Hopes run high for Marijuana law reform in Greece

Last week was the first time that a Greek store selling marijuana paraphernalia, CBD Oil Shop, was blessed by a Greek Orthodox priest.

Archbishop Ireneos of Crete, blessed CBC Oil on 26 September, according to local custom where new businesses or shops are ‘blessed’ by priests for good luck.

Cannabis, originally from India, was introduced to Ancient Greeks around 300BCE. It was used for recreation, cloth, rope, boat sails, as well as in their pharmacopoeia for treatment of inflammation, pain, and injuries. Greece was one of the world’s major producers of hemp fibres and rope.


Yield Growth announces definitive agreement for distribution of Wright & Well CBD products in Greece & Cyprus

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The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS) (OTCQB: BOSQF) is pleased to announce that on September 25, 2019 its wholly owned subsidiary W&W Manufacturing entered into a definitive agreement with Melorganics Hellas for the exclusive distribution of Yield’s Wright & Well brand of CBD products in Greece and Cyprus.


Greece approves licences for 26 medical marijuana grow-ops

The approval of 26 new medical marijuana grow operations has brought with it hope for economic recovery in Greece.

Greece approved 26 licences to grow marijuana for medical purposes, The National Herald, a New York-based newspaper for the Greek community, reported on Aug. 12.

A newly sworn-in government in Greece hopes the grow operations will revitalize the country’s economy, which is slowly recovering from the debt crisis a decade ago that led to three international bailouts totalling US$364.22 billion, the Herald reported.


8 ancient cultures that loved smoking weed

While people’s opinion on marijuana today is divided between people who think it’s totally cool to use and others who think you’ll become a dangerous killer if you use it, that wasn’t really the case in the past, writes Jason Misulonas. For thousands upon thousands of years, ancient cultures used cannabis as a medicine, a building material and even just to get rid of the blues.

Here are eight ancient cultures that enjoyed using cannabis:


Canada’s HEXO gets Greece medical marijuana license

The Canadian company HEXO because the latest company to get a medical cannabis license in Greece although it’s stock was falling following after the company posted quarterly revenue below analysts’ forecasts.

The company said the license, issued by the Greek government, allows the company to establish cultivation, processing and manufacturing facilities in the Thessaly region of the country with HEXO hoping to boost its presence in the European Union.


Greece licenses six medical marijuana operations, more coming

It’s still unlawful in Greece – apart from medical use – but the marijuana industry is set to take off after the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA government authorized six licenses for companies to cultivate the product

Some 50 applications for licenses have been submitted, three of which are in the final stages of approval said the business newspaper Naftemporiki, adding that the 56 total potential operations could bring in 590 million euros ($663.10 million) in revenues.

The new industry could also create 3,500 jobs during a still-running more than nine-year-long economic and austerity crisis with the government, apart from hard-core elements who don’t want foreign businesses, seeking more outside investors.


Despite thriving medical and underground markets, cannabis in Greece remains stigmatized

Greece is a small and picturesque country, occupying an Alabama-sized 50,000 square miles of mountainous terrain replete with thousands of islands, age-old ruins, and the longest coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, writes Erin Hiatt.

It is home to many ancient traditions that span centuries, like the theatrical art forms of drama, tragedy, and satire that were born there to honor Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, fertility, madness, and ecstasy. Greece is also also the birthplace of direct democracy, a form of government which continues to this day.


Greece issues first medical cannabis licenses

Greece on Monday issued its first licenses for the cultivation and processing of medical cannabis in a taboo-breaking move, the agriculture ministry said Monday.

The licenses went to two companies, Biomecann and Bioprocann, respectively based in Larissa and Corinth, who are expected to invest a combined 22 million euros ($25 million) and hire over 100 people.

"It's a greenhouse cultivation expected to create many jobs," junior agriculture minister Vassilis Kokkalis said in a statement jointly released with the ministries of health and development.

The licenses have a five-year duration and are revised annually. A law permitting the production of medical cannabis was passed earlier this year by Greece's leftist-led government.


Canopy Growth to spend $115 million to grow marijuana in Europe

Canopy Growth Corp., one of the world’s biggest medical cannabis companies, is planning a major investment in Europe.


After law change, Greek medicinal users hope to enter cannabis business

Konstantinos Syros turned to cannabis 26 years ago after a motorcycle accident left him with deformed arm and debilitating pain that conventional treatments could not assuage. For years he had to buy it illegally. Now, he plans to grow it himself.

Greece legalized cannabis for medical use last year, and in March this year it lifted a ban on growing and producing it, in the hope of drawing foreign investment into the sector.

The law permitting Greeks to grow cannabis has come as a relief to patients, who say that lifting the ban on using it was only half the battle, as long as it remained hard to get.


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