Hemp Maze Minnesota Is Almost Surely One-Of-A-Kind

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ZUMBROTA, Minn. (WCCO) — A farmer south of the cities is hoping you’ll make his place a new fall tradition. He has a maze made out of a hemp field, about an hour south of the cities in Zumbrota. The owner tells WCCO he is using the attraction for education.

Ted Galaty is the owner and operator of Hemp Maze Minnesota. The maze is located at Willow’s Keep Farm just south of Zumbrota on Highway 5.


Strange Bedfellows? Medical Marijuana and Gun Rights Activists Unite

In Minnesota, two issues have become entwined unexpectedly. The first is the drive to exclude medical marijuana from the federal government's list of banned controlled substances. The second is the right for people to get a permit to buy and carry a gun.

The issue revolves around an effort by marijuana advocates to get the state's health leaders to petition the federal Drug Enforcement Administration to grant an exemption for the Minnesota marijuana program from the federal law that makes cannabis illegal.


Connecticut Legalized Recreational Cannabis, What States Is Next?

After passing a bill back and forth between the Senate and the House, and threats of a veto if certain provisions remained, Connecticut became the 18th state, when it legalized recreational cannabis this week. The question now, which state is next, and when can we expect it to happen?


Minnesota medical marijuana users will soon be allowed to smoke it

Minnesotans who rely on medical marijuana to treat a myriad of conditions will soon be able to smoke the plant. 

Gov. Tim Walz signed the omnibus health and human services bill into law this week, which includes a provision to expand the state's medical cannabis program that was created in 2014, with qualified patients allowed to buy the drug starting in July 2015. 


Minnesota Governor Legalizes Medical Cannabis Flower

It’s official: Minnesota has legal medical cannabis flower! Governor Tim Walz just signed legislation into law that allows medical patients to access flower instead of just extracts or non-smokables. 

Previously, Minnesota was only one of a few medically legal states that still did not allow patients to access flower medicine. 


Green Light For Minnesota’s Revised Hemp Plan

Minnesota’s Department of Agriculture has welcomed the USDA’s approval of the state’s revised hemp plan.

The state’s original plan was approved in July last year, but after modifications were made to the USDA’s rules Minnesota needed to file a new plan.

Some of the changes included random sampling of fields being based on risk factors of the crop, allowing remediation of crops if plants exceed the 0.3% total THC threshold but test under 1%, and an extension of the testing window before harvest from 15 days to 30 days.


Minnesota House Of Representatives To Vote On Complete Adult-Use Cannabis Bill HF 600


The Minnesota House of Representatives is planning a Thursday vote on a bill (HF 600) that would legalize adult-use cannabis in the state. The measure is expected to be passed by the House’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) majority in what will be the first cannabis legalization vote by the full legislative body in its history.


Minnesota legal marijuana bill headed for House vote for first time ever

A bill that would legalize marijuana for recreational use in Minnesota is headed to the House floor for the first time.

Spearheaded by House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler, marijuana legalization has made its way through various legislative committees in past years, but it has yet to advance to a vote in the full chamber.

The bill passed the House Ways and Means Committee Friday – the 12th House committee it has passed during this session.

It would allow adults age 21 and older to buy and possess marijuana in Minnesota. Adults would be allowed to possess up to two ounces of marijuana in public and ten pounds in their homes under the bill.


Minnesota House Committee Advances HF 600 — The Bill To Legalize Cannabis

Despite the vast opposition it’s getting from the GOP, the Minnesota House of Representatives is moving a measure forward that would legalize recreational cannabis. The bill, titled HF 600, just cleared its ninth House committee this week. 


Was Minnesota once home to U.S. government-sponsored hemp farms?

More Minnesota farmers are growing hemp nowadays after strict federal rules on the crop were relaxed. But the heyday of hemp farming here actually occurred during World War II — at the federal government's request.

Will Niskanen of Eden Prairie remembers his father telling him about the government-sponsored hemp effort when he was a child. He asked Curious Minnesota, the Star Tribune's community-driven reporting project fueled by questions from readers, for more information about wartime hemp cultivation in the state.

"The hemp industry used to be pretty important, especially in the southwest part of Minnesota," Niskanen said. "A lot of new ideas are not so new."


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