Delta-8 THC edibles offer legal high in Missouri

Edibles infused with delta-8 THC, a legal cannabinoid, can be found at numerous shops in the St. Louis area. Delta-8 THC’s ready availability is good news for those looking to catch a buzz who are unable (or unwilling) to purchase medical or recreational marijuana as it becomes increasingly accessible. But what exactly is this new cannabis product, and how did it become so widespread?


Missouri Cannabis Activists to Unveil Adult Use Initiative for 2022

Backers of Missouri's successful 2018 ballot measure that legalized medical marijuana say they plan to unveil their next effort — an initiative petition targeting the 2022 ballot to legalize recreational use — by the end of June.

The timing will allow signature collection to begin in August, says John Payne, though he declined to specify details on possession and cultivation limits while the campaign's drafting committee is still finalizing the petition.


Missouri: Don’t vote to legalize marijuana without including automatic expungement

Almost half of all individuals who are released from jail or prison in Missouri will be reincarcerated, according to the most recent data. In Illinois, where I used to work with people when they came out of incarceration, the numbers are similar.

There’s a familiar fable we tell ourselves: when someone is released from prison, they’ve “served their time” and can now re-enter society and begin their life anew. This helps us free the broader society from obligation when someone ends up back in jail — we get to tell ourselves they’re just a lost cause and can’t stop breaking the law.


Hemp seed breeders need academic research to solve total THC problem

hemp seeds

Hemp seed breeders must collaborate with academic-run, varietal trials to tackle hemp’s total THC problem and move the industry forward, says Matt Haddad, CEO of Trilogene Seeds, an award-winning hemp seed breeder.

“Ninety-five percent of all the hemp grown last year was marijuana. It went hot,” Haddad says. “We need to bring more academic analysis to these hemp varietals, especially with the .3 total THC iron fist coming down.”


Unfair Missouri Cannabis Tax Law Clause 280E May Change With Bill Passed By State Lawmakers

Lawmakers in the Show Me State just passed a bill that will help with an unfair Missouri cannabis tax law that medical cannabis businesses have been complaining about. If the governor signs off, this will be a huge step for the industry and the state.


Missouri's Cannabis industry hits high revenue numbers

Promoters of Medical Cannabis in Missouri said the fledgling business continues to see major success.

Medical Cannabis officials said dispensaries seem to be the only business without a hiring problem.

In fact, they are dealing with the opposite, too many people want to work there.

They said Missouri dispensaries are setting records for tax revenue and it's only going to get better.

The spokesperson for Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association, Jack Cardetti, said the revenue has been massive.


Medical Marijuana Sales Soar In Missouri, What’s Next?

Missouri’s medical marijuana industry is faring well since the first dispensaries opened their doors last October. Today, more than 100,000 patients and caregivers use and purchase medical cannabis in the state.

Jack Cardetti, a spokesperson for the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association, noted that there are already more dispensaries in Missouri than in Illinois. He added that one week in April, the industry generated $3.3 million in sales and that the state is about to reach $40 million cumulatively.


Rising Missouri Cannabis Sales Expected To Get Bigger Boost From 4/20 'Holiday'

The medical marijuana industry in Missouri is booming by most measures on this April 20, or 4/20 as marijuana’s unofficial holiday is called.

The state has processed nearly 93,000 medical marijuana cards; the number of dispensaries rose from 20 last year to 80 so far this year; and the industry has generated more than $32 million in sales since the first dispensary opened in October.


Missouri starts revoking marijuana business permits at companies that didn't meet operating deadline

Missouri health authorities recently began revoking a handful of medical marijuana business permits after most of the state's would-be cannabis companies weren't ready to open for business roughly a year after winning the licenses, which would allow them to grow and sell the plant for lawful patients provided they met their "commencement" deadlines.


Can Missouri’s cannabis employees unionize?

man holding up a marijuana plant inside a greenhouse

For those of us with family roots in manufacturing or trades, it’s not unusual to have heard stories about labor unions in the family annals. Labor unions found their origins in the mid-19th century in response to the social and economic impact of the Industrial Revolution. In the United States, national labor unions began to form in blue-collar and agricultural industries as a way to protect workers from safer workplace conditions, lower than acceptable wages, and reasonable hours for employees.


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