Legislation To Reform Medical Marijuana Program In Oklahoma Fails To Pass

An effort to reform Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program—including adding a provision allowing cannabis deliveries to patients—has apparently gone up in smoke.


Oklahoma Could be First State to Implement Cannabis Breathalyzers

Oklahoma is currently working on the implementation of cannabis breathalyzers. This would be a huge step forward, as it would be the first time states could fairly test whether or not drivers are under the influence. 


Oklahoma may launch marijuana breathalyzer pilot program

Oklahoma could launch a pilot program to conduct marijuana breathalyzer tests to determine if people are driving under the influence.

Oklahoma’s Legislature passed legislation last week to require the Department of Public Safety use $300,000 to pay for a medical marijuana pilot program to test out marijuana breathalyzers.

Rep. Scott Fetgatter, R-Okmulgee, said Oklahoma could be one of the first states in the nation to use this new technology.

“We have a lot of problems when it comes to medical marijuana and DUI laws and determining impairment, he said.

There are few accurate roadside tools to determine marijuana impairment.


Oklahoma cannabis industry smashes record monthly sales number in April

Roll aside, toilet paper.

Oklahomans rushed to purchase another product in record volume last month, as medical marijuana dispensaries logged enough sales to spike tax collections by more than 25%.

According to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, dispensaries remitted almost $9.8 million in state taxes during April. That includes traditional sales taxes and the 7% medical marijuana levy.

The tally smashes the previous record of $7.8 million set in March, and is the highest month-to-month increase since last summer.

An analysis of tax collections shows Oklahomans spent about $61.4 million on medical marijuana last month, or nearly $217 per licensed patient.


Oklahoma, Oregon Cities Lead For Most Dispensaries Per Residents

In an attempt to discover which states within the U.S.


The future of marijuana testing in college sports

The world of sports is changing its tune on marijuana.


Oklahoma: Medical marijuana business owners feel strain of COVID-19 crisis

Small businesses in Oklahoma are feeling the strain of the COVID-19 crisis, and that includes those in the medical marijuana industry.

"Senior citizens, military, people with PTSD - high anxiety; you know, how are we going to get the medicine to them,” asked John Koumbis, the owner of JKJ Processing.

Koumbis’ company is dedicated to making medicinal marijuana edibles. As this crisis develops, he feels like his business and his patients quality of life are hanging in the balance.

"I’ve made 11 calls to the OMMA and the legislature, and I’m not getting any response,” Koumbis said.

Darrell Carnes owns Mary Jane dispensary in Moore and says he’s also received very little guidance from the powers that be.


Does the Hotel Industry Benefit from Cannabis Legalization? Research Suggests So.

The story of cannabis legalization is, in part, a real estate story, as cannabis business owners buy and rent storefront property, scope out cultivation spaces, and engage with zoning boards. Today, eleven states and Washington, D.C. have legalized adult use cannabis, and a number of efforts to legalize by ballot or by legislature are underway, from New Jersey and New York to Oklahoma. 


The Marijuana Industry Already Employs A Quarter Million Workers

The marijuana industry supported 240,000 jobs nationwide as 2020 began, according to a Leafly study that focuses on the cannabis job market. That’s 15 percent more marijuana-related jobs than at the beginning of 2019.

That percentage translates into 33,700 new jobs in 2019, with Massachusetts, Illinois, and Oklahoma leading the way on cannabis industry job growth.


Oklahoma Cannabis Delivery Bill Advanced in House of Representatives

Amid a flurry of tweaks to the medicinal marijuana system in the state, Oklahoma legislators have advanced bills that would alter the state’s cannabis regulations, including one that could bring cannabis delivery to medical cannabis patients. 


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