Cannabis lounges could soon be coming to Detroit

Cannabis lounges could soon be coming to Detroit

Cannabis lounges could soon be coming to Detroit after the city issued its first business licenses for marijuana consumption lounges.

"Really, it's going to be about your experience with cannabis," said Richard Fleming Jr., the founder and president of Altered State Cannabis Company, one of the few businesses that have been issued a provisional license to open a lounge.

"I would say a cafe is probably the style we're going for, with a small stage for entertainment," said Fleming. 

A marijuana lounge would be a place for people ages 21 and up to gather and consume cannabis that was purchased elsewhere.

"This experience will be extremely personable. Where I want you to stay. I want you and try a flight of dabs, or a flight of pre-rolls, or a flight of flowers."

He said during the day, the lounge can be a workspace, or place to eat, and at night it can be an arts and culture spot. It can also be a place for people new to cannabis to learn.

"If you are "canna-curious," then we're going to have to walk you through baby steps, and explain things," Fleming said.

He added the lounges would be a safe place for people to consume cannabis at a time when it may be prohibited to smoke in your rental home, hotel, car, or public park.

To prevent impaired driving, he said he would train his staff the way bartenders are trained, and will recommend ride-sharing. 

"Having Uber discount codes are really going to be a big help with that."

The city of Detroit has approved one marijuana lounge license, and four provisional licenses where the business owners still have to secure a location for the lounge. 

While most lounges will rely on patrons bringing their own cannabis, or ordering some for delivery, Fleming was able to also secure a micro business license to sell cannabis.

"So we're hoping to cohabitate our facility. Where you'll be able to order from the microbusiness and have it brought to your table.

It will be some time before these lounges are up and running. Fleming estimates it will take a year for his to open.

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