As Missouri looks to legalize recreational marijuana, expungement gets renewed attention


Legal experts worry expungement proposals currently being considered might cause more harm than good

The push to legalize recreational marijuana use in Missouri is coming from multiple directions, with a handful of proposed initiative petitions and at least one bill, and potentially more, backed by Republican lawmakers. 

Each hopes to place the issue on the 2022 ballot for voter approval.

And each proposal also includes a provision that, while often overlooked in the marijuana debate, is considered a transformative piece of the legalization puzzle — the expungement of nonviolent marijuana offenses from criminal records. 

The proposals differ on how they handle expungement. 


Missouri’s marijuana legalization efforts should learn from the legal hemp industry

Marijuana reform in Missouri has been a hotly contested topic since at least 2016, as thousands of entrepreneurs and commercial entities have competed for access to commercial licensing.

In 2018, the New Approach Missouri campaign won the support of 66% of Missouri voters to put a medical marijuana program into the state’s Constitution. In 2020, controversy erupted as roughly 85% of 2,200 medical marijuana commercial licenses applications were denied. Some applicants lost tens of thousands of dollars in application fees to the state and hundreds of thousands of dollars to consulting firms promising top-tier application writing services. 


Missouri Supreme Court Weighs Whether Medical Marijuana Applications Can Be Disclosed


A company denied licenses to grow medical marijuana in Missouri urged the state Supreme Court last week to compel regulators to provide application info that the health department has argued it’s constitutionally obligated to protect.

At issue is the Department of Health and Senior Services’ refusal to turn over applications of successful license holders, despite being ordered by lower courts to disclose them.


Missouri medical marijuana sales top $200 million


Medical marijuana sales in Missouri have reached a milestone, now topping the $200 million mark.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services said Monday that 14 months after sales began, 158,169 patients are active in the state’s medical marijuana program, along with 3,283 caregivers.

Missouri voters in 2018 approved medical marijuana, and Missouri officials implemented the program in about 23 months. Twenty-one states have implemented medical marijuana laws since 2005.

In Missouri, residents with cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma and 20 other qualifying conditions are eligible.

Would Missouri allow someone to drive legally under the influence of pot? We hope not


A lawmaker’s proposal to ban warrantless searches based on the odor of marijuana would bring Missouri in line with commonsense drug reform seen in other states. But language of the prefiled bill will need some work when the General Assembly reconvenes next month.

The proposed bill does not differentiate between raw cannabis and the smell of burned marijuana. Just as we are opposed to drinking and driving, we are against any measure that would allow someone to legally operate a motor vehicle under the influence of pot.


A Michigan company is expanding in Missouri’s burgeoning marijuana market


Missouri’s cannabis industry continues to attract businesses and create jobs.

A multistate company based in Michigan is opening a cannabis processing facility this month in St. Louis. It is also partnering with another company on a cultivation operation in O’Fallon.

“I think Missouri is a rather competitive market,” said C3 Industries CEO Ankur Rungta.

“We think there is a healthy amount of demand for our products in a market like this.”

C3 Industries already has a foothold in Missouri. The company has opened medical marijuana dispensaries in St. Charles, Columbia, St. Robert, Cape Girardeau and Sunset Hills.


Missouri effort launched to put legal marijuana to 2022 vote

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Leaders of a group working to legalize marijuana for adult use in Missouri say they believe the measure will pass if they collect enough signatures to get the issue on next year’s ballot.

Legal Missouri 2022 launched its initiative petition campaign last week in St. Louis. If voters approve the measure, anyone 21 or older could buy marijuana for any reason. Currently Missouri allows marijuana use only for medical reasons. John Payne, campaign manager for Legal Missouri 2022, noted that Missouri residents passed the medical marijuana initiative with close to 66% of the vote in 2018.

The campaign must get about 170,000 valid signatures in six of the state’s eight congressional districts to place the initiative on the ballot.


Mitchell City Council approves one medical marijuana dispensary license, sidelines three due to zoning issues

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The remaining three applications were tabled in part due to their proposed dispensary locations falling within 1,000 feet from the Missouri group’s dispensary that’s planned to go inside the Runnings building when the retailer moves.


Michigan marijuana producer and retailer opens St. Louis production facility


C3 Industries plans to open the facility in south St. Louis this month

C3 Industries, a multistate cannabis company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, said Wednesday it plans to start operating a new manufacturing plant in south St. Louis this month.

C3's new production facility is at 1630 Macklind Ave. in The Hill neighborhood, a former branch of New York-based General Insulation Co., a wholesale insulation distributor. The building is owned by H&F Properties, an entity organized by Robert Flynn III of Clayton, according to city and state records.


Group of Missourians launch campaign to legalize recreational marijuana

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A group of Missourians have launched a campaign to legalize recreational marijuana in the state.

Legal Missouri 2022 is working to get a measure on next year’s ballot to legalize recreational marijuana. At least 18 states, including Illinois, have legalized recreational marijuana.

Medical marijuana is legal in Missouri. Currently, more than 146,000 Missourians have patient or caregiver licenses for medical marijuana.


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