Alpharetta wants to restrict where medical marijuana oil can be produced, sold

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In response to a Georgia law allowing medical marijuana production and sales, Alpharetta plans to limit where dispensaries and facilities can operate in their city.


County police issue advisory over marijuana laced with fentanyl

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Concerns over a potentially dangerous blend of marijuana laced with the powerful narcotic fentanyl has prompted Glynn County Police to urge local pot smokers to destroy their stash.

County police narcotics officers report operations this week “have resulted in seizures of cannabis/marijuana laced with the highly addictive opioid Fentanyl,” the department said in a public health advisory issued Thursday afternoon. Fentanyl often contributes to drug overdoses when dealers lace it into other street drugs, typically heroin.


Medical marijuana facility receives approval to open in Louisville

Medical marijuana company TheraTrue received approval to open a new facility just days ago, and now they have big plans for Louisville. The company plans to turn an old factory into a brand new medical marijuana growing facility. TheraTrue says they have $50 million dollars in funding commitments for their facilities slated in Virginia and Georgia. 

They received a class two license which will allow them to open a 50,000 square foot facility. 


Here’s what marijuana laws look like around the Southeast, as NC considers changes


As North Carolina approaches a marijuana milestone, potentially legalizing the drug for medical use, nearby states are split in their approach.

The Southeast is coming late to the marijuana scene. The region is home to several of the 14 states that do not have comprehensive medical marijuana programs or full marijuana legalization, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.


Mexico Became the 4th Legalized Country

It started with Uruguay in 2013, then came Canada in June 2018. This was followed by a recreational legalization in Georgia in July 2018, and now by Mexico in 2021. Though the US and Australia both boast legal locations, Mexico is now the 4th legalized country to allow recreational cannabis use nationwide.


Georgia Governor Signs SB 195 To Expand Medical Cannabis Program

After a long legacy of having a medical cannabis program that barely took care of patients, the governor of Georgia has finally signed SB 195—a law that will expand the medical cannabis program to license retailers of low-THC cannabis 


Minority Entrepreneurs Face Uphill Battle To Enter Legal Marijuana Market

Mario B. Williams has never been one to shy away from a fight. As head of NDH Law, the Atlanta-based attorney has worked on behalf of jail inmates, immigrants, the mentally disabled and minorities who have won settlements against police agencies,. 


Medical marijuana for Georgians with serious health issues nears reality

Medical marijuana is nearing reality for thousands of Georgians suffering from serious health conditions as state officials sift through applications for growing licenses and lawmakers recently paved the way for pharmacies to become dispensaries.

A program years in the making to regulate the cultivation, extraction and distribution of low-grade marijuana oil is set to award licenses to six groups from among 70 applicants later this spring or early summer.

Patients in Georgia will only have access under state law to oil extracts containing small amounts of marijuana’s active ingredient called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.


30 medical marijuana oil dispensaries could open in Georgia

Thirty medical marijuana oil dispensaries could open across Georgia once companies start producing the drug, under a bill that passed the General Assembly.


The legislation would set a limit on the number of dispensaries for the first time as companies prepare to begin producing medical marijuana oil in Georgia. Senate Bill 195 is awaiting Gov. Brian Kemp’s signature or veto.


What does a medical cannabis program look like in a conservative U.S. state?

two medical bottles spilled over with cannabis buds in one and white pills in another

Cannabis reform is undoubtedly spreading across the United States, as more states adopt medical and adult use laws. However, many states that have done so over the years have been labeled as conservative for a variety of reasons. And it isn’t just traditionally red states doing the restricting.

Until it embraced reform in recent years, New York was considered one of the most restrictive states for, among other things, its caps on qualifying conditions, licences and high pricing.


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