Ohio lawmakers advance bill for CBD products and hemp cultivation

Ohio lawmakers advanced a bill earlier this week that would legalize CBD products and hemp production in the state. The bill will now head to Governor Mike DeWine and if he approved the measure it will immediately be made law.

“This is the best news that’s going to hit farm country this year,” said Rep. Bill Seitz from Green Township.

The bill was passed by the Senate in March and approved earlier this week in an 88-3 vote, showing the state’s growing approval for the cannabis industry within Ohio.

Larry Householder, House Speaker, told sources that since farmers in Ohio has such a rough year, this news is a promising  


Columbus, Ohio may significantly reduce penalties for marijuana possession

The city council in Columbus, Ohio is considering cannabis policy reforms that would significantly reduce the penalties imposed for possession of small amounts of marijuana. The council has scheduled a public hearing on a proposed city ordinance to enact the reforms for Thursday evening.

Under the proposed ordinance, possession of up to 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces) of marijuana would be subject to a fine of up to $10. Those caught possessing between 100 and 200 grams (approximately seven ounces) of cannabis could be fined up to $25. Possession of more than 200 grams would still be a felony.


Advocates push Ohio to approve marijuana for autism, but science is unclear

Ohio appears to be on the verge of allowing patients to buy medicinal marijuana to treat autism, even as researchers who conducted the studies cited by those promoting approval urge caution.

The State Medical Board of Ohio’s expert review committee will brief board members on the issue in a meeting tentatively scheduled for August 14. The board will vote on approval in the fall.

Supporters point to research suggesting that cannabis could improve brain development in children with autism, but researchers who did those studies warn it’s premature to support approval based on their work.

Parents can administer marijuana to children as caregivers under Ohio’s 2016 medical marijuana law.


Which States could be next to legalize marijuana?

The marijuana industry has been fueled by the legislative measures that have occurred on a statewide basis over the past five or so years. In that time, we have seen a number of states allow for the use and sale of recreational cannabis. With so many states showing that there can be a lot of success for those willing to put in the right laws, it seems that many places around the nation have begun to follow suit.


Three ounce possession of marijuana decriminalized in Cincinnati

You will soon be able to walk the streets of Cincinnati, marijuana in hand. After careful debate, the city council passed an ordinance on Wednesday that will make possession of marijuana legal up to three ounces.  

Many council members saw the measure as a compromise, but the majority felt the issue was too important to get hung up on individual conditions. “If we don’t do something now, we’ll never do anything,” said council person Wendell Young.

System changes will take effect in 30 days.


Ohio medical board postpones approval for autism as qualifying condition for medical cannabis

A proposal to add depression, opioid addiction and insomnia to the list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis was rejected on Wednesday by the Ohio State Medical Board. They also decided that a vote to include autism and anxiety as qualifying conditions will be postponed.  

 An advisory committee met last month to consider whether the five conditions should be added to the state’s medical marijuana program. Medical experts were asked to convince the committee to include autism and anxiety by presenting evidence.

The physicians panel was not able to come to a unanimous decision on depression, opioid addiction and insomnia and did not recommend any of the conditions after hearing from the experts.


Ohio medicinal cannabis sales hits $5.8 million in first four month

One of the biggest developments of the marijuana industry has been its legalization in select states across the United States. The latest state to legalize medical marijuana was the state of Ohio, which passed the legislation in January of this year. As soon as the legalization kicked in, the sales of medical marijuana in the state have shot up and the figures show that there is a thriving demand for the product. In the first four months this year, the sales of medical marijuana were in the millions and perhaps it is an indication to the sort of sales figures that will be generated by Ohio in the years to come.


Ohio may add five conditions, including insomnia, to medical marijuana program

The State Medical Board of Ohio is gearing up to vote on a medical marijuana program expansion that would make more than half of Ohioans eligible for cannabis treatments. On Wednesday, the board’s four-member advisory committee will decide whether or not to recommend adding five new qualifying conditions to the state’s medical cannabis program. If they do, the full 12-member medical board will vote on June 12 to add insomnia, depression, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder and opioid use disorder to Ohio’s current list of 21 qualifying conditions.

If board members approve the expansion, Ohio will become the first state to specifically codify insomnia and depression as eligible for medical cannabis treatments.


Startup raises $1M in crowdfunding for high-tech vending machines that could dispense cannabis

A Columbus startup building tech-enabled vending kiosks that can dispense anything from shoes to watches to cannabis has raised the maximum $1.1 million allowed via equity crowdfunding.

The average investment in PopCom was $500.

CEO Dawn Dickson invented the machines to solve a problem for her other business, rollable ballet flats to swap for painful high heels. For a time the shoes were sold through vending machines in an airport and nightclub, but she couldn't find a machine on the market that looked and performed the way she wanted.


Why aren't Ohioans rushing to buy medical marijuana?

Ohio's faltering medical marijuana program has exceeded in one area: signing up patients on the patient registry.

But most of those patients have yet to buy marijuana at one of the state's licensed dispensaries.


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