Georgia Lawmakers introduce Bill to allow growth, sale of medical marijuana

A bill introduced in the Georgia House of Representatives would legalize the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana. Georgia has had a limited medical marijuana program since 2015. Under the program, patients with one or more qualifying medical conditions who register with the state may possess cannabis oil with less than 5 percent THC. But there are no provisions for growing, transporting, or selling cannabis legally. State Rep. Micah Gravley, a Republican and sponsor of the legislation, told local media that the law makes it difficult for patients to obtain their medicine.


Medical marijuana sales, cultivation pitched in Georgia

The Georgia legislature is set to consider bills allowing for the sale and cultivation of medical marijuana based on a study committee's recommendation.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a joint House and Senate committee last week recommended lawmakers should consider providing 10 grow licenses, 10 manufacturing licenses and an "adequate number" of dispensing licenses. Lawmakers' next legislative session will begin in January.

Current state law allows individuals with 16 specific conditions to possess low potency marijuana oil, but marijuana remains illegal to grow, buy, sell and transport.

That has created a legal conundrum where about 6,000 Georgia patients are registered to legally possess the drug but can't legally obtain it.


Father fights to legalize marijuana in bid to help son

Despite many states legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, the Drug Enforcement Administration -- an agency under the Justice Department -- still considers it a Schedule 1 drug. That puts it on the same list as heroin, LSD and ecstasy.

A group of patients, families and activists are now appealing a decision in a lawsuit against the Justice Department in a push to get marijuana off that list. They hope it will pave the way for marijuana legalization across the country.


Georgia could become the first country to export legal marijuana

Overseas cannabis sales could pump hundreds of millions of dollars a year into the Georgian economy.

The former Soviet state of Georgia has galloped from scrapping criminal penalties for marijuana use to introducing legislation to allow marijuana exports -- in just a year.


Cannabis use can no longer be punished in Georgia, court rules

Georgia’s Constitutional Court has ruled that all punishments for cannabis consumption, including fines, be immediately abolished.

The court’s ruling – which took place on July 30 - was effective immediately, meaning it is now the law.

The only exception to this, according to the Court, is if the cannabis consumption is perceived to cause direct harm to a third party. The Court stated that cannabis use could still be punished if “it is conducted in [educational] institutions, in some public places, for example in public transport, [or] in the presence of juveniles”.


Georgia might allow medical marijuana growing and dispensing

Patients in Georgia are allowed to consume medical marijuana — if they can find a way to get it.

It’s still illegal to buy or transport cannabis oil in Georgia, even though the state authorized registered patients to use it three years ago.

That could soon change.

Georgia legislators are holding the first in a series of public meetings this month about how to improve access to cannabis oil. The meetings of the Low THC Medical Oil Access Commission could result in legislation to change Georgia’s medical marijuana law next year.


Georgia quietly becomes the latest country to legalize cannabis use

Georgia’s Constitutional Court has ruled that cannabis consumption is not a threat to public health and safety.


Georgia parents regain custody of son after treating his epilepsy with cannabis

A Georgia boy suffering from severe epilepsy is back at home today, but he’s barred from using the smokeable cannabis that stopped his seizures for 71 days.

A fifteen-year-old taken into custody by Georgia’s Division of Family and Children’s Services after his parents gave him marijuana to stop his severe seizures has been reunited with his family after more than a month of separation.

On Monday, the Twiggs County Juvenile Court issued a protective order outlining the conditions under which Matthew and Suzeanna Brill could regain custody of their son, David Ray. The Brills still face criminal charges for providing their son with cannabis. But following the conditions of the protective order could lead to the case’s dismissal.


All of the obstacles to marijuana legalization in Georgia

Marijuana legalization in Georgia is moving slowly. But it is moving.

Four months ago, HT writer Chris Roberts asked if Georgia would be the next state to legalize marijuana.


The case of Georgia parents jailed for providing son medical marijuana reveals crazy variation in state cannabis laws

In neighboring states Matthew and Suzeanna Brill could have gotten a prescription to treat their son's chronic seizures. In Georgia they were arrested and lost custody of him.

It’s common today for people to discuss the divides in the country, typically along political lines. Red state, blue state, etc.


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