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London to replace Frankfurt as Europe’s cannabis capital hub

While Frankfurt is the current market of choice for overseas companies, the additional capital available in London will see it become Europe’s financial cannabis hub, say experts.

Jonathan Roy, a Director at the Cannabis Investor Forum, said the U.K. investment opportunities are currently limited to a few companies as others ‘play a waiting game’.


Medical cannabis could nip Britain’s growing opioid crisis in the bud

The United States is suffering from an epidemic that is estimated to have claimed 400,000 lives. In what is now known as the opioid crisis, drug manufacturers have been raking in huge profits over the past two decades by mass prescribing a diverse class of addictive painkillers known as opioids.

Now, about 130 people in the United States die every day after overdosing on opioids, making it the nation’s biggest accidental killer, while millions more continue to suffer from the dependence and addiction that the drugs cause. 

Things reached a boiling point this week after drug-maker Purdue Pharma filed for bankruptcy and agreed to a $12bn settlement for its role in fuelling the crisis. 


UK company set to be largest cannabis company on London stock market

A UK company is planning to list a £100m float on the stock market – poising it be the biggest cannabis company on the London Stock Exchange.

Cannaray, a British medical cannabis company, closed last Monday with a £7.8m (~€8.8m) Series A Funding round and hopes to raise more than £30m in the coming year in the hope of floating the £100m value.


10 historical figures who loved cannabis

You definitely learned a thing or two about these notable figures during your classroom studies, but we bet your teacher didn’t mention that they all smoked weed. We’re here to school you.

People love smoking weed. They always have, and they always will. So, it should come as no surprise that some of our favorite historical figures we learned about in school dabbled in the recreational (and medicinal!) cannabis scene.


UK advised to recruit former drug dealers if marijuana is legalised

Former drug dealers should be recruited and trained to produce safe, legal cannabis if the UK decides to legalise marijuana, the head of an American programme overseeing the sale of the narcotic has urged.

The Commissioner in charge of legal cannabis sales in Massachusetts has said Britain should follow her state’s example of recruiting ex-drug dealers and people from communities involved in what was once the underground market for marijuana.


African foothold for U.K. entrepreneurs in Tandem with Aphria

With the backing of a Canadian cannabis giant two British entrepreneurs have established a new CBD production plant in Africa’s most developed cannabis nation.

Lesotho has a history of illegal cannabis production stretching back centuries and became the first African country to approve medical pot cultivation in 2017. Shortly after legalization Ontario-based Aphria launched a joint venture with U.K. extraction company Verve Dynamics. This JV, known as Cann Invest Africa, aims to export Lesotho CBD to global markets. 


Golfers and rugby players show cannabis is going mainstream in sport

The first time I saw Charley Hoffman play, you would not have looked at him twice. That was at the Masters in 2015, where he stopped by the 1st tee box to beg autographs off Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. He was 38 already, a little tubby, a little schlubby, in a hat that looked two sizes too big and a pair of wraparound sunglasses so tight they gave him tan lines. Then he went and shot a 67. Well, like the old salts say at Augusta, the bars of Chicago are full of people who led majors after one round and Charley finished up tied ninth. But still, after 15 years playing pro golf, it was his first top-20 finish in a major.


The cannabis industry in the UK: Risky business?

Is the cannabis industry in the UK a risky business? John Binns, Partner at BCL Solicitors LLP finds out more

Few can have failed by now to spot that cannabis and cannabis derivatives, are increasingly big business, not only in countries like Canada, but also right here in the UK. But the question of how this brave new world fits with the UK’s institutional attitude towards cannabis is an important one and divides into domestic and international issues.


Boris Johnson appoints cannabis backers to his team

Hopes for a more liberal approach to cannabis regulations from the Boris Johnson Government have risen with the appointment of two cannabis supporters to his team.


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