for approval to patients they deem fit for the program. Patients use medicinal marijuana to deal with different types of health conditions which include pain relief, inflammation, seizures, insomnia, and a host of other ailments.


Michigan dispensary seeks Veterans for new weed delivery, pays up to $50K

delivery box

The Greenhouse of Walled Lake is launching a home delivery service and is now hiring 12 delivery drivers but is only seeking veterans of the military.

Oakland County's first fully licensed medical and recreational marijuana dispensary is launching the new home delivery service on Tuesday, just two days before Veterans Day, and is seeking "12 good men and women" for the jobs that can pay up to $50,000 per year.


Southern Michigan marijuana dispensaries say more than half of customers are Hoosiers

city view of Indianapolis

COLDWATER, Mich. (WANE) — Heading up the interstate, drivers are most likely used to seeing signs for hotels, restaurants or insurance companies. But, since about two years ago, if you’re driving north past the Angola exit on Interstate 69, you’ll see a handful of billboards advertising marijuana dispensaries that are just over the state border in Michigan.

A billboard advertising Timber Cannabis Co. that’s coming to Sturgis Michigan “soon.”

It turns out those billboards are catching many Hoosiers’ eyes.


Michigan Report: Gov. Whitmer Ends Ban On Medical Marijuana Biz Licenses For People With Past Pot Convictions

symbol of legal justice system

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) signed a bill into law this week that would expand the pool of individuals who are eligible to receive medical marijuana business licenses, lifting the ban that had disqualified individuals with a cannabis-related felony or misdemeanor convictions on their records. Article originally appeared on Benzinga

Though the measure, House Bill 4295, contains an exception for those convicted of distributing marijuana to a minor, according to the bill available on Gov. Whitmer's webpage.

The new law takes immediate effect.


Detroit Approves Psychedelics Decriminalization Ballot Measure

mushroom extract

Detroit could be the next city to make a move when it comes to decriminalizing psychedelics and moving forward into the future.

Detroit voters overwhelmingly approved Proposal E on Tuesday, to decriminalize naturally occurring psychedelic drugs including mescaline, ayahuasca, psilocybin and dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Proposal E, which was approved by 61 percent of the city’s voters, makes the personal possession and therapeutic use of entheogenic plants and fungi such as psilocybin mushrooms the city’s lowest law enforcement priority.


Lapeer voters say yes to keeping recreational marijuana in city

holding a joint

LAPEER, MI -- Voters here have experienced what it’s like to have recreational marijuana businesses in their city and decided that they want to continue on that path.


Police warn of marijuana edibles that look like candy ahead of Halloween



Scam artists are giving a whole new meaning to trick or treat. With Halloween around the corner, police want you to take extra precautions to keep children safe.



Law enforcement agencies are asking parents to check every piece of candy their child receives. Be on the lookout for tampered treats or marijuana edibles inside packing that appeals to kids.

Marijuana edibles can easily be mistaken for regular candy. The bright & color packaging appeals to kids.

Roseville police busted a gas station for selling edibles that are lookalikes for Warheads and Gushers.


Group urges cannabis businesses to offer free or low-cost products to seriously ill patients

medical cannabis

The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association is encouraging its members to provide free or low-cost cannabis products to patients with severe or terminal illnesses.

MCMA’s Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution last week that asks member companies to create a program to ensure seriously ill patients have access to low- or no-cost cannabis products that are tested, labeled, tracked, and licensed.

MCMA represents cannabis businesses across the state.


New laws dealing with marijuana regulation take effect this week

gavel representing law

New laws dealing with marijuana regulation take effect Monday.

One of the most notable changes deals with the hemp-derived THC compound Delta-8.

Democratic state Representative Yousef Rabhi was among the sponsors of the law to put Delta-8 and similar products under the watch of the Marijuana Regulatory Agency—or MRA.

“If you regulate Delta-8 and other THC compounds, you’re putting them under the same regulatory structure which means the sale to minors is now going to be prohibited whereas before, technically, it was not because it was a hemp-derived product,” Rabhi said.

MRA executive director Andrew Brisbo said the change means consumers will no longer be able to find Delta-8 at gas stations or convenience stores.


State marijuana agency to begin regulating THC products derived from cannabis plants

cannabis packaged products

 All THC products derived from the cannabis plant will soon be covered by state law and regulated by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA).

Starting Monday, October 11, these products will only be available after appropriate approvals, rigorous testing, and commercial standards that currently protect consumer safety in the legal marijuana marketplace. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

With the change, consumers will no longer be able to purchase the products in convenience stores, gas stations and tobacco/smoke shops throughout the state.


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