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Keeping Cannabis away from kids

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Monroe County Community College recently hosted an education session aimed at helping prevent marijuana use by Michigan’s youth.

Vicky Loveland, Development Coordinator for the Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition, recently presented “Cannabis Overview: Protecting Our Youth” via Zoom.  Loveland is a licensed social worker, and she said that the coalition works to reduce abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs, underage substance use, and more in Monroe County.

Loveland began the presentation by offering Michigan’s history with legal marijuana, starting with the state’s legalization of medical marijuana sales in 2008.


Local dispensary offers Mike Tyson’s new Cannabis line

A cannabis dispensary in Allegan County recently was selected as a distributer of Mike Tyson’s new product line.

The former professional boxer is offering his Tyson 2.0 products at City Hall Provisions, 222 S. Maple St. in Fennville.

The dispensary said Tyson has been “highly selective” in determining which stores around the U.S. will offer his line.

“Cannabis has always played an important role in my life,” Tyson said. “It has changed me for the good both mentally and physically, and I want to share this gift with other people who are also seeking relief.”

The Tyson 2.0 line offers pre-rolls, flower and “Mike Bite” ear-shaped gummies.


Why Marijuana Billboards are so common along Michigan's roadways


Kyran Adams' face has been recognized by plenty of strangers this summer.

For Father’s Day, his wife and brother bought ads on three digital billboards to recognize him: One in Texas, where he lives, in New Mexico, where he’s near, and in his native Michigan.

“You’re famous, you’re on a billboard,” said Adams, who retired about a year ago after a quarter century as a military photographer.

His wife had problems at first finding available billboards in Texas and Michigan.


Western Michigan University to launch Cannabis Marketing class in the spring


KALAMAZOO - A new class at Western Michigan University beginning in the spring is set to be the first of its kind in the state — cannabis marketing.

The joint effort between the university and several local titans of the cannabis industry is a chance for potential future dispensary owners to learn the ABC's of THC.

WMU has always had a strong food marketing program, but in recent years, its graduates have taken on a new, greener venture.

"In the last couple of years, we've been landing a lot of our students in the cannabis industry," says Dr. Russell Zwanka, associate professor of food marketing at WMU.


Marijuana growing moratorium?: Supply and demand could lead to changes in Michigan


DETROIT - Marijuana growers in Michigan are making too much product and it’s outpacing demand.

In just the past year, the price for an ounce of flower went down by 44%.

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency is now seeking input on how to solve the problem.

"The agency has been hearing concerns that the supply of marijuana produced by licensed growers exceeds, or may soon exceed, consumer demand. The concerns include that the wholesale price of flower is lower than the cost of production – or will be when harvests are highest in October," CRA said in a statement

CRA listed three potential forms of action for the public to consider prior to their quarterly meeting, which will be held on Sept. 14 at 9:30 a.m.


Alma to consider allowing the sale of Recreational Marijuana


The board approved a resolution by a 4-2 vote during last week’s meeting for City Manager Aeric Ripley, City Attorney Tony Constanzo and other staff members to begin developing an ordinance regarding the establishment of adult-use marijuana facilities in the city.


The Alma city commission is considering allowing the sale of recreational marijuana. The board approved a resolution by a 4-2 vote during last week’s meeting for City Manager Aeric Ripley, City Attorney Tony Constanzo and other staff members to begin developing an ordinance regarding the establishment of adult-use marijuana facilities in the city.

Commissioners Audra Stahl and Danny Wernick cast the dissenting votes without comment. Commission Nick Piccolo was absent.


Coldwater Ordinance issues delay decision on retail sales at Cannabis Grow Facility

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On Monday, Craft Leaf LLC received a special-use permit to operate a marijuana processing facility at its grow operation at 211 W. Garfield Road. 

But Coldwater Planning Commission could not issue an integrated retail sale permit in the D-1 industrial area. 

Coldwater City Council adopted a revised zoning ordinance in December 2021. The portion allowing the retail sales at marijuana grow and processing plants were omitted from the revision. 

"This location was awarded Special Land Use permission to operate a Marihuana Grow Class C on October 4, 2021," said planning board members Dean Walrack. "The owners are now interested in vertically integrating the processing and sales into this site."


Plans roll forward with proposed Westland Marijuana Facility

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The quest for Westland to become a major destination in the marijuana industry took another step this month.

A third marijuana business, this one planned on the north side of Cherry Hill west of Newburgh, recently received recommendation from the city's planning commission for a special land use and site plan. 

The business, which would be a collocated facility that contains retail space for medicinal and recreational marijuana, would be on the property near the Hush Haunted Attraction and The Legendary Axe bar. 


More weed wars over Recreational Cannabis

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While Detroit's new recreational cannabis law survived one legal attack this week, others are still on deck.

Catch up quick: 

City Council passed the recreational marijuana law in April to provide a limited number of recreational licenses while setting up a "social equity" framework that helps Detroiters enter the market.

Driving the news:

The Detroit Election Commission rejected a ballot initiative Monday designed to overturn the law because it lacked enough valid petition signatures, city clerk Janice Winfrey, who sits on the commission, tells Axios.

But, but, but: 


Marijuana Dispensary more stable after acquiring Class A micro-business License


A marijuana dispensary in Ypsilanti has become the first Class A microbusiness in Washtenaw County, and just the second in the state of Michigan.



A dispensary with a microbusiness license is currently allowed to grow 150 plants and can only sell their own products.

According to Planet Jane co-owner Mo Kasham, a Class A license makes his business more stable by allowing them to grow up to 300 plants and sell infused products from other growers. “They doubled the amount of plants you can have. And you can also go out to outside processors and buy items like pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles and things like that, which is a major advantage.”


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