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Arizona lawmakers will vote on bill to protect medical marijuana consumers, here's what's in it


A bill advancing through the Arizona legislature will ensure that cannabis customers are getting what they paid for, reported Phoenix New Times.


Cannabis bills show conflict in industry, growing acceptance among Arizona lawmakers


And then there were two.

That's how many marijuana bills have survived the 2022 legislative session.

One bill would allocate funds from the Smart and Safe Arizona Fund to tribal police and fire departments, university police and the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The other, a strike-everything amendment mirroring a failed senate bill, poses major changes to Arizona’s marijuana licensing process.

All marijuana bills introduced in 2022 bring the legislatures’ developing relationship with the cannabis business into focus. But continuing debate on changes to licensing show the legislative moves in Arizona’s marijuana market continue to remain internal and hotly contested.


Jointly app helps canna-curious figure out what works for them

woman using her phone

According to the Jointly: Cannabis Wellness app, nearly one out of three Arizonans who logged into the free app consumes cannabis to "relax and refresh." Those are the biggest reasons people consume marijuana in this state, according to the experience-based cannabis product rating platform.

The app solicits consumers to ask themselves, "What kind of experience am I after?" The self-analysis demonstrates to cannabis users "purposeful cannabis consumption," which is broken down into 11 experiences that "is the key to unlocking a new level of well-being."

The second-most popular reason Arizona Jointly subscribers consume cannabis is to "relieve everyday stress," which accounts for one of four participating Arizonans.


Copperstate Farms introduces new cannabis brand Jukebox


Jukebox will replace the Copperstate cartridge line and expand the product suite to include cartridges, pre-rolls, edibles and pre-packed flower.


Arizona collects more cannabis than liquor taxes, poll finds one-third Americans prefer weed over booze

One Hundred Dollar Bills

In March, Arizona generated more tax revenue from legal marijuana than from tobacco and alcohol, reported Marijuana Moment. (Article Originally Appeared on: Benzinga)

The state receives Marijuana Tax revenues from three different sources: 1) the 16% Recreational Marijuana Excise Tax; 2) Sales Tax applied to Recreational Marijuana purchases; and 3) Sales Tax applied to Medical Marijuana purchases.

The state collected $11.9 million in dedicated marijuana excise taxes in March and $94.3 million in fiscal years to date.


Arizona college expands cannabis business program

girl teaching


A new certificate program in Cannabis Business Fundamentals is now open for enrollment at Scottsdale Community College.



The Cannabis Business Fundamentals certificate, which is open to Arizona residents, includes four classes:
– Introduction to Cannabis
– Social Equity and Current Events
– Supply Chain Management in the Marijuana Industry
– Legal and Regulatory Environment

The new certificate complements the non-credit cannabis class currently offered nationwide at SCC. Both programs offer eight-week, online options that allow students to work on their own time.


The seed connect to launch the cannabis Crypto Seed Headz NFT collection on 4/20 at 4:20 PM EST


Real-World Cannabis Seed Company Backing its NFT With Real-World Benefits

Today, Tempe, Arizona-based Seed Connect, LLC, a cannabis seed supplier with one of the USA’s largest marijuana seed banks, announces it will be launching its Cannabis Crypto Seed Headz Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection.

The official day of launch is April 20, 2022 at 4:20 PM EST, which coincides with the international day of celebrating cannabis worldwide.

In this inaugural collection of 2,000 NFT Cannabis Crypto Seed Headz, Seed Connect will celebrate cannabis by capturing the spirit and personality of some of its favorite seeds in its artwork.


AZ company launches alcohol-free, THC-infused wine

woman with wine


Sweet Dreams Vineyard has officially launched two alcohol-free adult drinks made with THC just in time for 4/20, the unofficial holiday every April 20 celebrating marijuana. Cannabernet and Marijuarita are manufactured in Arizona and sold at Valley dispensaries, use cutting edge nano-emulsification technology and all-natural juices to create an enjoyable adult experience. They’re healthier alternatives to drinking traditional wines or smoking cannabis, provide a quick and consistent effect and aid in sleep and pain management.

“Smoking cannabis has numerous downsides, and can be unacceptable in some social settings,” said Bill Gibbs, founder of Sweet Dreams Vineyard.


Populous Arizona county files to expunge cannabis arrest records

man free of handcuffs

Some cannabis-related arrest records are no longer a detriment to individuals living in Arizona who are looking to get on with their lives.

Arizona is on track to moving in a positive direction and righting the wrongs of the War on Drugs. Cannabis-related arrest records can wreak lasting damage—thwarting job opportunities, housing or even student loan programs.

On March 7 of this year, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO) issued a press release, announcing the expansion of efforts to assist the local community through expungement of cannabis arrest records, as well as a numerical milestone for the region.


Pet CBD sales are on the rise


Our furry friends have been sleeping better, relaxing more, and are slightly less anxious about our arrival home from work — at least that’s the promise from skyrocketing sales for cannabidiol (CBD) pet products.

As the cannabis industry flourishes in Arizona, pet owners are turning to CBD as a viable alternative medicine for their pet’s ailments. And with the uptick in pet ownership during the COVID-19 pandemic and the normalization of CBD usage across the nation, CBD sales are only expected to grow.


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