North Dakota could soon be surrounded by legalized marijuana

Map of America with south Dakota and Minnesota highlighted

With Montana and South Dakota approving recreational marijuana ballot measures earlier this month and Minnesota's governor and most Democrats in favor, North Dakota could in a year or so be surrounded by marijuana retail stores.

To the north is Canada, which legalized marijuana nationally.


Will legalization of pot in S.D. waft to Minnesota?

While we were watching other elections, voters in South Dakota legalized marijuana.

What will that mean for Minnesota?

In Rock County, Minn., close to the South Dakota border, bemused officials took in the news.

“It was a shocker,” said Rock County Sheriff Evan Verbrugge. “I think everybody in this area was really surprised that South Dakota voted this way before Minnesota.”

That’s pot politics. Lots of issues split along partisan lines — blue against red, liberal against conservative, us against them — but not marijuana. Never marijuana.


Minnesota opens public comments for new medical cannabis qualifying conditions

The Office of Medical Cannabis within the Minnesota Department of Health is now accepting written public comments on petitions for three new potential qualifying conditions under Minnesota's Medical Cannabis Program:

  • Anxiety
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Tic disorder

A Medical Cannabis Review Panel will consider all public comments, as well as scientific reviews, and report to the Commissioner of Health by November. Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm will then accept or deny the petitions by Dec. 1.


U.S. Senator Wants To Legalize Cannabis And Regulate It Like Tobacco

A new bill filed by a Democratic senator from Minnesota would end marijuana prohibition across the United States and set up a system that regulates cannabis like alcohol or tobacco.

The bill from Sen. Tina Smith, the Substance Regulation and Safety Act of 2020, calls for placing the federal Food and Drug Administration in charge of regulating a nationwide, legal cannabis industry. Under current law, cannabis is a Schedule I illegal drug on par with cocaine and heroin


Minnesota hemp production plan approved

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently approved Minnesota’s hemp production plan.

The plan governs the production and regulation of hemp in Minnesota and needed federal approval as part of the USDA’s U.S. domestic hemp production program.

While the plan is now approved, Minnesota will continue to operate under the state’s pilot program.


Another Three Hemp Plans Get USDA Green Light

Earlier this week, the US Department of Agriculture approved hemp production plans under the nation’s Domestic Hemp Production Program for Minnesota, Tennessee and Puerto Rico.


More states allowing telehealth consults for cannabis authorization

Until recently, the term “telehealth” was known in the medical community, but not the cannabis community.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak sent the country into lockdown, medical marijuana users in many states can now check in with a health care provider by video for authorization, rather than an in-person meeting.

According to MPP.org, 31 states currently allow telemedicine for cannabis patients – 11 of which have temporarily altered their laws as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic.


3 House Bills Put Marijuana Laws In Perspective

Legislators have been busy with marijuana laws across the country. Here’s a recap, in case you missed it.

When it comes to the cannabis industry, numerous changes occur at the state and federal levels — often in a short amount of time.

Here’s a look at the latest legislation news to come out of the U.S. House of Representatives.


On Sunday, the Minnesota Senate voted to eliminate the previously passed provision that allowed medical marijuana patients to buy raw and whole-plant forms of cannabis.

Since the endorsement of medicinal cannabis in Minnesota, sales of the flower are not allowed. Only the sale of extracts is supported, undermining the rights of marijuana users.


The Complex Issue of Cannabis Business On Tribal Land

Throughout history, cannabis was regulated by federal law on reservations, so it was generally illegal. But after the 2013 Cole Memo, the topic of cannabis on tribal land and how it ties into the tribe’s government autonomy became increasingly prevalent.


Minnesota Lawmakers Gear Up Again For Cannabis Legalization

It might take awhile for Minnesota to pass its cannabis legalization proposal, but when it does it should be a good one. House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler has promised “the best legalization bill in the country to date,” and says that its architects are learning from the successes and missteps of the 11 states that have legalized marijuana thus far. 

The state’s politicians have once again announced their intent to pass cannabis regulation, and are forecasting the introduction of the bill among the first days of the legislative session, which opens next week. 


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