France’s new medical cannabis program could assist one million patients

There were rumors back in 2017 that France was on the verge of decriminalizing cannabis. Since then, the European state has come a long way and just announced a brand new experimental medical cannabis program.


France to launch medical cannabis experiment in coming weeks

As a nearly unanimous French Senate gave medical marijuana the green light on May 28, France will start experimenting the use of medical marijuana for “about two years”, pending the approval of the health ministry.

Therapeutic cannabis may soon be legally available in France to hundreds of thousands of patients suffering from serious pain caused by illness. According to patient groups, somewhere between 300,000 and 1 million patients could be eligible to its use.


France: The next big profit opportunity in medical marijuana

Earlier this month, my wife and I spent a week in Paris to celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary. While there, I struck up a conversation with a French doctor at a sidewalk café. As is often the case when someone learns what I do for a living, the subject soon turned to investing.

I was surprised by what I learned, and excited by the opportunity for profit that might be just around the corner. More about that further below.

Most European nations are more progressive than the United States when it comes to social programs, especially those involving medical treatment. However, France is actually more conservative than the U.S. regarding the use of medical marijuana. The penalties for the illegal use of marijuana in France, even for valid medical reasons, can include:


Is CBD legal in France? Maybe

In some parts of the world CBD is everywhere: in beverages, beauty products, even in pet treats. But not in France, which has some of Europe’s strictest drug laws. French authorities have been cracking down on CBD sellers, but shops continue to pop up in what is seen as a lucrative market.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of substances in the cannabis plant. CBD cannabis is said to contain only traces of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana - what gets you high.

Proponents of CBD claim it treats ailments like epilepsy and Multiple sclerosis, and provides a calming effect on those suffering from anxiety and depression.

But in France, sellers are not allowed to make such claims.


Cannabis in sport: a friend or a foe?

The Cannabis Act could lift the lid on research into cannabis as a performance-enhancing drug now that more athletes are opening up about using cannabis in sport.

The medical effects of cannabis in sport and exercise are largely unknown. Given developing attitudes towards the drug and change in legislation in many different countries, it is vital that more cannabis research is done in order to inform policy in both government and sports.


10 things you'll want to know about Europe's fast-growing marijuana market

You've probably heard plenty about the launch of the Canadian recreational marijuana market. And you are likely up to speed on the rapid expansion of legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana in the U.S. But how much do you know about marijuana markets in Europe?

Cannabis market research company Brightfield Group released its European CBD and Cannabis Market 2019 Report on Tuesday. This report analyzed the cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis markets in Europe and in key individual European countries. Here are 10 things you'll want to know about Europe's fast-growing marijuana market from Brightfield Group's new report. 


Tough cannabis policy has no effect on youth consumption rates: study

A new study has discovered that tough policies around drug use do not successfully deter youth from using cannabis, and that more liberal policies do not lead to an increase in rates of use.

Researchers at the University of Kent re-analysed information from over 100,000 teens in 38 countries such as Canada, the US, the UK, Russian and France.


How to talk cannabis in seven different countries

Traveling to the Netherlands? Russia? This weed slang guide will make sure you’re never dry.


France opens first coffee shops selling CBD products

France allows the sale of cannabis and hemp products that contain less than 0.2 percent THC.

Among European Union nations, France has some of the toughest laws against cannabis. Yet the country of nearly 67 million people has one of the highest rates of cannabis consumption in Europe. Recognizing the demand, some French companies have figured out a way to satisfy customers’ desire for cannabis, in a way that doesn’t break the law.

Across France, “coffee shops” selling cannabis and hemp products are springing up. But customers won’t find any products with THC in them. Instead, these coffee shops are exclusively selling CBD products.


The status quo on marijuana has changed in France

In an interview on France Inter radio last week, French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn said she is considering regulating medical cannabis in France. This is a welcoming announcement that means medical cannabis is no longer a taboo topic, and that we’ll be able to have a real conversation about it in a country that is home to the second largest population in Europe.


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