Indiana, Michigan farmers harvest first legal hemp crop since WWII

If Don Zolman were a quitter, he might have given up on the hemp crop that he’s begun harvesting just east of downtown Warsaw.

A chilly and rainy spring either washed out some crops or delayed planting for many farmers in the Midwest, including those who were trying to legally grow hemp for the first time since it was cultivated during World War II to produce everything from parachute chords to rope.

Following hemp’s decriminalization in the 2018 Farm Bill, permits were taken out to grow thousands of acres of hemp for its fiber, seed and cannabidiol or CBD content in both Indiana and Michigan.


Understanding the confusing cannabis situation in Indiana

Indiana is a very conservative state that’s traditionally been eons behind when it comes to cannabis regulations, however, small changes in different localities may trickle down and have a statewide impact – for the better.

Just to quickly get it out of the way – no, cannabis is NOT legal in the Hoosier state yet, neither for recreational nor medical purposes. Under current law, possession of 1 ounce or less is a misdemeanor offense that carries a penalty of up to 180 days in jail and up to $1,000 in fines.


Federal Judge says Indiana’s Ban on smokable hemp is unconstitutional

A federal judge in Indiana ruled last week that the state’s law banning smokable forms of hemp is unconstitutional and has issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting enforcement of the statute. In a ruling issued on September 13, Judge Sarah Evans Barker of the Southern District of Indiana said that Indiana’s law prohibiting the manufacturing, financing, delivery, and possession of smokable hemp is preempted by federal law.


Your guide to CBD oil in Indiana

The recent surge of interest in CBD oil may have you wondering what CBD oil is. You may be wondering whether it is legal in Indiana or which therapeutic benefits it offers.


Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb refuses to legalize medical or recreational cannabis

Cannabis advocates in Indiana shouldn't hold their breath in hopes of marijuana reform coming to the Hoosier state anytime time soon. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb (R) steadfastly refuses to legalize cannabis for medical or recreational use, writes James McClure. 


Indiana State Senator files two marijuana reform bills

Legalizing medical and adult use cannabis is on Indiana Democrats’ agenda for 2019. But one state senator isn’t waiting for January’s legislative session to get the ball rolling. So after the ball drops and Indiana lawmakers return to work January 3, State Senator Karen Tallian’s two cannabis bills will be waiting for them.


Where does Indiana stand on legalizing medical cannabis?

Now that ten states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use, regular citizens are becoming more interested in the pot laws in their neck of the woods. Unless a person keeps close tabs on these types of developments, it can be difficult to know everything there is about where it is legal, where it isn’t and when legalization might be happening.

This is especially true ever since the CBD craze went full steam ahead this year. It is shocking to hear just how many people believe medical marijuana is legal in their state because a company sells the non-intoxicating compound of the cannabis plant at their local mall or health food store.


Indiana farmers need industrial hemp or legal marijuana to prosper

Indiana farmers continue to take it on the chin. Some of the latest data from the U.S Department of Agriculture shows the prices of the state’s two primary cash crops – corn and soybeans – have fallen into the proverbial crapper due to imbalanced supply and demand. Protectors of the all-important but often disrespected farming way of life -- namely the Indiana Farm Bureau -- attribute this drop to President Trump’s recent tariff actions on Chinese products. The agency’s national relations director, Bob White, says Hoosier farmers are now suffering the financial woes as a result of retaliatory tariffs.


Is there new support for medical marijuana in Indiana?

Hoosier veterans are promising to lead the way when it comes to legalized medical marijuana in Indiana.

They made their voices heard at a recent medical cannabis town hall at the state library. Jep Staker is a former Marine sniper who at one time was taking opioids. He realized his dosages were increasing, as was his risk for overdose. That's when he asked his VA doctor about cannabis.

"I took a good look at it and I talked with my doctor," said Staker. "And I asked him, 'What about all these states passing medical cannabis laws?' and the doctor said, 'You know if I could recommend it or prescribe it, I would.' And I said, 'Say no more.'"


Indiana lawmaker's Colorado trip opens eyes to marijuana possibilities

Medical and recreational marijuana are hot topics across the state.

One state lawmaker believes in them so strongly that he just spent in week in Colorado learning about them.

State Rep. Jim Lucas, a Republican from Seymour, said he learned some good ideas in Colorado that he wants to put in place in Indiana.

"It was incredible," Lucas said as he described his Colorado cannabis experience. "Seeing the freedom and the acceptance of how they deal with cannabis on a day-to-day basis. That was probably the biggest culture shock for me ."


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