CBD in Switzerland: is it legal?

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Today CBD cannabis is present in cosmetics, creams, chewing gums, food, beers … and thanks to the best and most reliable European companies, you can now easily buy and order CBD flowers online. 

Hemp and CBD: an old story!


Using cannabis not associated with heart abnormalities at middle age: study

Occasional current and lifetime cumulative use of cannabis are not associated with increases in heart abnormalities at middle age, suggests a new study by researchers from Switzerland and the U.S.


Cannabis medicine, education, and policy in Switzerland

Professor Rudolf Brenneisen of the Swiss Society of Cannabis in Medicine tells us about medical cannabis in Switzerland.


Marijuana use increased during COVID-19 lockdown, survey shows

The coronavirus pandemic led to a decrease in the use of party drugs like MDMA and cocaine, but also to an increase in pot use, according to Global Drug Survey.

Forty thousand people from 12 countries participated in the online survey that looked at changes in alcohol and drug-related habits during the global health crisis. The 12 countries included in the study were Germany, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Brazil, and Switzerland. 

Based on the data, nearly a fifth of people reported that they used less cocaine during lockdown, while 29% said they used less MDMA, popularly known as ecstasy or molly. 


Swiss government wants to ease access to medical marijuana

The Swiss government wants to empower doctors to prescribe cannabis for medical purposes without authorisation. On Wednesday, the Federal Council submitted a revised version of the narcotics law to parliament for deliberation.

Cannabis, whether for recreational or medical purposes, has been banned in Switzerland since 1951. However, doctors may prescribe a medicine based on this substance if they get an exceptional green light from the Federal Office of Public Health.

But the government believes this process complicates access to treatment, delays the start of therapies and is no longer adequate in view of the growing number of requests.


Cannabis Distribution Scheme Guidelines Approved in Switzerland

Switzerland’s National Council has announced its agreement with guidelines set out for a study of a recreational cannabis distribution scheme. The scheme will aim to assess the potential effects of a system of controlled recreational cannabis use in the country. 


What’s the Deal with Organic Regulation for Cannabis?

While the standard consumer might not be contemplating whether their CBD oil, hemp flower, or cannabis edible came from an organic source, there is more and more push for better regulatory standards in general, and for organic as well.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about pesticides…


Switzerland Unofficially Launches Cannabis Pilot, What’s Next?

Unlike France’s upcoming cannabis trial, Switzerland will be pursuing an altogether more ambitious project. Though the Swiss government would monitor a larger number of users, the pilot will test the viability of legalising recreational cannabis in Switzerland.

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Indeed, the stakes are much higher — but, if successful, Europe could expect an immediate regulatory windfall.


Davos cannabis conclave advances cause for legalisation

The second annual, premier cannabis industry event – the Cannabis Conclave – returned to Davos this January to bring together industry leaders and policy makers.

This year the Cannabis Conclave brought together cannabis industry executives, global investors, policy makers and international media to fuel the legalisation debate globally, both for recreational and medical cannabis, and to highlight the growing legitimacy and maturity of the legal cannabis industry.


Swiss cannabis market worth up to half a billion francs annually

Cannabis remains by far the most widespread drug enjoyed in Switzerland, even if the value of the market is much lower than that for cocaine, researchers have found.

A study publishedexternal link Thursday by several groups including Addiction Switzerland estimates the national cannabis market to be worth up to CHF500 million ($516 million).

But in canton Vaud, where the study was carried out, the figures show that the total market value was around half that of for cocaine – a finding that Frank Zobel, co-director of Addiction Switzerland, said was a surprise.


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