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CBD regulations in spotlight as Cannabis Europa opens in London

One of Europe’s leading CBD industry figures says it needs to clean-up its image and get rid of the ‘charlatans and cowboys’.

Speaking at Cannabis Europa Mark Reinders, chairman of the of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), says it is still looking at ways to resolve the on-going dispute with the European Union over the classification of CBD as a Novel Food.

He said: “Dealing with the EU on the Novel Food issue is like playing a game of football (soccer) for 90 minutes and seeing the rules changed six times.”


Through the smoke: The legal path to Britain’s cannabis market

The great and the good of the global cannabis industry (which, for those behind the curve on such things, is no longer a contradiction in terms), are assembling in London for a dazzling set of events under the banner of European Cannabis Week. 

Even those who follow the headlines about the industry’s rapidly escalating size and changing regulatory landscape may be surprised both by the sheer scale of the exercise and by the profiles of those attending, many of whom have high-powered, successful backgrounds in more conventional sectors.

This, lest there still be any doubt from anyone, is proper, serious business. 


United Kingdom: Cannabis should be legalised within five years, says former Conservative Minister

Cannabis will be legalised in the UK in the next five years, a former Tory minister chairing an influential parliamentary group on drug reform has predicted.

Crispin Blunt, who supports more liberal drug laws, said discussions about cannabis were "coming into the mainstream of politics".

Mr Blunt last year set up a lobbying firm funded by overseas cannabis corporations, which he on Tuesday revealed he had already discussed with Boris Johnson.

The group will formally launch on Thursday.


Tilray® imports bulk supply of medical cannabis oil into the United Kingdom

Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ:TLRY), a global pioneer in cannabis research, cultivation, production and distribution, today announced it has imported medical cannabis oral solutions in bulk into the United Kingdom from its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-certified facility in Canada. This export allows Tilray to provide authorized U.K. patients in need with a locally maintained supply of medical cannabis oral solutions.


Medical cannabis firms press UK to loosen prescription rules

The world’s largest medicinal cannabis company has urged the government to allow GPs to prescribe the drug, calling on the UK to be a “leader not a laggard” in one of the world’s fastest growing major industries.

Cam Battley, chief corporate officer of Canada-based Aurora Cannabis, said the UK was failing patients who might benefit from medicinal cannabis, as well as forfeiting economic gain, due to the restrictions of the existing regulatory regime.


‘They’re gentrifying it’: big money muscles in on the cannabis market in the United Kingdom

Later this week at London’s Southbank Centre, hundreds of people – mainly men, mainly suited – will gather in a lecture hall and in conference rooms to debate the medicinal merits of cannabis, with other events in the following days focusing on recreational weed.

Missing from the gathering will be many of those who smoke the drug, take it as an oil for their ailments or have felt the force of the law over cannabis prohibition.


UK: Isle Of Man Government announcements on medicinal cannabis & industrial hemp


  • There was  very strong support (95%) for allowing cannabis to be cultivated and processed on the Island, subject to suitable regulation.
  • Strongest support (55% of respondents) was shown for the option to offer quality-assured medicinal cannabis products direct to the public through accredited dispensaries.
  • The majority of respondents (97%) supported the introduction of a regulatory framework within which industrial hemp production could be permitted in the Isle of Man.

The Report

Medicinal cannabis

Published 17 June 2019

Five ways to play the emerging global cannabis industry, from Colombia to Denmark

Since recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada in October 2018, most investors looking to catch a ride on the green wave, bumpy as it may be, have focussed on the opportunities available at home and in the United States. But while Canada may have taken the biggest leap into the legal realm, it is not the only country in which attitudes toward cannabis are changing. Here’s a look at five internationally focussed stocks that investors can look to for exposure to the emerging global cannabis industry.


Cannabis oil now available in Harrods of London

Harrods, one of the world’s most high-profile, luxury department stores, is now stocking CBD oil supplied by one of the United Kingdom’s leading cannabis oil companies.

Hannah Skingle, Chief Operating Officer of Dragonfly, said: “We are delighted by this CBD distribution deal with Harrods, which further entrenches the legitimacy of the Dragonfly brand. It is exciting to see CBD move into the wellness market as it becomes more widely accepted and understood by the public as demonstrated by this deal.” 


Scotland gets the green light for its first legal cannabis farm

An Australian company is adamant to build the first legal cannabis farm in Scotland after talks with a local authority.

LeafCann was recently granted a licence to manufacture medicinal cannabis and they have been in discussions with North Ayrshire Council about identifying potential sites in Irvine, North Ayrshire.

However, local authority bosses say nothing has been agreed yet.

This comes after Home Secretary Sajid Javid legalised cannabis-based medicines last year, and doctors can now prescribe products which are most commonly used to treat epilepsy or chronic pain.


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