Deputy cites Minnesota speedster for cannabis


Driver travelling 34 m/h over the posted limit initially denied having cannabis in the vehicle before fessing up.

A Minnesota man apparently decided it was best to fess up to the illegal cannabis inside his vehicle after getting pulled over for driving 99 miles per hour in a 65 m/h zone.


Local couple making a go of hemp business


For Adam and Julia Weets, hemp is a business opportunity that allows them to contribute to their community and support their family.

The Alpha residents have been growing hemp for a couple years as part of their business, Alpha’s Alternatives.

The Weets grow hemp for CBD, which is a non-psychoactive agent used to help with pain, insomnia and a host of other health issues.

“CBD is something your body has natural receptors for,” Adam Weets said.

“When you take it, it doesn’t mask things, but instead helps your body get to where it should be.”

The product, which can be taken as a tincture and as a rollover, is non-addictive and does not produce highs, as its THC content is under the legal limit.


A 90-year-old was serving life for marijuana despite serious illness. Now he’s going home


In a dramatic reversal, a 90-year-old, seriously ill federal inmate serving life in prison for a nonviolent marijuana trafficking crime will go free after a judge granted him compassionate release on Tuesday — overturning his previous order denying release.

Horacio Estrada-Elias, who was the subject of a CNN investigative story in September, is set to be freed this week after more than a dozen years behind bars.


Minnesota denies medical cannabis for anxiety, adds gummies

weed sticks

State analysis of medical cannabis for anxiety and panic disorders leads health commissioner to conclude that the risks outweigh benefits. 

Anxiety disorders won't be added next year to qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in Minnesota.

State Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm found too little evidence of benefits of medical cannabis use when compared with risks and existing treatments.

While Minnesota will expand its program by allowing the sale of medical cannabis in gummy and chewable forms, Malcolm announced Wednesday that it would be limited to the existing 17 qualifying conditions. Minnesota is among 38 states with medical cannabis programs, including North Dakota and three others that include anxiety disorders as qualifying conditions.


Minnesota: Medical marijuana program won’t cover anxiety disorders; edibles allowed

cannabis gummy bears

The Minnesota Department of Health said Wednesday it’s not approving anxiety disorders as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana, unlike neighboring North Dakota and three other states.

State Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said there’s not enough scientific evidence of benefits of medical cannabis use when compared to the possibility of “unintended consequences.” No new conditions will be added to the existing list of 17 qualifying health issues.

“We received many comments from health care practitioners treating patients with anxiety disorder, and they urged us to not approve it as a qualifying medical condition,” Malcolm said.


Minnesota Court: Workers’ Comp Can’t Cover Medical Marijuana

marijuana plant

The Minnesota Supreme Court says workers’ compensation for injured employees doesn’t cover medical marijuana because the drug remains illegal under federal law.

The high court issued a pair of rulings Wednesday that overturned lower court orders for employers to pay for medical marijuana to treat work-related injuries.

Federal law prohibits the prescribing and possession of marijuana regardless of state laws authorizing it. The court says that blocks employers from being required to pay for medical cannabis. Justice Margaret Chutich wrote in dissent that the effect is to prevent injured workers who suffer intractable pain from receiving the relief medical cannabis can bring.


Hemp Maze Minnesota Is Almost Surely One-Of-A-Kind

hemp field

ZUMBROTA, Minn. (WCCO) — A farmer south of the cities is hoping you’ll make his place a new fall tradition. He has a maze made out of a hemp field, about an hour south of the cities in Zumbrota. The owner tells WCCO he is using the attraction for education.

Ted Galaty is the owner and operator of Hemp Maze Minnesota. The maze is located at Willow’s Keep Farm just south of Zumbrota on Highway 5.


Strange Bedfellows? Medical Marijuana and Gun Rights Activists Unite

In Minnesota, two issues have become entwined unexpectedly. The first is the drive to exclude medical marijuana from the federal government's list of banned controlled substances. The second is the right for people to get a permit to buy and carry a gun.

The issue revolves around an effort by marijuana advocates to get the state's health leaders to petition the federal Drug Enforcement Administration to grant an exemption for the Minnesota marijuana program from the federal law that makes cannabis illegal.


Connecticut Legalized Recreational Cannabis, What States Is Next?

After passing a bill back and forth between the Senate and the House, and threats of a veto if certain provisions remained, Connecticut became the 18th state, when it legalized recreational cannabis this week. The question now, which state is next, and when can we expect it to happen?


Minnesota medical marijuana users will soon be allowed to smoke it

Minnesotans who rely on medical marijuana to treat a myriad of conditions will soon be able to smoke the plant. 

Gov. Tim Walz signed the omnibus health and human services bill into law this week, which includes a provision to expand the state's medical cannabis program that was created in 2014, with qualified patients allowed to buy the drug starting in July 2015. 


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