Arkansans cross state line for new Missouri Flora Farms Dispensary

Arkansans cross state line for new Missouri Flora Farms Dispensary

A new cannabis dispensary is now open in Southwest Missouri, but it’s location is causing some controversy.

Flora Farms has opened its fifth dispensary in Pineville, Missouri. The new location is less than one mile from the Arkansas state line.

In November 2022, it became legal for Missourians to use marijuana for recreational use. According to Mark Hendren, president of Flora Farms, this was part of the reason for moving the dispensary to Pineville from Neosho, Mo.

“Our business went up statewide and our store in Neosho about 25 miles north here, fairly small facility,” said Hendren.

Hendren says the new facility provides more space and accommodation for customers.

“It’s about three times bigger, has four or five times as many registers to wait on customers and an enclosed drive-thru,” said Hendren.

Hendren is aware this dispensary is controversial because of its location.

“We don’t know what the total mix population is,” said Hendren. “We do know that our only requirement, we are regulated by the state of Missouri, is to make sure you have a valid government issue photo idea that shows you are 21 years of age. And that’s what we have to do before we can sell anything.”

Several Arkansas license plates could be seen outside the dispensary. Even in the enclosed drive-thru, there were more Arkansas license plates than Missouri plates.

Some Benton County patrol cars were also seen in Pineville near the dispensary. In Arkansas, recreational marijuana is still illegal. This leaves some concerned about the ethical side of selling marijuana to Arkansans crossing the border.

“We don’t know what they do with it any more than any other vendor in the world does. It’s our responsibility to make sure they have a government-issued I.D. and that’s where our responsibility ends,” said Hendren.

Bailey Fynmore decided to visit the new Dispensary.

“Business is I think they will get a ton of new customers, I mean it’s packed here right now. There is a huge line in the drive-thru,” said Fynmore.

Fynmore lives in Missouri but has family in Arkansas. She believes Arkansas could benefit from making recreational marijuana use legal.

“I think they should definitely jump on the bandwagon. There is a lot of money coming for the marijuana revenue. So I think it would help the state out if they made it legal as well,” said Fynmore.

There will be another dispensary opening soon in Hollister, Mo.

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