Recent ruling opens door for multi-state medicinal cannabis operators in Missouri

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A Thursday ruling from a federal judge changed the landscape for the medicinal cannabis market by ordering a permanent injunction against Missouri’s residency requirement.

Since 2018, Missouri-based marijuana companies, such as dispensaries and manufacturing plants, have been required to be at least 51% owned by Missourians with at least one year of residency.

During last week’s hearing, Judge Nanette Laughrey of the Missouri Western District made the preliminary injunction against this requirement, which she had ordered in June, into a permanent injunction.


Federal judge removes Missouri's residency requirement for marijuana business owners

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Late last week, a federal judge made an order that could dramatically change the development of Missouri's young medical marijuana industry.

Missouri voters authorized a highly regulated medical cannabis system almost three years ago. Voters backed a state constitutional amendment that made it mandatory for marijuana companies operating businesses like dispensaries, grow operations and manufacturing centers to be at least 51% owned by residents. Residents were defined as those living in the Show-Me State for a minimum of one year before applying for a marijuana facility permit.


For legalized marijuana, banking woes persist



Nearly three years after Missouri voters legalized medical marijuana across the state, the cannabis industry in St. Louis appears to be thriving, with state-regulated dispensaries popping up throughout the region. But managing the money side of things has proven a struggle for many distributors and growers — even though their businesses are fully legitimate. That’s because many banks won’t accept their money, or insist on charging them significant fees if they do.


Missouri veterans fund receives $6.8M from medical marijuana

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In less than a year, medical marijuana has generated more than $113 million in sales in Missouri. And military veterans across the state are benefitting.

Voters overwhelmingly approved the sale and use of medical marijuana in Nov. 2018. A provision in the amendment allows fees and taxes generated by all sales to be transferred to the Missouri Veterans Commission for health care and other services benefiting veterans.

Medical marijuana sold in Missouri is taxed at 4%.

On Thursday, the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) turned more than $6.84 million over to the Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC).

The MVC received its first transfer of funds from the medical marijuana program in Sept. 2020, totaling $2.13 million.


Medical marijuana industry urges patients to speak out against Missouri ad restrictions

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 Industry insiders are urging medical marijuana patients to raise objections after Missouri regulators told dispensaries this summer they couldn’t advertise cannabis sales.

In practice, the rule means companies aren’t allowed to spread the word on product discounts, including holiday specials, even though dispensaries are free to lower prices as they see fit.

The advertising restriction is an unconstitutional barrier to information for medical marijuana patients, business owners said in a full-page ad printed in September’s “The Evolution Magazine,” a cannabis-focused publication based and distributed in Missouri.


Missouri sees more than 140 medical marijuana dispensaries open in less than a year

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri opened its first medical marijuana dispensary last October, and now there are more than 140 across the state, with more to come. 

The state’s medical cannabis industry also employs roughly 5,000 people.

Earlier this summer, Gov. Mike Parson vetoed a bill that would have allowed medical marijuana business owners to deduct their expenses, but the head of the state program said that won’t stop the multi-million-dollar industry. 

“The sales revenue is pleasantly surprising,” said Lyndall Fraker, director of medical marijuana section of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. “At the end of July, we surpassed $91 million in sales.”


Nonprofit Works To Break The ‘Grass Ceiling’ In Missouri Cannabis Industry

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A new nonprofit based in St. Louis, called We Are JAINE, plans to connect women in Missouri's cannabis industry with resources and mentorship opportunities.


Missouri’s cannabis industry is taking off, but few women are running the companies fueling that growth. A new nonprofit based in St. Louis, We Are JAINE, aims to change that.


A look into St. Louis’ quickly growing cannabis cultivation and manufacturing industry

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In the span of 10 months, sales statewide have grown from about $350,000 to $91.36 million

ST. LOUIS — Medical marijuana was legalized in Missouri in 2018. Since then, the cannabis industry has quickly established itself to meet the needs of patients who have been approved to use medical marijuana. As of July 31, at least 33,000 patients in St. Louis were granted medical marijuana licenses.

Sales of the product officially started in October 2020. In the span of 10 months, sales statewide have grown from about $350,000 to $91.36 million, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services, a 26,000% growth.


‘At a tipping point’: Why Missouri medical marijuana prices are dropping

When Fresh Green, the first medical marijuana dispensary in the Kansas City area, opened in October, one eighth of an ounce of flower cost $60. Nearly 10 months later, the same product can go for as low as $40.


St. Louis Cannabis Delivery Delivers You From Not Having Weed

From a dispensary to your front door — that's the promise of Doobie, St. Louis' only cannabis home delivery service, which on July 22 marked its first day of ferrying orders to medical marijuana patients in the metro area.

While the service can feel at first like DoorDash for weed, Doobie presently connects patients only with products at Jane Dispensary (6662 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-464-4420). On a recent weekday, the service sent a shiny white van with ice-cooled bags of THC gummies to a residence in south St. Louis.


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