Cannabis Sales Soar in 5 Western States During May

A Detailed Look at Cannabis Sales in California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada


Cannabis Activists In Arizona And Nebraska Set To File Legalization Petitions

Activists in Arizona plan to submit petitions this week that would put a proposal to legalize the recreational use of cannabis on the November ballot, while in Nebraska a similar drive to legalize medical marijuana is also winding down. 


Arizona Medical Marijuana Sales Hit a New Record High in May

Arizonans coping with the pandemic are buying more medical marijuana than ever before, with sales hitting a monthly program record again in May.

The latest report on the state-run weed program shows that dispensaries sold more than 18,083 pounds of total cannabis products last month. That's an increase of 5.8 percent over the previous record from March, when patients bought 17,095 pounds as the coronavirus pandemic set off a buying spree. May's total sales also represent a blistering 31.3 percent increase over sales in May 2019.


In Arizona, Cannabis Legalization Is The One Thing Republicans And Democrats Agree On

In the desert, Republicans and Democrats have found something to agree upon: A majority in both parties plan to vote to make marijuana legal in the upcoming Arizona election if they get the chance.

A new survey by public affairs consultants HighGround of Arizona voters found that 65 percent of them plan to vote “yes” on the Safe and Smart Arizona Act if it makes the November ballot. The act would make weed possession legal for those over 21 and set up a state-regulated adult-use cannabis market


65% of Arizonans Support Recreational Marijuana Legalization

A new poll found that 65% of Arizonans would vote for the Smart and Safe Arizona Act if it makes it onto the ballot this November. The initiative would legalize marijuana use and possession for adults 21 years and older in Arizona.


Arizona Supreme Court Rejects Digital Signatures for Cannabis Reform

Despite the fact that several campaigns in Arizona are trying to stay relevant by collecting digital signatures, the Arizona Supreme Court won’t accept anything other than in-person signatures, even considering the COVID-19 pandemic. This will impact the Arizona Marijuana Legalization Initiative 2020


Arizona Officials Note Spike In Medical Marijuana Sales Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Add Arizona to the list of states where marijuana sales have jumped amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Local television station 3TV/CBS 5 reported this week that “around 17,000 pounds of medical marijuana was sold in the state during March,” which was “up around a ton from February’s figure, and included around 100,000 more transactions than in February.”


Arizonans Have Bought 2,200 Lbs More Marijuana Because of Coronavirus

The coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has led Arizonans to buy more medical marijuana as they stock-up during these uncertain times.


The Complex Issue of Cannabis Business On Tribal Land

Throughout history, cannabis was regulated by federal law on reservations, so it was generally illegal. But after the 2013 Cole Memo, the topic of cannabis on tribal land and how it ties into the tribe’s government autonomy became increasingly prevalent.


States That May Legalize Weed In 2020

This year already promises to have plenty of election drama thanks to the presidential race. But in some states -- including some of the biggest in the U.S. -- it also could prove to be a big election for marijuana. 

In other states, leaders are choosing legislative action over the ballot box. It’s setting up what should be an interesting year for cannabis advocates in 2020.

Chief among the states considering legalization are New Jersey and New York. Lawmakers in both states failed to pass legalization in 2019. Voters in New Jersey will take matters into their own hands this November. Meanwhile, New York is looking to partner on the issue with a neighboring state on legalization through legislative action.


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