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New Mexico governor set to sign recreational marijuana bill

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed legislation Monday legalizing recreational marijuana use within months and kicking off sales next year, making it the seventh state since November to put an end to pot prohibition.

The governor, a Democrat, has supported marijuana reform as a way to create jobs and shore up state revenue.

On Monday, she also touched on concerns about the harm inflicted on racial and ethnic minorities by drug criminalization and tough policing, noting that the new law could free about 100 from prison and expunge criminal records for thousands of residents.


3 marijuana bills pass Montana House

Lea County Sheriff Corey Helton feared the passage of legislation to legalize the use of recreational cannabis in New Mexico could be the first step in decriminalizing other current illegal substances. 

During a special session in late March, the New Mexico Legislature passed The Cannabis Regulation Act or House Bill 2. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said she would sign the legislation into law. 

“I think they had to get this marijuana bill passed first and I think it was ramrodded so fast and furious during this session and I don’t understand the reasoning for that," he said.


How Much Are States Making In Marijuana Tax Revenue?

Cash-strapped governments around the country have found a silver lining in the pandemic-caused loss of tax revenue. Legalized marijuana has provided millions to state and local governments - in some cases, millions more than anticipated.

The ability to raise tax dollars has been a selling point for marijuana legalization from the beginning. Long before the state legislature approved adult-use sales, Illinois politicians hoped marijuana could help the state pay off some of its massive debt. Other states, such as Colorado, have used sales tax dollars to fund schools and public improvement projects and programs.


New Mexico Lawmakers Pass Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Bill

New Mexico lawmakers passed a bill to legalize recreational cannabis on Wednesday, making the state the second in the nation to approve such legislation this week. Also on Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York signed an adult-use cannabis law passed by the legislature late Tuesday, making the Empire State the 16th in the nation to do so.


New Mexico Lawmakers To Have Special Legislative Session On Marijuana Law Reform

If New Mexico is to become the latest state to embrace marijuana legalization, it will apparently take a special legislative session to pull it off.

Lawmakers there have been summoned back to the state capital of Santa Fe for a special legislative session this week to tackle the issue, after a previous effort to end pot prohibition fell short.


New Mexico Senate To Vote On Cannabis Legalization Bill

A New Mexico legislative committee approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana early Thursday, setting the scene for a vote on the proposal by the full state Senate. The 5 to 4 vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee keeps the bill, House Bill 12 (HB 12), on track for approval during the current legislative session, which ends on Saturday.


New Mexico Senate tightens rules on medical marijuana

With two bills to legalize marijuana sales stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee, the New Mexico Senate turned its attention to the state’s medical marijuana program Monday, March 15.

With Senate Bill 340, the Senate voted to prohibit sales to out-of-state residents who do not have a medical marijuana card issued in New Mexico, after first rejecting an amendment that would have increased the daily sales limit for medical cannabis patients from three grams to two ounces.


New Mexico State Legislators Stall on Legal Cannabis

New Mexico has not moved any closer to fully legalizing recreational cannabis, as a Senate panel has decided to pull discussions at the last minute.


NM lawmakers face looming challenge to marijuana legalization

fields of growing plants in outdoor dome

This year's 60-day legislative session has 20 days left, and lawmakers in the Senate have four proposals to consider.

On Saturday, members of the Senate Tax, Business and Transportation Committee hashed out those initiatives with the bills' sponsors for nearly four hours. It was the first time the bills received a hearing in the Senate — a point brought up by Sen. Craig Brandt, R-Rio Rancho.

"This was supposed to be a priority issue and yet we have 20 days left and we’re just hearing it," he said, urging his fellow members on the committee to move at least one of the four bills forward to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration to get the ball rolling. 


New Mexico legalization bill for recreational use cannabis clears House committee

marijuana leaf with a faded shadow of a justice scale

A House legislative committee on Monday debated two bills legalizing cannabis for recreational use in New Mexico, ultimately sending one along to the House Taxation Revenue Committee and tabling the other. 

HB 12 and HB 17 both would have legalized cannabis for recreational use in New Mexico while taking different approaches to licensing and regulation. The bills were compared and debated at length in hearings on Saturday and Monday. 

Democratic state Reps. Tara Lujan of Santa Fe and Roger Montoya of Velarde cosponsored the latter bill, which was tabled on a 7-4 vote, effectively killing it, though committee members encouraged them to offer amendments incorporating aspects of their bill into HB 12. 


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