Colombia faces huge opportunity in legal cannabis industry

As the cannabis industry grows globally, no country is according to FTI Consulting better positioned than Colombia to become the “grower” of choice for international cannabis trade. Experts Michael Cullen and Miguel Salcedo explain why. 

While predictions for the global cannabis trade in 2020 vary widely, industry leaders largely concur that legalization efforts will continue across the globe. As of April 2020, medical cannabis is legal (to some degree) in upwards of 50 countries. As a result, marijuana-related business are beginning to leverage international supply chains in pursuit of lower production costs, with a view to Latin America. 


View from Bogotá: ‘The hemp opportunity goes way beyond CBD’

INTERVIEW: Manuel Baselga is a public affairs executive and social entrepreneur with 15+ years’ operational experience in over 25 emerging countries, mainly across Latin America and Africa. After co-founding UK-based Lignum Resources, a carbon efficiency project development firm invested in interests from solar power generation to sustainable forestry, Baselga joined Savanna, a cannabis investment fund. Although Savanna’s most visible asset is 613 Partners, a global cannabis services firm, industrial hemp remains a top priority for the company. Based in Colombia, the company is involved in R&D projects in genetics, technology and decarbonization.


Colombia Makes History with First High-THC Medical Cannabis Sales

Canadian/Colombian-based Khiron Life Sciences is a global cannabis company that has developed a reputation as a Latin American industry leader. In March 2020, Khiron made history by becoming the first company to develop and commercialize a medical cannabis product in Colombia. Since then, the company has achieved many other milestones to empower their place in the global cannabis industry.


Colombian Association of Cannabis Industries: looking to Latin America

In this article the Colombian Association of Cannabis Industries explores the medical cannabis market in Latin America.

As EU demand for cannabis products grows, investors are turning to Latin America for imports. The Colombian Association of Cannabis Industries, which is recognised as the most relevant private entity representing the private cannabis industry in Colombia, tell us more.


5 Emerging Cannabis Markets Investors Need To Be Watching In 2020

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We have noticed a significant increase in the number of companies that are focused on the international cannabis opportunity during the last two years and this is a trend that we are bullish on.


The challenges of medicinal cannabis in Colombia

In July 2016, the Colombian government enacted Law 1787, which regulates the use of medicinal cannabis and its trade in the country. With this decision and a series of subsequent resolutions, Colombia joined the more than a dozen countries that have put into practice different types of regulation to explore the advantages of this plant as an alternative pharmaceutical.


New Portuguese growing operation to supply German cannabis market

A European consortium backed by American cash is set to invest millions of dollars in a new operation in Portugal designed to supply the booming German medical cannabis market.

And cannabis financial market analysts are calling out Portugal as a prime  location for those companies looking to take advantage of the rapidly growing European market. Health Europe reports that Cannexpor Pharma has secured permission from the Portuguese authorities for new indoor and outdoor cannabis growing facilities in the region of Coimbra, about 100 miles north of the capital Lisbon.


Cannabis taking root in Colombia

Cannabis companies are rushing to set up operations in Colombia, looking to gain a foothold in one of Latin America's drug capitals as governments across the world embrace the burgeoning legal marijuana industry.

Growers, many with financial backing of firms from Canada and the U.S., estimate as much as $500 million has been invested to buy farmland, build greenhouses and set up labs to produce oils, creams and other products that contain cannabidiol, or CBD, an extract used to treat everything from chronic pain to insomnia. So far, none are growing marijuana rich in tetrahydrocannabinol, the substance that makes smokers high.


Facing stiff competition, will Colombia's marijuana industry go up in smoke?

A intense scent hangs in the air at the 15-hectare La Chacra medicinal cannabis farm in central Colombia, where marijuana plants blossom in the warm closeness of its huge, heavily-secured greenhouse.

It is one of the world’s biggest crops, but the farm, run by cannabis company Clever Leaves, has only managed to export a few marijuana derivatives because of the tight regulations threatening to choke Colombia’s ganja industry.

Colombia was one of the first countries to regulate the cultivation, commercialization and export of marijuana products. But businesses that invested in cannabis complain delays in regulatory adjustments are stemming exports and discouraging potential investors.


Why marijuana is thriving in Colombia

Marijuana has been spreading its roots globally. Uruguay and Canada were the first two countries to fully legalize cannabis. Thailand is advancing its medical marijuana market. New Zealanders are making a strong case in support of legalization. To learn more about this phenomenon, read Cannabis: While the US Waits, the World Opens Up. Mexico could be next.

Colombia legalized medical marijuana in 2015. Now, it’s working on its booming medical cannabis industry. Let’s take a look at how.


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