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Medical cannabis to be sold at pharmacies in Greece

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Greece expects huge investments in the production of medical cannabis which the government hopes would add up to 1.5 billion euros ($1.67 billion) annually to state revenue, Minister for Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis said.

Speaking exclusively to Greek Reporter, Georgiadis maintained that medical cannabis would be produced and sold in Greece beginning in 2022.

“The goal is for Greece to become the top European country in the production of medical cannabis. Greece’s environment is friendly for this particular plant and we think we will have a natural advantage,” Georgiadis told Greek Reporter.

Greece legalized medical cannabis in 2017 and repealed a ban on cultivation and production in March 2018.


Cops bust marijuana grow in Limassol

cannabis grow operation

Three persons in Limassol have been arrested following a raid at an abandoned shop where drug squad officers uncovered an elaborate grow operation of illegal marijuana.

According to an official report, police received a tip regarding a marijuana grow operation in Limassol, inside an abandoned shop that had been modified to accommodate a large number of cannabis plants.

Law enforcement agents acting on a search warrant raided the place, described as a room adjacent to at least one other shop, with officers arresting two men in their early sixties, while another woman also in her early sixties was arrested later on.

“Two men aged 62 and 61 who were found inside the establishment were detained after being caught in the act,” a police report said.


SPAC deal brings Greek cannabis company to London

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A Greek medical marijuana producer is heading for the London Stock Exchange (LSEG.L) thanks to a SPAC deal to take the company public. 

UK SPAC Plc, a London-listed shell company, said on Monday it had agreed a reverse takeover with Hellenic Dynamics, a European medical cannabis cultivation company. The deal values Hellenic at £45m ($62.5m).

The transaction combines two of the hottest trends in public markets over the last few years: SPACs and cannabis. Both corners of the market have attracted huge amounts of investor attention, as well as some concerns about hype and froth.


Cannabis in Greece: The Nevada of Europe?

A new draft law currently on the desk of the Ministry of Development and Investment is likely to change the equation in not only Greece itself on the cannabis question, but the rest of Europe.


Greece Moves to Boost Production of Medical Marijuana, Exports

Growing cultivation of medical marijuana and exports will be bolstered by the New Democracy government keen to get the economy going after after being driven down hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A proposal presented by Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis at a cabinet meeting showed the cannabis would not be subject to the same laws as that sold domestically, which must follow the existing legislation calling for approval by the Hellenic Organization of Pharmaceuticals, said Kathimerini.

Exported products will be solely subject to the laws in the country importing them, the scheme at boosting production and exports, especially in view of increased interest by investors, the report added.


Marijuana use increased during COVID-19 lockdown, survey shows

The coronavirus pandemic led to a decrease in the use of party drugs like MDMA and cocaine, but also to an increase in pot use, according to Global Drug Survey.

Forty thousand people from 12 countries participated in the online survey that looked at changes in alcohol and drug-related habits during the global health crisis. The 12 countries included in the study were Germany, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Brazil, and Switzerland. 

Based on the data, nearly a fifth of people reported that they used less cocaine during lockdown, while 29% said they used less MDMA, popularly known as ecstasy or molly. 


Can Greece Leverage Medical Cannabis to Save Its Ailing Economy?

Steeped in history, brimming with mythology, and home to beautiful beaches, rich Mediterranean food, and sights like the Parthenon, Greece is also a country fighting economic fallout, and trying to revive its wounded economy. Could the legal medical cannabis industry be Greece’s ticket back to economic security?


Medical cannabis in Greece: legalisation and regulation

The Greek Ministries of Development and Investments and Rural Development and Food tell MCN about the future of Greece’s medical cannabis industry.


Hopes run high for Marijuana law reform in Greece

Last week was the first time that a Greek store selling marijuana paraphernalia, CBD Oil Shop, was blessed by a Greek Orthodox priest.

Archbishop Ireneos of Crete, blessed CBC Oil on 26 September, according to local custom where new businesses or shops are ‘blessed’ by priests for good luck.

Cannabis, originally from India, was introduced to Ancient Greeks around 300BCE. It was used for recreation, cloth, rope, boat sails, as well as in their pharmacopoeia for treatment of inflammation, pain, and injuries. Greece was one of the world’s major producers of hemp fibres and rope.


Yield Growth announces definitive agreement for distribution of Wright & Well CBD products in Greece & Cyprus

Read entire article here.

The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS) (OTCQB: BOSQF) is pleased to announce that on September 25, 2019 its wholly owned subsidiary W&W Manufacturing entered into a definitive agreement with Melorganics Hellas for the exclusive distribution of Yield’s Wright & Well brand of CBD products in Greece and Cyprus.


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