Agrify installs advanced Cannabis extraction system in Michigan

Agrify installs advanced Cannabis extraction system in Michigan

Lume Cannabis Upgrades Extraction Capabilities with Agrify's PX-30 System.

Agrify Corporation, a provider of cultivation and extraction solutions for the cannabis industry, has announced the installation of its PX-30 Hydrocarbon Extraction System at Lume Cannabis's Michigan facility. The PX-30, part of Agrify's PX-Extraction series, is designed to enhance efficiency and precision in the cannabis extraction process.

This installation is a significant development for Agrify, underscoring its commitment to delivering advanced technologies to the cannabis and hemp sectors. Lume Cannabis, already operating with Agrify's XMU Hydrocarbon Extraction System, upgraded to the PX-30 to meet the growing demand for premium extracts.

Stan Gourentchik, Lab Manager at Lume Cannabis, praised the smooth installation process and the system's operational advantages, stating, "Having owned a Precision XMU for the past year and a half, the Precision PX-30 was the natural choice for Lume when we decided to expand our resin extraction capabilities."

The PX-30 system boasts high extraction efficiency, capable of producing up to 240+ lbs. of high-quality extracts per 8-hour shift. It features ultra-low temperature operation with fast recovery times and is designed with operator ergonomics in mind. Safety is a priority, and the PX-30 complies with 3A sanitary and cGMP standards.

Brian Towns, EVP & General Manager at Agrify, expressed enthusiasm about the installation, highlighting the system's alignment with the company's mission to equip clients with top-tier tools for success in a dynamic industry.

Agrify continues to position itself at the forefront of the cannabis extraction equipment market by investing in innovative technologies. The company's offerings, including Vertical Farming Units (VFUs) and a comprehensive extraction product line, aim to maximize cultivators' yield and return on investment.

The information provided here is based on a press release statement from Agrify Corporation. The press release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, and actual results may differ materially. These statements have not been independently verified and should be considered in the context of the company's SEC filings, which detail potential risks and uncertainties.

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