Delaware Advocates React to Halt in Legalization Progress

Delaware was getting ramped up for possible legalization this legislative session. The possibility seemed promising, especially considering we’ve been watching the progress in Virginia, Connecticut and other newly legal states unfold. Now, however, it is not to be, as amendments have delayed any legal cannabis progress until at least 2022.

HB 150, the bill that would have legalized adult-use cannabis in Delaware, already passed 10-5 in the House and Human Development Committee back in March. The Wilmington City Council also passed a resolution that would back this decision, and polls show there is a lot of support in Delaware for this bill.


How Much Are States Making In Marijuana Tax Revenue?

Cash-strapped governments around the country have found a silver lining in the pandemic-caused loss of tax revenue. Legalized marijuana has provided millions to state and local governments - in some cases, millions more than anticipated.

The ability to raise tax dollars has been a selling point for marijuana legalization from the beginning. Long before the state legislature approved adult-use sales, Illinois politicians hoped marijuana could help the state pay off some of its massive debt. Other states, such as Colorado, have used sales tax dollars to fund schools and public improvement projects and programs.


Delaware Advances Cannabis Legalization Bill for Full House Vote

A new cannabis bill, House Bill 150, just advanced out of a Delaware House committee and is headed to a full vote on the House floor. If this bill passes, it will mean legal cannabis is on the way for Delaware. 


Delaware marijuana bill aims at equity, local footprint

Delaware's latest marijuana bill focuses on keeping profits local, while at the same time promoting fairness and social equity.

Legislators said March 18 they crafted the bill based on what has been done in the 14 states that have already legalized marijuana – many plagued by out-of-state corporate interests and heavy regulation that cut into local profits.

“We have studied what's going on in the other states and we feel we have a pretty good bill,” said Rep. Ed Osienski, D-Newark.

Senate sponsor Sen. Trey Paradee, D-West Dover, said Delaware's approach is safe, smart and responsible. “We've seen what has worked and not worked,” he said.


Is Delaware poised to make recreational marijuana legal?

Previous efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in Delaware failed to gain traction. But with nearby states moving toward legalization, the First State is feeling some pressure to move on it now.

Delaware Public Media’s Roman Battaglia reports a bill to legalize recreational cannabis is coming to the legislature - and this time could actually pass.

Delaware Public Media's Roman Battaglia reports on recreational marijuana legalization in Delaware.



Recreational Marijuana Could Raise $43 Million In Tax Revenue For Delaware Each Year

cannabis buds on top of fanned out money bills

Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness released a report this week that shows that the state could raise up to $43 million per year in new tax revenue with the legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana for adults. The special report, titled “Millions in Revenue Anticipated from Legalizing Marijuana in Delaware,” was released by McGuiness’ office on Monday.


Delaware State increasing access to medical marijuana

Looking to increase availability to underserved areas of Delaware, a Request for Applications was issued by the state’s Medical Marijuana Program that would open four new compassion centers.

Delaware Office of Medical Marijuana Director Paul Hyland said more centers are needed because the program continues to expand.


Medical cannabis failing Delaware patients

I am fortunate to live in a state that recognizes, to a degree, the medical benefits of cannabis (marijuana).  It effectively eases my  symptoms, unlike any of the various side-effect-laden, addictive drugs prescribed for my conditions.

The program, however, is falling short of its potential.

The two Compassionate Care Centers in Sussex have severe supply problems that limit their effectiveness for patients.  They too often have none of the product that a patient relies on, be it dried cannabis flower, concentrates, or edibles.  One of the two centers rarely has THC-containing product other than on their weekly delivery day; the other is more reliable but runs out at times during the day.  The product availability within categories is inconsistent. 


Delaware Becomes Next State to Offer Medical Cannabis Delivery

Delaware appears to be the next to join the ranks of states to offer delivery services to medical marijuana patients in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Delaware chapter of NORML trumpeted the news on Friday, saying that state “officials, lawmakers and compassion center owners are working together to quickly roll out delivery options for cannabis patients.” 


Michigan is smoking more marijuana than any other state during coronavirus pandemic, survey says

Quarantine caused by the global outbreak of COVID-19 is forcing people across the world to find ways to entertain themselves.

In Michigan, people are lighting up.

According to a Twitter survey conducted by the health blog, Michigan residents are smoking marijuana more than any other state during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Analysts used trends software with direct access to geotagged twitter data to arrive at the conclusion.


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